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DateDate: 18-11-2017, 06:51

The network of canadian sport stores Sports Experts decided to encourage consumers to move more and come up with this thermo-promoter in the form of a digital Billboard, writes Infopresse.
Billboard called Thermal Rebate and was installed on 14 November, the Montreal subway at the station Lucien L'allier, is known for its long staircase.
The idea of the campaign was to encourage passengers to climb the stairs, rather than using the escalator. According to the organizers, physical activity is important everywhere, even in the subway, and people should be aware of. Promouvoir was installed on the platform after the stairs, and offered everyone a discount. Thus the more passengers climbed the stairs and the stronger it is warmed up, the greater the discount he was given in the stores. In addition, in such a way, celebrated its 50th anniversary.
According to the publication, to get a great discount was not for everyone, and some began to jump, run and even do push-UPS near the Billboard, what attracted the attention of the police. Obviously, after the end of the day, the stock guards and underground workers breathed a sigh of relief.
Developed campaign Agency Rethink, a clever Billboard was created in collaboration with the technological company Cortex.

DateDate: 18-11-2017, 06:46

The new material developed by American scientists in the laboratories of Stanford University, can warm people in cold weather and cool in hotter conditions. Unique two-layer fabric can be used for clothing, and in the sphere of high technologies.
The Foundation of this development lies the use of special components. The inner side is a polyethylene with nanopores, which in the case of increasing outdoor temperature transmits heat generated by the body. At the same time, the outer shell material is a layer of plated copper with a low coefficient of radiation. It is able to absorb heat and almost did not pay. It is easy enough to pass air and steam that gives the skin a pleasant coolness. Scientists are already looking for the practical application of this material. It is expected that it will be helpful to create a demi-season clothing or protective covers equipment operating at the temperature difference.
Earlier we wrote that China has developed a unique disappearing ink. To read their text, it is not enough to highlight the area of application of the substance with ultraviolet light or treated with chemical. To see the ink only after the deposition of the special nanoparticles. Similarly, it is possible to make an inscription or drawing invisible again.

DateDate: 18-11-2017, 06:45

There is an amazing device that will transform any bike in almost a full-fledged scooter.
Bikes that are set in motion, thanks to the effort of human muscle, in the past. Pedaling too tiring for those who live in the XXI century! That is why there is an amazing device that will transform any bike in almost a full-fledged scooter.
Will help to overcome obstacles.
In 2013, the world first heard about Rubbee is a device that can be attached to any Bicycle to transform it into an electric bike. Next year was followed by a more advanced version of this device, and now on Kickstarter, the team from Lithuania has launched a campaign to raise funds for Rubbee X, which is lighter, faster charging, and can use multiple batteries.
Is mounted without tools.
Like the original Rubbee, this model is mounted behind the Bicycle seat, with this process, if you believe the developers, more rapid and takes only 1 second instead of the previous 7 seconds. This means that the device can be easily removed from the bike and take it home, to avoid being stolen.
In the "non-e-bike" Rubbee X is just above the rear tire is not touching her. But if the user wants to connect the electricity, he should just turn the lever, after which the device falls below. This leads to the fact that its a rubber roller is pressed against the tire (the contact is supported by a pneumatic spring). A sensor on the pedals, determines, when a person presses on the pedals and automatically adjusts the engine to react accordingly. This sensor now wireless, unlike the previous version.
Unlike previous models, which were built-in Li-ion battery pack, the Rubbee X allows you to use from one to three replaceable batteries. The range of mileage varies from 16 km with one battery up to 48 km with all three. New feature regenerative braking, which is activated by turning the pedals back on a half turn, helps to increase this range.
250-watt motor helps to develop maximum speed at movement to the actuator 25 km/h. However, if the user is going to use all three batteries, it can choose the upgrade motor 350 watts of output power. The maximum speed is 32 km/h For the power management uses a special application for smartphones.
Another new feature - built-in 14-led brake / turn, which is controlled by a built-in accelerometer. And last, Rubbee X lighter at 2.8 kg with one battery (ie. it actually weighs about two times less). Even with three batteries, the device is lighter by 4 kg.
Those who are interested in the opportunity to turn your bike to electric can pre-order a Rubbee X with one battery for 269 pounds (about $ 355). Deliveries are scheduled to begin in June 2018.