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DateDate: 10-11-2017, 05:56
Today was just an incredible event. Elephone, the Chinese company introduced the world to the world's first "frameless" smartphone with a flexible AMOLED screen which just looks incredible. This is not some rumors or leaks from insiders, and are ready to announce the product. The novelty will enter the market under the name Elephone S9, and it will cost as the manufacturer says, "cheap", that is, the purchase of this revolutionary smartphone will be able to afford everyone.
The manufacturer claims that the smartphone Elephone S9 will be installed flexible AMOLED screen that can take any reasonable form. Moreover, as you can see on the official photos, the display is devoid of side frames, and bottom margin is extremely small. Minus the whole device is that its body is not flexible, but the fact remains – Zgpax S9 is the world's first smartphone with a flexible organic display.
In the picture, which was uploaded by the manufacturer, it is possible to notice that to the right of the flexible screen, which someone is holding, is the case with a company logo. It is the Elephone S9, that is right in it will have a flexible AMOLED-matrix. Buyers of future trends you can count on glass back cover, dual main camera and the screen, which is in its form identical to the one in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Official photos of the Elephone S9 so far, not one company in the world has managed to create a flexible case for smartphones, so flexible AMOLED screens in the near future there is no special need. Yes, they can take any reasonable form that will definitely be useful in the future, but so far their application is extremely limited. Technical core smartphone will be the "average" 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 660, and this is another reason to think about buying this unique device. According to preliminary information, complete an official presentation of a novelty will take place before the end of this year, and the announcement happened today. Taken from

DateDate: 10-11-2017, 05:53

Microsoft continues to improve its messenger Skype and endows it with new features. This time users are offered the possibility to apply effects to photos.
As in the case of Snapchat, now in Skype you can use filters, labels, decals, information about the weather. After the user takes a photo in the app, he can click on the appropriate button at the top of the screen. Swipe across the screen to the right causes the additional parameters of the effects. As the developers, new features are actively used artificial intelligence algorithms.
Thanks to this set of effects can be selected individually for each user based on the age and emotional state of the user, day of week or holiday.

DateDate: 10-11-2017, 05:51

American Tourister has released a collection of suitcases Wavebreaker reflective Sparkle. 
According to them, the material covering the Luggage created using NRA material, which helps to increase the visibility of nearby objects in the dark. In dim light durable material of the body reflects the rays of light, that, on assurances of the creators of the collection, guarantee the safety of Luggage in the dark, writes the with reference on the Tape.
"Wavebreaker Sparkle model equipped with a special TSA security lock. Separation walls and additional pockets from the material mesh to simplify the process of packing things for travel", — told in the company.
Palette colors include purple and silver. The collection is available for sale from the beginning of November. The cost of Luggage is not specified.
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On 24 August it was reported that American Tourister has introduced a new collection of Luggage — Sonic Surfer. According to the brand, they are suited to active travelers who value reliability and comfort.

DateDate: 10-11-2017, 05:48

American engineers have proposed to replace the conditioning on the mirror, redirects the excess heat in the depths of space. About the new technology reported in the journal Nature and a press release from Stanford University, writes the Correspondent. Held in California, experiments showed that painted black roof on a Sunny day becomes 60 degrees Celsius hotter than the surrounding air, the surface of unpainted aluminum to 40 degrees, and covered with mirrors by 5 degrees colder. The surface thickness of two microns consists of several thin layers of silver (the layer that reflects the light) and strips of silicon dioxide and hafnium oxide. The latter two materials and turn the mirror in thermosiphonic: when silica is heated, it begins to radiate heat in the form of infrared light with a wavelength of the order of ten microns. Such radiation the Earth's atmosphere almost does not absorb, and eventually the heat goes directly into space. "The cold darkness of the Universe can be used as a renewable thermodynamic resource, even during the hottest time of the day," the scientists write. The mirror reflects up to 97 percent of light falling on it. Its cooling capacity is 40 watts per square meter. According to the engineers, the installation of such structures on the roof of a three storey house would save 100 megawatt-hours of electricity. Even more, the mirror will help to opt out of the use of air conditioners in many buildings. These devices consume up to 15 percent of the electricity for the operation of buildings in the USA, reminiscent of scientists.
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DateDate: 10-11-2017, 05:46

Apple bought the company InVisage Technologies, reports TechCrunch. She has developed a compact image sensors, are able to absorb more light.
An Apple spokesperson confirmed the purchase InVisage Technologies, and added:
"Apple from time to time buys smaller technology companies, we generally do not discuss our purpose and plans."
The main product of the company is the QuantumFilm sensor. It combines software and hardware. Traditional image sensors are based on silicon, and the base of QuantumFilm material is used, developed by InVisage Technologies. It is ten times thinner than the silicon sensors, it absorbs more light.
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Probably the sensor InVisage Technologies will be used in future iPhone cameras. In modern smartphones Apple cameras third party manufacturers. The company develops only the image processor, which plays the most important role in the quality of pictures, speed focusing and many additional features. 
Based on recent Apple acquisition, it can be assumed that the company is developing its own camera module that can capture more light.