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DateDate: 4-12-2017, 08:04

The Guinness Book of Records was made by Georgian winemaking, considered the oldest in the world. More detailed information can be found on the official website of the organization.
This record was established thanks to the discovery made by a team of archaeologists who conducted research in close proximity to Tbilisi. All findings date back to the period 6000-5800 BC.
During the excavations, the research specialists discovered two vessels with the remains of a drink reminiscent of the composition of the wine. Discovered utensils were used for fermentation, upholding and storage of alcoholic beverages.
This discovery has made a breakthrough in the scientific world, since until recently Iranians were among the oldest winemakers.

DateDate: 4-12-2017, 08:01

A man who claimed to have seen aliens confirmed his words with the help of a lie detector.
In 1980, when the UFO witness was 19, he saw an alien object above the military base. He told everyone he knew about this, but he was accused of lying and mental abnormalities. And all because radars did not fix anything. The young officer continued the service.
After almost a quarter of a century, scientists from the University of Washington decided to definitively refute this man's words. To their great disappointment, the lie detector test showed that the aliens' witness does not lie, which means that everything was actually.
Now scientists have a different task. They puzzle over how to prove or disprove it, because the reliability of the results of the detector leaves no doubt.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 4-12-2017, 08:00

Researchers from the Radiological Society of North America during the annual meeting told that an excessive passion for smartphones entails a number of psychological disorders. Moreover, in some cases this may be the cause of changes in the human brain. As a confirmation, the results of various studies were cited, in which the monitoring of people with dependence on smartphones was conducted.
During the study, magnetic resonance spectroscopy was used to study the brain of 19 adolescents (mean age 15.9 years) who are excessively addicted to smartphones and the Internet. For opposition, the same number of "independent" participants of approximately the same age were chosen.
Based on the findings, Dr. Hyung Suk Seo, a professor of neuroradiology at the University of Korea in Seoul, found that teenagers with addictions were more marked with signs of depression, anxiety, insomnia and impulsivity. The test also showed that, compared to healthy children, addicts had a higher ratio of gamma-aminobutyric acid to glutamate-glutamins in the anterior cerebral cortex.
According to the researchers, such changes can be the cause of violations in the cognitive and emotional states of adolescents.

DateDate: 4-12-2017, 07:58

Alibaba founder Jack Ma predicts the onset of the "new digital era" in 2047, which will be associated with a number of difficulties, but at the same time will open new prospects for developers. This idea Ma shared with the participants of the 4th World Conference on Internet Governance, held today, 3 December.
According to the founder of Alibaba, over the past 20 years the Internet has developed rapidly, reaching a fairly high level, but in the next 30 years it will return to zero. However, this time, "zero" should be interpreted as a level at which virtually no inhabitant of the Earth can do without the Internet, as all equipment and any outlets will be connected to the network.
In turn, the world economy itself will undergo changes, having turned into something large and connected at the expense of digital technologies. In addition, there will be a single community with a common destiny that will be forced to solve all the problems cooperated.

DateDate: 4-12-2017, 07:47

Samsung Corporation presented a folding high-end smartphone W2018 with two displays, according to company representatives. The presentation was held in China, the gadget will also be sold exclusively in this country.
According to the developers, in addition to two displays, one of which is inside, and the other is located outside, the gadget has other interesting features. In particular, W2018 is equipped with a powerful camera with an F1.5 lens. Not a single smartphone in the world has such parameters. There is also a processor with 8 cores, as well as 12- and 5-megapixel main and front cameras.
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It is noted that the device will be sold at a high price, its cost will exceed $ 2,000. The manufacturer has not yet announced the exact amount. It is known that sales will not be launched in other countries, only Chinese will be able to purchase an exclusive gadget.