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DateDate: 21-08-2017, 08:34

In China, artificial intelligence in medicine uses the diagnosis to hundreds of patients 4.8 seconds. About this say local publications.
The system at the same time operates with the mechanisms of big data, artificial intelligence and servicelines. She is able to analyze symptoms of the patients and automatically renders a medical report, and then offers the most acceptable method of treatment. From physicians required only the confirmation of the diagnosis. The vast majority of these diagnoses are put by the computer correctly.
According to experts, is responsible for creating the system, in technology there are millions of stories of diseases. By this time the developed model to diagnose 30 diseases with a high level of erroneous diagnoses, including depression and tuberculosis. After a major medical institution trials have proved that the precision imposed by the system of diagnosis is 20% higher than in a normal diagnosis.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 21-08-2017, 08:32

A number of experts believes that the smartphone market is currently at its peak and in the near future they will be replaced by other devices.
At Facebook decided to find a replacement for the smartphones. Social network patented waveguide display with the two-dimensional scanner that displays computer-generated elements at the background of the real world.
Simply put, the company is considering the possibility of improving the capabilities of smart glasses. As can be seen, in the patent they are portrayed as ordinary sunglasses.
The device will display different content over the real world. In the case of smart glasses will are built-in speakers, you can also use headphones. Patented glasses Facebook will be able to combine augmented, virtual and mixed reality. 

DateDate: 21-08-2017, 08:30

Physicists from the United States of America managed to develop a nanomaterial that is able to warm up to the "plus" temperatures even in the most severe frosts. In this case, for feeding the material, you need a regular AA battery. This material is specially developed for the us army.
About it reports the edition "Narodna Pravda" with reference to ScienceDaily.
Development was presented at the annual meeting of the chemical society, USA, held in Washington, DC.
The creators of these gloves say that they will be able to protect Marines from numbness of the limbs, if they are visagalis in the Arctic.
Scientists have managed to create a cotton fabric that will be able to heat itself up to 37 degrees Celsius in just a minute using the battery or the battery from the wristwatch. Gloves made of such fabrics are much lighter and thinner than their wool, leather, or synthetic analogues that will enable soldiers to better withstand loads and to prove himself in battle.
This material consists of three components – cotton fabric, opleteni in nanonets of silver and polymer coating that protects the metal from contact with water, but passes air.

DateDate: 21-08-2017, 08:27

Researchers from the University of Colorado have developed a material with the property of passive cooling: the temperature decreases under the action of solar heat, according to Tehnot. According to the researchers, the new material can be applied to reduce the temperature of solar panels, improving their efficiency, because due to overheating decreases the usable capacity of the battery. In addition, scientists propose to use the film as a conditioner. Innovation from the outside cover resembles a foil. Its principle of operation is based on the reflection of visible light, making plays infrared, thermal, radiation. This effect was obtained after addition of the polymeric film dispersing glass microspheres. In addition, a film was placed a thin silver coating that provides maximum reflectance. Read also: PHYSICISTS have CREATED a NEW METAMATERIAL THAT CONVERTS HEAT INTO ELECTRICITY it is Reported that the cooling material does not need any water or electricity. It is also alleged that 10-20 square meters of such material will cool the house as well as air conditioning. Photo: © University of Colorado

DateDate: 21-08-2017, 08:25

Every smartphone company aims to sell as many devices as possible. The main players in this market for many years and are Samsung and Apple.
From year to year they compete with each other and fight for the market. The flagships of both companies are in great demand and popularity, despite competition from large Chinese manufacturers. Researchers Strategy Analytics decided to find out what smartphones were most in demand in the second quarter of 2017.
According to the study by Strategy Analytics, the most popular Android smartphone of the second quarter of this year was the Samsung Galaxy S8. Worldwide for the period was shipped about 19 million Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus.
But when it comes to the most popular smartphone in the world, the leader is the iPhone 7. His deliveries exceeded 16.9 million devices, while the iPhone 7 Plus has sold about 15.1 million units. To summarize, the share of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is 8.9% of all sold in the second quarter smartphones, and Samsung flagships, the figure is 5.3%.
Interestingly, available Xiaomi Redmi 4A has also been found in the ranking of the most popular devices. He took fifth place with 5.5 million shipped smartphones (1.5% of all sold devices).