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DateDate: 3-10-2017, 07:08

The transition from 3G to 4G most mobile Internet users is almost not noticed. Increased the speed of this change over, writes Venturebeat. But with the transition to the 5G standard is expected a completely different story. Along with the new speeds will be new opportunities, new devices and a new perspective on the whole mobile Internet and related industries.
A large number of major operators around the world reported on their plans sooner or later go to 5G. But it is now tested not only the new base station, but also entire networks of connected devices. The fact that 5G will allow to collect data on cities and their inhabitants as never before, the standard will allow devices to interact in new ways, and give people remote control of machines in real time without delay.
Experts from Qualcomm referred to as 5G is not just a new standard and a "platform for innovation". The most noticeable for all opposed to the 4G — the increased speeds. In theory, it can be above 100 times. But much more important is that 5G was able to reduce the response time of connected devices to 1 MS. That is, any remote device will respond with the minimum of delay. This opens up great opportunities in many areas, up to the remote surgical operations.
Ex-Google engineer Andrew Lewandowski have created a cult who worship AI
Autonomous vehicles will become an integral member of traffic, because the response of the robot will cease to yield to the human. The system of sensors and sensors, which covered the city. bring the behavior of drones to the most logical and safe. All this will become real after the launch of the 5G at full capacity. Autonomous will be able to work not only transport, but also, for example, construction equipment. Experts also predict that 5G will change the industry of TV coverage. VR will be able to get on TV, and the viewer is able to shape the stream, control the camera when viewing the match and display only the necessary statistics. 4G could not provide sufficient breadth of channel and response for this, 5G will be able.
The city will become more alive. All the cameras, sensors, pollution sensors, noise and traffic levels will be merged into one network which would control the city. With such a system will be able to respond to changing urban conditions in real time — to change the transport routes, to adjust the lighting, manage the irrigation system to respond immediately in the accident and breakage. Now such systems are in test mode running in some cities of the world, but 5G will provide mass distribution as well as reduce the costs of deploying infrastructure. Network cover the entire city and the device will be immediately ready to measure all the indicators of the city.
The head of Qualcomm Steven Mollenkopf believes that a massive shift of people to the 5G standard will begin in 2019. It was at this time pass all the tests that manufacturers and operators will agree on standards and smart phones equipped with the right chips appear on the market. And by 2023, the 5G network should cover the whole of Europe.

DateDate: 3-10-2017, 07:05

At the exhibition Tokyo Game Show in Japan was stunningly lifelike. Girl Android is part of the advertising campaign of the game Detroit: Become Human. However, not all users believe that this is a real robot and not pretending to be them people, reports
The video quickly became viral, gathering more than 200 thousand likes on Twitter. Users actively comment on the video, but they never managed to come to the same conclusion about the nature of girls.
You need to recognize that robot looks so realistic that the doubts of users is justified. The organizers had no immediate comment on the video and not explain who or what it depicts.

DateDate: 3-10-2017, 07:02

Photo from open source
So, the new Face ID system considers all children under the age of 13 the same. It is reported 4pda.
"The new facial recognition system Face ID, implemented by Apple in iPhone X not suitable for children under the age of 13 years. In the safety manual of the Corporation said that users who are under 13 years of age, it is not recommended to use Face ID because of the greater likelihood of false positives," − said the source.
The company noted that certain distinctive features of the faces of the children the system is not able to recognize, so the young users of gadgets will be able to use a normal lock.

DateDate: 3-10-2017, 07:00

The American crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson on Sunday announced the release of new software for created 3D printer weapon known as the Ghost Gunner. The new code allows you to print a frame for a semi-automatic pistol Colt-45 at home without serial numbers and licenses, Wired reports.
Frame is the only part of the gun that are subject to mandatory registration. Under current U.S. law, any other part of the weapon can be ordered online without any issues. The creation of the frame house means that the whole process of assembling a gun will not require identification, and serial number, which would allow authorities to track its origin.
A few years ago, Cody Wilson printed on a 3D printer the world's first combat pistol, plastic, and posted your code to open access. He then began to sell its own printer-a machine that allows about an hour to create at home frame semi-automatic AR-15 rifle from a piece of aluminium. Today the new software will allow owners of the printer to generate the frame M1911, a popular class of semi-automatic pistols, which makes the Colt-45. The plans of the Wilson code to print Glock 17 and other popular models.
Cody Wilson is best known as the founder of the nonprofit organization Defense Distributed, which develops and publishes projects of weapons of open source that are suitable for 3D printing. On the website Defense Distributed States that the purpose of the organization is "to protect human and civil right to keep and bear arms, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States" and "co-produce, publish and disseminate public information and knowledge related to the digital manufacture of arms."
In addition, Cody Wilson is one of the founders of storage technology bitcoin Dark Wallet to hide their operations from the authorities. Over the past four years it has twice been included in the list of the most dangerous people in the world.

DateDate: 3-10-2017, 06:58

Google engineers are planning to expand the list of available ways to control the smartphone, reports SlashGear, with reference to a corresponding patent.
Described input method, designed to oust multitouch, based on intuitive gestures, by analogy with the Kinect.
Distinctive feature of technology is its ability to self-education. This means that the interaction with device control using gestures, will be carried out not only by preset commands, but reconsidered.
The wide spread of technology engineers expect to achieve through the logic and intuitiveness of the applied commands. For example, in order to extinguish the light in the room (if you connect the smartphone to the system "smart house"), it is necessary to simulate the appropriate gesture.
It is expected that in the future the language of gestures to control electronics may merge with the project ARCore, which is developing augmented reality technology.
In this case, the interaction is not only intuitive, but also clear. Taken from