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DateDate: 27-10-2017, 05:54

Felix Krause, the Creator of the Fastlane.Tools and part-time employee of Google, found that any iOS app can "spy" for users without their knowledge. As it turned out, once received the access to the camera, the program will operate in standard mode, and its developers will be able to photograph or shoot video of everything that happens.
To demonstrate this vulnerability, Felix Krause wrote an app that simulates a conventional social network. When run, it requests access to the camera, ostensibly to do an avatar photo, is a standard practice for such services. But then the program starts to load tape images shot in the background on the front camera.
The engineer claims that the vulnerability allows you to upload photos and videos to the application server, including the stream in real-time with your iPhone. He decided that the attackers can determine a user's location based on the pictures or run facial recognition to determine his identity. Additionally, this is a great tool for advertising organizations that can monitor the human reaction to a particular product.
The developer argues that the only way to protect yourself is the use of stickers covering the camera lens. Apple has not yet commented on the situation.
Source: 4PDA

DateDate: 27-10-2017, 05:52

Scientists have made efficient solar cells on the basis of the structure of butterfly wings-a sailboat. This insect was not chosen randomly. It is cold and receives heat from the external environment.
After numerous observations, scientists came to the conclusion that for a long time the wings of this butterfly has evolved in order to adapt to the environment. As a result, they began to use solar heat with maximum efficiency. Experts have studied the structure of the wings of this insect. They consist of chaotic holes located throughout the area. This structure allows the butterfly to keep warm.
The same principle, the experts decided to use solar batteries. As a result, scientists have succeeded in creating devices with more efficiency. Another positive of solar panels, made on the basis of the structure of butterfly wings, is their low cost. Small price and efficiency make these devices out of the competition.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 26-10-2017, 06:02

Scientists of the world community have done a serious job and learned how to create lattices of electrons with sound, the media reported with reference to profile publications. It is reported that the research results will help in the process of modeling complex quantum systems.
According to experts, acoustic waves can act as a tool for creating lattices of electrons of a stable type, the same process can be used for polaritons and their further transformation. The frequency of the oscillations is able to influence the result obtained, as a result of which the charged particles are set in motion.
The researchers explained that these grids can serve as a means for gathering information and its source, which tells about the interaction of particles inside the device. This work has opened the way to the creation of the most complex quantum systems, what now experts will do.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 26-10-2017, 05:59
The opening of undergraduate students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can make concrete stronger, reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its production, and at the same time find useful applications for various plastics in landfills. +
"Every year, a huge amount of plastic comes into the garbage vaults, with which no one knows what to do," explains Michael Short, associate professor of the university department. "We invented a method of how to make something useful out of this garbage, and economically beneficial."
Plastic and tried to add to the concrete, however, each time it turned out that it degrades the strength characteristics of concrete. This time scientists have subjected plastic gamma-irradiation, which changed its crystal structure.
For this purpose, they took the most common thermoplastic polymer polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the material from which plastic bottles are made. Chopping it, the scientists sent the material to the irradiator, where they exposed it to cobalt-60. This element emits gamma rays similar to those used for sterilizing food products and medical instruments.
The addition of recycled plastic has made the concrete 20% stronger
After that, the irradiated plastic was ground to the powder state, and mixed with a concrete mixture in which coal ash (a by-product of coal combustion) and silicon dioxide (a by-product of silicon production) were present.
During the compression tests, it turned out that the concrete into which the treated polymer was added became 20% stronger than the conventional one.
After studying the new material with X-ray diffraction and inverse scattering electron microscopy, the scientists found that high-dose irradiated plastics, due to their unusual crystal structure, somehow blocks (clogs) the pores of the concrete, thereby giving it increased strength.
As a result, with the help of this technology it is possible to create very strong concrete, while at its production will go to 35% less cement. This will not only reduce the cost of production of this most used material in the world, but also reduce harmful emissions from its factory production. And, of course, with this, mankind will finally be able to find a useful application of spent plastics.

DateDate: 26-10-2017, 05:57

Scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research explained why our universe should not exist.
The results of research by CERN specialists were published in the journal Nature. A group of physicists conducted a series of experiments and found out that the existence of our universe is contrary to all the laws of physics. According to scientists, the universe had to self-destruct at the very beginning of its creation. This was due to the same amount of matter and antimatter.
Why did antimatter not serve the elimination of the universe - a mystery, the answer to which many scientists are trying to find. By the standard model of the creation of the universe, after the Big Bang, the formation of matter and antimatter occurred. According to the latest data, these materials are considered to be completely identical and differ only in the sign of the charge. But in that case, they had to self-destruct, because this did not happen, scientists are trying to find some more differences between matter and antimatter.
Christian Smorra, one of the authors of the study, explained that the difference between matter and antimatter should be manifested in some aspect, but so far scientists have no guesswork. Therefore, scientists intend to study antiprotons in more detail in order to get to the bottom of the truth.
Source: VladTime