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DateDate: 21-11-2017, 07:25

The developers of University of Vienna announced the creation of the quantum neorouter, which is able to store quantum information and entangled photons, sent through fiber optic cables. In fact, it is the basis of the quantum Internet.
The fact that in quantum communication a very important factor in the duration of entanglement States of particles (photons). Given that the connections are on fiber optic lines, fiber partially absorb the light, destroying the entanglement.
Austrian experts the leadership of Ralph Ridinger set up a router from a pair of silicon resonators operating on the basis of electron-beam lithography and plasma reactive ion etching. The latter is an array of rays that vibrate like guitar strings. To preserve quantum information, their vibration must go with a certain frequency, in this case is 5.1 GHz.
While created silicon resonators 500 and 5 pairs of chips. The transfer distance is 20 cm, however, scientists believe that can increase the distance.
We do not see any additional restrictions that prevent us to reach several kilometers or even more. The presented system directly massturbate on a larger number of devices and can be integrated in a real quantum network.
The combination of our results with complete optomechanical devices capable of transferring quantum information from the optical region to the microwave, can create a skeleton for a future quantum Internet using a superconducting quantum computers
Ralph Ridinger
It should be noted that it is difficult to talk about full-fledged "quantum Internet", given the high complexity and high cost of such systems.

DateDate: 21-11-2017, 07:22

The youngest billionaire in the world, 27-year-old founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, has pressed from the first line of his contemporary John Collison from Ireland, who, along with 29-year-old brother Patrick created a software company called Stripe and is the President of the company. According to BBC, in this status, John feels quite comfortable. When asked about the size of the state, he doesn't know what to say, it can not explain why not a collector of precious objects of art, cars or yachts. The company that brought billions, John together with his brother founded in 2011 in San Francisco. Its European branch is in Dublin. It is almost unknown for wide range of people because it does not sell anything that consumers can buy. Its products are of interest to the large corporations. In particular, a software system Stripe help companies around the world to easily accept online payments and to run their websites. John and Patrick Collson last year, the company had more than 100 thousand customers worldwide. Recently, she announced a new funding round that valued the company at 9.2 billion dollars. Therefore, as brothers, according to experts Forbes, amount to at least $ 1.1 billion. Patrick Collison ranks third in the cohort of young billionaires. Guys still in their Teens interested in programming, and after school he entered the prestigious American universities. Patrick passed the exams and began to study mathematics at the technological Institute of Massachusetts in Cambridge, and two years later John enrolled at Harvard University. The first million earned to take before John got into Harvard. They created software that made it easier for small firms and private entrepreneurs work with the online platform for auction on eBay. Subsequently, in 2008, they sold their company Auctomatic for $ 5 million. Then Colson started working on Stripe. Not finish my studies at University, they went to Silicon valley to start his company. Despite the competition, the brothers managed to keep the business afloat and to attract the support of such giants of the technology sector as the head of Tesla and founder of Paypal Peter Thiel. Today Stripe employs 750 people, including 500 in San Francisco and 150 in Dublin. John is confident that in the future the company will only increase, and believes the business is very promising.
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DateDate: 21-11-2017, 07:20

The fact that the company Samsung is preparing to announce a smartphone under the name Galaxy X, we know for a long time, and, apparently, the device will receive the bendable design.
Samsung Galaxy X not so long ago was discovered on the support site of the company with model number SM-G888N0. This device has already passed the Bluetooth SIG certification, so the debut can be expected in the near future.
A number of sources says that the Samsung Galaxy X will first be sold exclusively in the market of South Korea. According to preliminary data, the smartphone will be released by the party only 100,000 units.
The company is already working on an adaptation of the Android operating system to a flexible screen. It is possible that the presentation of the first prototype will take place at CES 2018, which will be held in January 2018 in Las Vegas.

DateDate: 21-11-2017, 07:16

Thus, according to the Federal network Agency of Germany, the watch can be used for spying. This was reported 4pda.
"The ban of the German Agency was set out at the end of the report of the European consumer organizations, which said that most of the children of a smart watch with a GPS module has many disadvantages in terms of security, so they are vulnerable to hackers. An attacker could use the microphone and camera to record conversations or to substitute the location of the device to trick a parent who is watching their child", − is told in the message.
The President of the Agency, Jochen Hohmann said that some parents used a smart watch to monitor the work of teachers in the classroom, which is contrary to German law.

DateDate: 21-11-2017, 07:14
The Ukrainian team put on Kickstarter magnetic adapters for lamps Magbulb. Initially the aim of the campaign was to collect $3000, but the creators have collected the money within two hours.
At the time of this writing, Magbulb has raised more than $8000, – the resource "Made in Ukraine".
Magbulb – two magnetic adapter, one of which is attached to the lamp, and the other to her patron. Using Magbulb lamp must be screwed into the cartridge and can be inserted in one simple movement.
"Since the invention of Edison it's been 138 years, and we still screwed into the lamp. So use Magbulb and never do that again," says co-founder of Max Gerasev.
Among the advantages of the invention team notes the following: simplicity and safety when replacing lamps, as well as ease of use for people with arthritis and other diseases. Until the end of the campaign Magbulb remains 40 days. To produce the adapters will be in Kiev.