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DateDate: 5-10-2017, 07:16

Samsung will release a bendable TV and a smart wallet with screen. About technological innovations is evidenced by new patent applications.
One of the units of the South Korean giant Samsung Display, working displays, applied for the patenting of several unusual devices. Judging from the originating Network to the copies of the documents, the Corporation decided to produce a car wheel with an integrated display, which will display various information as well as a bendable TV and a smart wallet.
As for the TV, it according to the pictures in the patent will bend in half and curl into a tube, like a roll of paper. Smart wallet will get a screen. Experts do not exclude that it will have inside, and the screen will contain the name of the owner, his contacts and other useful information.
News also has information about the new folding smartphone. Documents on fashionable gadget also appeared in the patent office. The model will be folded vertically and horizontally in half.
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DateDate: 5-10-2017, 07:14

When the green ink will be brighter, athletes will understand that their body is dehydrated. But if the blue color has turned into brown – it's a signal for diabetics that their blood had increased levels of glucose, according to Engadget.
The main problem of "smart watches" and other devices to track health status is that they are not integrated in our body. So people directly depend on the battery level and the quality of the Internet connection. Even a tiny non-invasive glucose meters that attach to the skin with a band-aid, have their limitations.
Researchers from Harvard and MIT found a way to fix this situation. They have developed a "smart tattoo", which allows to place the biosensors that monitor the condition directly under the skin. They do not need any wireless connection, no charging. The components of the ink react chemically with the tissue fluids that reflect the composition of human blood.
PH sensors change color in the range from purple to pink. And the glucose sensor – in the range from blue to brown. Athletes will be able to know what their body is dehydrated, if the green ink will be brighter. And if the blue will turn to brown, diabetics will understand that their increased blood glucose level.
In addition, a "smart tattoo" can be easily reduced. Scientists are going to do their time – exactly so much, how many they will really need. Some of them will be visible only in certain light so I don't have to endlessly answer the question: "what does your tattoo?". Now scientists are developing a smartphone app that can read information from the biosensors and to provide a detailed report on the health status on the display.

DateDate: 5-10-2017, 07:12

Popular WhatsApp messenger launches for its users their own set of Emoji. The sources, who have seen prepared by the developer of the product, note that it is not too different from the usual “smiley”.
In particular, sources were able to find similarities between Emoji WhatsApp authorship and those that use American firm Apple. However, these emoticons will be available even on devices that are based on Android OS. While access to the update only to those users who have installed the latest beta version of WhatsApp messenger. However, sources say that in the coming days, the developer intends to run the above function among all users.
Some media claim that with the advent of private Emoji WhatsApp will update its interface. In this case the developer has not yet confirmed this information.
Messenger, meanwhile, recently receives more and more updates. Earlier it was reported that a number of features for business users will be charged for.
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DateDate: 5-10-2017, 07:10

Neuroscientists from Ruhr University Bochum published the data of their research. In the course of which it became clear that gamers are able to collect and analyze information faster than those who don't play video games at all.
Scientists conducted an experiment. In the course of which he created two groups of people. Members of the group regularly played video games more than 15 hours per week, and the members of the second group have never spent time for such entertainment.
Test subjects were asked to predict the weather by providing them with all necessary information. It was necessary to determine the day will be rainy or Sunny. It should be noted that all participants of the experiment had never been engaged in similar activities. At the moment of passing such a test, neuroscientists have removed the indicators from the participants using magnetic resonance imaging. After completion of the experiment participants were asked to fill in questionnaires in which they were to describe the pattern of decisions.
The results showed that gamers have coped with the task much faster and better. They learned more information. Sabine Schenk, one of the authors of the experiment said that people who regularly play video games, able much more quickly to analyze the situation, to break the facts in categories, draw conclusions and so on.
The researchers also noted that this highest type of perception and the environment associated directly with increased activity of the hippocampus (the part of the brain that responsible for memory).
Shenk adds that the development of the hippocampus is very important not only for youth but also for older people. In particular academic encourages absolutely everyone to spend time daily playing video games.
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DateDate: 5-10-2017, 07:07

Ulefone company has announced the imminent start taking pre-orders for the recently introduced frameless smartphone Mix. Apparatus equipped with a 5.5-inch HD display with a minimal framework on the sides and top. Under the screen is a Home button with integrated fingerprint scanner to protect your device from prying. Not done in the new and without a dual camera with the ability to create photos with bokeh — background blur. Pre-order on Ulefone Mix will be from 5 October.
In addition to edge-to-edge screen and dual camera Ulefone Mix was equipped with a productive eight-core processor MediaTek MT6750T and 4 GB of RAM. We should also mention the dedicated audio chip AW8737S that improves the sound smartphone headphones.
The video shows that the Ulefone Mix really has a thin frame around the screen. The rear of the device is made by technology IML, which provides an unusual effect when light is reflected. The device works on Android 7.0 Nougat without third-party add-ons. The package includes a transparent case, a paperclip to eject the SIM card, protective film on the screen, the cable for charging and PC connection, power adaptor, ring for a finger to easily hold the smartphone, and documentation.
To learn more about Ulefone Mix
Monitor all sales and shares Ulefone on the official website of the company. 
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