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DateDate: 4-01-2018, 08:45

Scientists from the US invented a metal lens that would allow the creation of lighter cameras. Such lenses are the first of its kind. Their main advantage is the ability to focus the rays of the entire optical range.
Novelties will allow you to make cameras with smaller dimensions and weight. Metal-lenses are one of the most promising trends in modern optics. They are much lighter than curved analogs, which are used in most optical systems. Flat lenses are more convenient in all respects: they are thinner, they are easier to manufacture. Light in them is refracted through reflection in nanoscale films. The only problem remained a narrow range of the spectrum due to the defocusing of waves of different lengths. For the entire spectrum to be in focus, one had to use a whole system of conventional analogs, but in the case of metalinses this method was not suitable.
Harvard engineers discovered a method that makes it possible to extend the action of the metal lens to the entire spectrum visible to the eye. Thanks to two titanium nanorubes, scientists were able to equally break all the waves and collect the rays at one point.
Until now, optics have experimented with metal on a nanometer scale. Now they are planning to test a novelty of diameters of one centimeter, which can be used in optical instruments. The technology is patented and will soon appear on the market through a start-up, whose name is kept secret.

DateDate: 4-01-2018, 08:42
The company Amazon patented a mirror of mixed reality, allowing you to arrange a virtual fitting of things.
This is written by The Verge.
The device will be equipped with a system of several cameras, displays and light sources that will allow in real time to overlay virtual models of clothing for human reflection.
In addition to the outfit, the mirror from Amazon will be able to create a background, complementing the picture, a kind of virtual environment. So, looking in the mirror, a person can see how his outfit looks in different locations: for example, on the beach, in a club or in a museum.
: Engadget
It's not yet known when production of such mirrors can be launched. However, as The Verge notes, the release of such devices looks logical, since Amazon previously acquired a startup of Body Labs for creating 3D human models and animating human figures based on photos of people. Developments startup are used, in particular, in the fashion industry and to create characters for computer games.

DateDate: 4-01-2018, 08:40

Yesterday we reported that the new graphics driver AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition brought problems with some old games. And AMD representatives said that the company is unlikely to devote any valuable engineering resources to solving the problem.
However, already today it became known that the problem will still be solved, and with the next software update. This was reported by Terry Makedon (Terry Makedon), who holds the position of director of software strategy.
Either AMD listened to the public reaction, or the company's past response about the problem was initially incorrect.

DateDate: 4-01-2018, 08:38

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, which has released seven smartphones to date, has finally thought about ways to strengthen its influence in the market. To this end, the company's developers have launched a proprietary application on Google Play that allows competitors' device owners to easily transfer important data to onePlus smartphones.
OnePlus Switch is compatible with all smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer. With it, users who want to "switch" to one of the novelties OnePlus, will be able to seamlessly copy all data, including photos, music, applications, messages, contacts and even calendar events.
The only limitation of OnePlus Switch, which, however, the developers promise to eliminate in the foreseeable future, is the inability to transfer application data. In other words, all your progress in your favorite game or saved notes in your notes will remain on the old smartphone. The transfer of data from the iPhone is also not yet supported.

DateDate: 4-01-2018, 08:36
As of the end of February 2018 the most advanced mobile devices on the planet Earth will be the flagships of the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 announced by that time. However, to prevent their ascent can a new smartphone from LG, which will become their real "killer".
Today, a highly authoritative source reported that this South Korean manufacturer decided to completely rethink the lineup of the flagships of G. Year after year, LG creates top mobile devices within the G-series, but everyone understands that these phones are significantly worse than solutions from Samsung and a number of other manufacturers. Especially for fans of the entire top-end in the second half of the year in the last few years, LG is releasing a top-end smartphone from the V series. In 2018, that is, already in this year, everything will change.
Today, the authoritative resource The Investor, referring to an employee of LG, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the South Korean corporation created a completely new "killer" Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone X. This mobile device will enter a completely new range, becoming his own first representative. According to the source, the flagship LG G7 this year or any other will not be presented. The official announcement of a new smartphone from LG will take place in the spring of 2018, then in the next few months. The creation of this mobile device has already been completed, and now the manufacturer is engaged in its comprehensive testing and development of software. It is expected that the novelty will receive an OLED screen, a top 8-core Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 GB of operational memory and 128 GB of permanent memory, and a dual main camera with a diaphragm no more than f / 1.4. Directly "out of the box" on the phone will be installed operating system Android 8.1 Oreo. Smartphones from the G-series are released to the market from the distant 2012, whereas before all LG branded mobile devices were produced within the Optimus range. Along with a completely new name, the "killer" Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X will receive the most advanced technical equipment on the market, which will make it extremely attractive in the eyes of all buyers. It is possible that the novelty will be shown to the public at the end of February at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona. Taken with