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DateDate: 26-08-2017, 06:17
At the moment, the researchers don't see a way the growing problem. The end of an era smartphone associated with a lack of key components needed to create smartphones, laptops, electric vehicles and similar devices. This was reported on 4pda site, citing a study group of international scientists led by experts from the University of Delaware.
"There are treaties on climate change, biodiversity, migratory species and even waste treatment organic chemicals, but there is no international mechanism for regulating the coordination of supply of minerals," said lead researcher of a group of scientists Salem Ali.
Besides, experts pay attention that by 2030 the population will reach 8.5 billion people. There is also the factor of lack of raw materials. The most mined material in the industry is gold, but it is mostly used for jewelry and almost never used in electronics.
"Experts are also trying to find new deposits of rare scattered around the world, but for a long period of time from detection to the start of the production slows down production. The last major copper Deposit was discovered in Mongolia 15 years ago, − is told in the message. − A lot of time and effort spent on the search for profitable deposits, but only about 10% of studies lead to success. However, many currently used materials simply do not have commercial alternatives. One of the clearest examples is the widely used copper".
According to some experts, in 20-30 years, smartphone users will be on smart glasses with augmented and virtual realities.

DateDate: 26-08-2017, 06:14

Microsoft has opened a patent for VR-stick. New gadget is designed for use within the option Windows Mixed Reality.
Visually the piece looks like a short rod with some number of buttons on the surface. Also, it has protection for your finger and the trigger. The Corporation specialists have long conquered the modern headset market and does not cease to amaze consumers . at the beginning of the year, the company introduced the special speakers for virtual reality, and now is working to create a gadget able to manage more reality.
The experts noted the similarity of the inventions from Google Draw, but the tool got enhanced due to the system buttons HoloLens. The developer has applied for a patent last year and the same day presented a demo with Mixed Reality. Video instructs how to use the new device.
Microsoft announced that we are ready to produce a couple of headsets Mixed Reality. They were represented by partner companies: HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer.It is noted that the cost of new gadgets will be slightly lower than prices on modern inventions on the market today. The cost of the gadget, designed for Acer, for example, will be slightly less than $ 300. Microsoft at this stage has focused on the six degrees of tracking, taking as the main condition of absence of external controllers in a single room.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 26-08-2017, 06:09
The security service of the social network Facebook closes daily 1 million accounts, most of which are created by spammers, scammers and haters. About the same time CNBC was told by the head of security Alex Stamos, Ukrainian Pravda wrote. According to Stamos, thus, the social network demonstrates its ability to guarantee the security of users, not only to implement the security policy. However, given the fact that use Facebook are more than 2 billion people, the developers still fail to remove all potential "actors" and sometimes they can delete accounts, photos, videos or notes that do not pose any danger. "When you have to cope with millions of daily interactions, it is impossible to enforce security policies without mistakes," says Stamos. See also The Guardian talked about the rules of moderation of content in Facebook, He insists that even when there are some troubles with the removal of content that had no threats – it is rather the technical problems of the implementation of the security policy, and not the shortcomings of the rules themselves. The head of security for Facebook said in response to criticism from eve Halpern, representatives of Fund "the Electronic Frontier" is an international legal organization, specializing in digital law. Halpern believes that the policy of cleaning of content in social networks is opaque, making everything less clear what to publish and what to propertiesa. European political leaders, in turn, has repeatedly appealed to the creators of Facebook because the social network has too little protection and allows terrorist organizations to easily distribute their data and to plan attacks. The reproaches of the opponents Stamos says that together with all security policies should be consistent with the laws of hundreds of countries the users of which have their profiles. "In some countries is very difficult with the definition of heatersthe," explained Stamos. The colleague is supported by the Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg promising that she would take the job 3 thousand additional employees, whose job it is to remove abusive and discriminatory content.
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