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DateDate: 31-12-2017, 08:23

Psychologists studied the question of whether it is right to have sex in the New Year. Specialists from various industries spoke about an interesting topic.
New Year celebrations are not the most acceptable days when lovers could indulge in carnal pleasures. Experts explain their thoughts this way: "Do not transform romance as a gift." Psychologist Nikki Goldstein argues that this approach is not considered correct. According to the expert, having sex does not need to be postponed for the sake of this or that event, there is not anything negative about making love near the New Year tree, you should not give up intimacy on other days, because it is not a gift for the New Year.
Goldstein states that lovers should not postpone sex for certain cases, otherwise the sex will become a routine duty, such as cleaning the house, going to the store for shopping or taking out a trash can.
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DateDate: 31-12-2017, 08:21

The market just a huge number of a variety of Bluetooth-speakers. And, it would seem, there is nothing to surprise the sophisticated user. But the column of the Divoom Timebox succeeded. What is this product? This is a portable alarm clock radio with 121 LEDs on the front, which can be more than you can imagine.
Specifications of Divoom Timebox:
Output Power: 5W
Frequency: 60-20000 Hz
FM frequency: 76 - 108 MHz
Signal to noise ratio: 78 dB
LEDs: 121 RGB LEDs
Available pixel colors: 256 colors
Built-in thermometer
Built-in microphone
Battery: non-removable, 2500 mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Bluetooth 4.0
Radius: 10 yards
Size: 114 x 115.8 x 55 mm
Weight: 433 g
The Divoom Timebox is in a presentable dust jacket, on which there is a description in Russian (with a funny translation, of course). The set is the following: a column, a microUSB cable, an AUX cable and a user's manual in different languages (transfer to a great, mighty tolerable one).
The device is heavy (almost half a kilo), and the design is very pretty. The column is less alive than you expect from the photos. Just estimate the box with a size of about 15 by 15 cm and a little more than a matchbox - this will be Timebox. The ends are made of matte, soft-touch plastic soft touch. He collects fingerprints and dust, but also wipes off simply. We have a black column, but in nature there are also red, blue, pink, white and wood. There are 121 cells on the front panel of Timebox, inside of which programmable LEDs are integrated. Around this chip and built the basic functionality of the gadget. Yes, this is a fan gadget, sound output is not its main feature.
On the top face are all controls, clicking on which are accompanied with a characteristic click. On the back side, in fact, the soul of the column - a 5-watt speaker, covered with a metal mesh. There is also a reset button and an indicator, a microUSB input (for charging), an AUX input and an AUX output (both jacks are for 3.5 mm plugs). From the bottom - two large rubberized legs, thanks to them the gadget practically does not slip on a flat surface. Everything is collected on conscience. Nothing creaks, does not hang. From the product of a little-known brand with AliExpress, we did not expect this.
The device is started by clamping the corresponding button on the top face. We are greeted with a sound signal and a heart-shaped screensaver (it changes in the settings of the application in the section "Logo on the screen saver"). After a few seconds, a blinking Bluetooth icon appears. What is Divoom Timebox capable of without getting connected to the phone? With it, you can listen to FM radio. Of course, you can transfer audio to it via the AUX cable. Holding Snooze / Lighting is possible to leave a voice message, which can be heard only once (message to your beloved half?).
However, the whole essence of this shaitan box is revealed when you connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Even without installing the TimeBox application (for iOS and Android), the column comes to life and begins to display the time and room temperature, and by installing the program the functionality significantly expands.
The application is completely translated into Russian and everything is intuitively clear in it. The main screen shows the temperature outside the window, the temperature in the room, pressure, humidity.
Play music through the "Music" is not very convenient, in addition to the iPhone application does not see the service Music Apple - it's easier to run your favorite music through any player. "Radio FM", in fact, is designed to listen to your favorite radio stations. To enhance the signal, the program suggests connecting an AUX cable. "Voice message" makes it possible to write a message in your voice, or changed (man, woman, child).
In "Design" it is possible to draw or write something - the image is duplicated on the column in real time. Not to say that the scope for pixel art is large (the grid is small - only 11 by 11 points), but it was fun to write MT. The cell "Animation" provides an opportunity to create your own animation, which is logical! But we certainly will not create it. In the "Gallery" tab a bunch of ready-made pictures and animations that you can simply display on the LEDs.
The "Scheduler" function is needed to set the daily schedule for you, for the baby or for the baby. Each action will be displayed by a picture and a soundtrack on a column. Want to fall asleep under the singing of birds or the sound of rain (only 22 sound effects)? It is for this purpose that the "Sleep" function works. One will be useful, for others it will be more habitual to fall asleep in complete silence, or under the radio or your favorite music. Set the timer and after a specified time Timebox is disabled. The alarm clock is all obvious. You can wake up to the above presets, radio or music. The alarm will work even when the column is off. In the "Tools" column not the most useful features settled - a stopwatch, a calendar of events and a scoreboard (in order to keep score of the game, for example). "U

DateDate: 31-12-2017, 08:18

The top three leaders are dominated by Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Xiaomi, which were able to beat competitors from other countries, as well as a gadget from the world famous Korean company Samsung.
Huawei Nova 2i equipped with a powerful processor and battery, as well as an extended screen that occupied 83% of the front panel, at the bottom of which is the company logo. The device also has two cameras and 4 gigabytes of memory.
Xiaomi Mi A1 caused a lot of conversations, because it is a quality device that operates on the Android system, while it has a design that is almost identical to the design of the iPhone 7 Plus. The device was equipped with a dual camera, a Snapdragon processor and a warranty of OS upgrades.
Samsung Galaxy J7 was a breakthrough in its lineup, as manufacturers made the J-series more powerful and improved, despite the low value of the device.
In the top three worst devices are Sony Xperia XA1, Samsung Galaxy J7 and LG Q6a.
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