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DateDate: 7-11-2017, 07:25

In 2018, China plans to launch the upper stage rocket "Yuanzheng-1" in conjunction with the Changzheng-2 rocket to the solar synchronous orbit.
The rocket of the upper stage is similar to an "apron bus", as it is capable of delivering various satellites to different working orbits, according to the First Research Institute of the China Aerospace Scientific and Technical Corporation.
Earlier it was reported that China put into orbit two satellites with the aid of a launch vehicle. Thus, the PRC began the official deployment of the global navigation system.
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It is noted that two Beidou-3 satellites of the third generation were put into orbit using the Changzheng-3B launch vehicle. The launch took place from the Sichang cosmodrome in the south-western Chinese province of Sichuan. By the end of 2018, China plans to launch 18 Beidou-3 satellites and cover the services of the country's system along the Belt and the Way.
China plans to complete the deployment of a global navigation system by 2020. This will make it the third largest country in the world after the US and Russia, which has such a system.

DateDate: 7-11-2017, 07:23

Scientists from the University of California (USA) came to the conclusion that smartphones most directly affect the life and well-being of people. If a person strongly depends on the gadget, then he loses a quiet sleep and normal working capacity.
To come to such conclusions, experts conducted a number of medical studies, the "Russian Dialogue" reports. It turned out that half of young people between the ages of 13 and 21 simply can not live without smartphones. Such a trend, the doctors are sure, can lead to the development of nomophobia - fear of lack of access to its gadget. Every year and even a month, nomophobia is progressing all over the world, which is facilitated by modern technologies.
According to researchers, excessive use of a smartphone has a bad effect on the quality of a teenager's sleep. So, in 2015, 40% of teenagers spent less than 7 hours a day sleeping. Compared to previous years, this indicator is progressing, as is the popularity and availability of gadgets.
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To date, a smartphone is an integral part of a person's life. Analysts predict that by the end of 2018, 2/3 of the world's population will have smartphones.

DateDate: 7-11-2017, 07:21

Manufacturers offer to wear socks for six days
Chinese scientists came up with socks that do not smell then after six days of use, Western media reported. A miracle-thing will be on sale next year and will cost about $ 6.
As it turned out, the secret of these socks in a special impregnation of silver, copper and zinc: these metals can neutralize the smell of sweat.
This combination of chemical elements provides a greater antibacterial protection than the impact of any metal alone, - said the representative of the company MP Glovax, producing miracle socks.
According to him, metals neutralize the bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor of sweat, so socks can not be washed for up to six days. People who tested innovative socks, said that the thing is very comfortable and supposedly does not smell then. True, the choice of design is not rich: only black and gray colors will be on sale, but the manufacturer is already working on the expansion of the palette.

DateDate: 7-11-2017, 07:19
This is one of the key features of the iPhone X is a completely new system of user identification. Instead of the usual Touch ID, the Capvertinians offer an innovative face recognition called Face ID. The technology is much more complex and guarantees a greater degree of protection for user data. First, look at how Face ID works:
Thousands of invisible infrared points for the human eye are projected several times per second onto the user's face. This happens not only during the unlocking of the smartphone. The sensors work during the shooting of portrait photos, during the confirmation of purchases, when creating animoji. Soon this chip will be used in third-party applications. At the heart of the technology is infrared radiation, it can even have an effect on the human body.
What is infrared radiation
IR radiation is electromagnetic radiation, which occupies a spectrum between visible red and microwave radiation. Such radiation is not perceived by the eye of a person, while it is capable of heating the surfaces to which it falls.
Do not confuse infrared radiation with ultraviolet and microwaves. Most infrared radiators propagate waves in the range of 2-25 microns, which is as close as possible to the wavelength emitted by the human body.
How does such radiation affect a person
Long-wave infrared rays when exposed to the skin affect the nerve receptors. In large quantities, this effect causes a feeling of heat. Virtually all radiation is absorbed by the moisture contained in the human skin and causes an increase in temperature. Medical research has shown that such radiation can trigger regeneration mechanisms in the human body.
The short-wave infrared radiation possesses the opposite properties. Such rays can penetrate not a few centimeters into the depth of the surface and have an influence there. Short-wave radiation can lead to heating of internal organs of the person, formation of damages in tissues.
Eyes in the risk zone
If infrared radiation does not endanger the skin, the eye of the person reacts to it in a completely different way. Short-wave radiation is the maximum danger for the organs of vision. It can provoke violations of the water-salt balance or even the formation of cataracts.
Long-term radiation can heat up moisture and the lens, especially with rare blinking. IR radiation unaccompanied by visible light can cause photophobia. This is a hypersensitive state of the eye, in which normal light exposure causes discomfort or painful sensations.
Who needs to worry
Of course, the new iPhone does not pose a serious threat and threat. This is confirmed both by the tests of the company itself in the development of the device, and the passage of all the necessary standardization authorities for obtaining permission to sell the device.
Otherwise, the company would expect a flurry of lawsuits and long proceedings. This story does not look very harmless. The human body is very individual. What's safe for thousands of people can harm one single user.
If anyone has problems with the organs of vision, excessive sensitivity, lack of tear fluid or other disorders, it is worthwhile to seriously consider buying an iPhone X.

DateDate: 7-11-2017, 07:16
Sales of the iPhone X began on November 3, 2017, but Ming-Chi Kuo is already making predictions about how Apple's next-generation smartphones will look.
Kuo's new report, prepared for component suppliers, reported that, most likely, in 2018, Apple will launch two new iPhone models.
It is expected that both new products will be equipped with OLED-screens. The material for the housings will be stainless steel. The quality of data transfer for new gadgets will be much better.
The metal frame of the iPhone X consists of four thin steel plates. Ming-Chi Kuo expects that in smartphones in 2018 the number of parts from steel will be increased. Such innovations will affect the appearance of the gadget.
It is not clear from the report what will be the reason for better data transfer: will Apple take separate measures or the quality of communication will increase due to the general update of components.
Kuo believes that Apple's smartphones in 2018 will resemble the iPhone X, one of the models will be released in the size of Plus. The Face ID application will be extended, and the TrueDepth camera will be used not only for Animoji. However, the main cameras will not undergo significant changes.
According to some forecasts, the Face ID system will be equipped with the updated iPad Pro. The technology of Touch ID will remain in the past, although the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are unlikely to be removed from production in the next few years. The estimated cost of the new flagships is still unknown.