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DateDate: 30-10-2017, 06:52
Almost 40 years ago, the Ukrainian scientist has developed a revolutionary technology and, in fact, ushered in the era of personal computers: without his invention of Apple could not be.
Not immediately come to mind to find Ukrainian surname in the national hall of inventors USA - among the more than five hundred inventors. Five years ago, exclusive, added to the list of 11 names. Among them: Steve jobs and difficult to the pronunciation of Americans – Lubomir Romanko, the native of Zhovkva, Lviv region, today, is a leading scientist of the company ay-Bi-Em, the scientist electro-chemist, inventor Tonkovic magnetic heads for recording information, which made possible the emergence of hard drives and personal computers. 
Today, the brilliant inventor of at 86 and he is full of strength and energy, and we meet him at the annual conference of electro-chemists that once a year to exchange ideas, attracts the best nikov planet. Lubomir Romanko here as a rock star, only in the field of technology. Know it all. "My doctoral thesis was on the topic of magnetic materials under influence of electric jets, Lubomir, very, very famous in this industry. After all, he has developed industrial process, and tools and everything else that was needed in order to start manufacturing hard drives. So if you are in this area – you just can't know Lubomir Romance," - says Professor University of Alabama Chan Juan.
This work has allowed IBM to earn millions of dollars
"I believe that his work on magnetic heads, hard disks we use today on modern computers – it seems his nabilsi contribution. They were created in an IBM laboratory in San Jose, California, and that his work allowed IBM to earn millions of dollars – so it is very appreciated in the company and pretty respected - he learned a whole generation of engineers, electro-chemists for IBM, says the inventor IBM research center Eugene o'sullivan.
However, its fame in the world of inventors Thomas won not for millions of dollars, Parabolan for ay-bi-em. Almost 40 years ago he developed a revolutionary technology, and, in fact, ushered in the era of personal computers. Without his invention, for example, Apple would not exist. 
Wozniak bought these discs
"Apple was founded in the way that Wozniak bought these disks and in his garage built the first computer, a personal computer, and then was intrigued, of course, jobs that actually the technology didn't really know, but he was a good salesman, and he began to build the Apple" - says Lubomir Romanko.
However, the cardinal says, then didn't fully understand how significant will be his development. He had no idea that the technology will benefit the whole world. He didn't even light up other ideas, new projects in the computer field. 
He continued working and created a lot of other new products
"Lubomir did not stop there, on the technology of magnetic recording - he continued working and created a lot of other new products. For example, we then worked together, he invented the technology of soldering of micro-contacts on the computer chip and the technology of formation of layered compounds. Modern chips can contain 12 levels of metal – we, together with the opinion, is working to develop this technology and we released it to the market – now it's in every computer on the planet," says the inventor research center IBM Lily Delgen.
Also got 7 other of my patents work for you
Few people in the world, among ordinary users knows that when you turn on your laptop or desktop PC works, has 7 patents of Ukrainian.
"When people ask me: show me exactly what your developments I use on my computer, my answer is very simple: click ‘start’ on the keyboard - you will see the picture on the screen – my magnetic head on the hard disk already working and 7 other of my patents work for you," says Victor Romanko.
For me, money is not the most important thing in life
For his life, in the laboratory of IBM, he made 180 scientific discoveries, 67 of them patented. But the millionaire did not become. Says, and not thinking about money, never lived science and discoveries. "For me, money is not the most important thing in life. They need in order to live, but to throw millions and in order for them to climb the walls – for me that is kind of a downgrade. They should come because I'm doing fine. If they don't come normally for what I do, it means I don't deserve," says the inventor.
His wealth Lubomyr romankiv considers it a contribution to the history and the fact that he changed people's lives for the better. Today he is working on a book, which intends to describe all the technologies worked 53 years of his life.

DateDate: 30-10-2017, 06:49

The creators of the app AnTuTu, designed to study the performance of mobile devices, has published a ranking of the most powerful smartphones in September this year.
If the previous month on top the August ranking is 5 and OnePlus HTC U11, now prize-winning places has got a new flagship from Apple – the iPhone 8 Plus (217 thousand points) and iPhone 8 (209 thousand points).
For leaders with a lead of about 30 thousand points followed by 5 OnePlus, HTC and ZTE nubia U11 Z17. The rest of the place was shared between Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi6, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

DateDate: 30-10-2017, 06:47
At the motor show in Tokyo presented a Yamaha motorcycle Motoroid. The prototype is able to remember people and to move independently in semi-Autonomous mode.
The concept is equipped with artificial intelligence system: using the camera and recognition system, he is able to find its owner.
Starts and stops the motorcycle gestures. In addition, the Motoroid equipped with tactile feedback, integrated in the seat — during the trip it kind of grabs the driver.
Motoroid also equipped with electronic balancing and position control. It turns the battery and the back of the motorcycle around its axis to keep the bike upright. Everything the system includes a gyroscope.
In addition to the Motoroid Yamaha also introduced its own truck. All the details about the new product you will find at this link.

DateDate: 30-10-2017, 06:44

Virtual voice assistants (Virtual Assistant, VA) with artificial intelligence (AI) have become a typical feature of high-end smartphones, and analysts predict a further spread of technology on the market communicators.
According to Strategy Analytics, AI technologies with virtual assistants, will be present in one out of three smartphones sold in the world in 2017. It is also noted that the inline virtual assistants provided more than 93% of the premium smartphones (price more than $ 300) that have been and will go on sale this year.
It is expected that soon this feature will be implemented and among the more affordable units. Largely due to VA service Google Assistant in 2020 more than 80% of smartphones with a wholesale price over $ 100 will be equipped with a virtual assistant, experts say.
Leading to the spread of smartphones in the experts virtual assistant called Google Assistant, but note that the gap from the nearest competitor to Apple's Siri a small. Share VA the two most popular platforms in 2017, analysts estimate at 45.9% and 41.1%, respectively.
Next in the ranking followed by virtual assistants Samsung and Baidu with rates of 12.7% and 13%, respectively. Experts explained that the total prevalence of VA systems on the market smartphones to more than 100% because some smartphone simultaneously use multiple virtual assistants, as in the model of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which features Bixby and Google Assistant.
Experts believe that Google's position in the coming years will be strengthened. This is due to the fact that the voice assistant Google Assistant will be wider implemented in the segment of less expensive Android smartphones. According to forecasts by Strategy, by 2022 the share of Google will reach 60.3 percent, and Apple's Siri will be reduced to 17%. The presence of Samsung and Baidu are expected to reach 5% and 22%, and other VA-platform, as in 2017, will occupy only 0.1% of the smartphone market.
The study also noted that today most virtual assistants in smartphones use cloud-based artificial intelligence, which affects the time response. Experts believe that in the future the situation will improve, since smartphones are equipped with built-in compute capacity, providing operation of the AI system.
Previously, Counterpoint analysts predicted that in 2020 over one third of all supplied to the market of smartphones will support the technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning at the level of processors.

DateDate: 30-10-2017, 06:42

Before to find something in another country or in another language, it was sufficient to change the domain Google top level.
And to delete the reference to the terrain — are Now the settings of the search engine has changed.
October 27, 2017 in a blog of Google there was a record, according to which the influence of location on search results, it will be hard.
No matter which domain is chosen, first the user will see results for the country where it is located.
Analysts search companies claim that 20% of all queries associated with the user's location.
It was therefore decided to choose the actual location as a defining factor in the formation of the search results.
Even if you use to look out of the pizzeria in Rome for a short vacation, the system will display a list of places where you can taste pizza in the city of the user.
In order to see the results for another country, you will have to dig into the settings and look for the desired option. Taken from