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DateDate: 24-01-2018, 07:19

To solve the problem of air pollution, in China, researchers are testing a 100-meter cleansing tower. For several months of work, it reduced pollution by 15%.
As is known, in recent decades, stimulating the growth of industrialization and ignoring the question of the preservation of environmental cleanliness, China has systematically destroyed its ecology. As a result, in January 2017 in the Middle Kingdom was announced the plight and the "red" smog in major cities.
Realizing the danger of the situation, in the same year, China launched several national projects to combat air pollution. Closed 40% of coal plants and many plants and factories that do not meet emission standards. Has introduced a number of programs to support manufacturers and users of electric vehicles. And now it is testing an unusual device - a 100-meter tower called Xian smog tower, which purifies the air.
The world's largest tower Xian smog tower for air purification
It was placed in Shaanxi Province and for 3 months of operation it showed impressive results - on an area of 10 km2 by 15% reduced the level of pollution by "digesting" and cleaning about 10 million m3 of air daily.
The operating principle of this cleaning tower is not simple. Sucking the air into itself, it "gives" it to the thermal stations located nearby. There the dirty air is heated by electricity generated from solar energy. After that, hot air is fed back to the tower, where it passes 5 levels of purification, and then is thrown back into space.
China is testing the world's largest tower Xian smog tower for air purification
This tower is a test installation, and full results of its effectiveness will be announced in March 2018. However, the test numbers seem to demonstrate its high productivity.
If the performance of the cleaning tower is good, China intends to build several similar devices throughout the country. At the same time, their size will be increased - in places the height of such towers will reach 500 m, and the diameter - 200 m. One such tower will be able to clean the air of a small city

DateDate: 24-01-2018, 07:14

Representatives of the Dutch company Philips said that they will soon introduce new "smart" headphones, with which users can easily fall asleep. Information came from the press service of the company. Moreover, the new gadget will help get rid of nightmares, which are harassing some people.
The basis for these headphones from Philips was a special bracelet that helps in analyzing the phases of sleep, and will also check your heartbeat and breathing. The user will be given special recommendations for sleep in the morning. In order to get started, the device initially plans to read the user data. At night, the user wears a bracelet, he will collect data that can be accumulated to a certain extent in the memory device, which works through Bluetooth.
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After the data collection is completed, the Philips headphones will continue to work, but they will already offer certain music recommendations to users, which can change the sleep and its duration. Officially, the gadget will go on sale later. In the EU and Ukraine, he will sell at a price of $ 250.

DateDate: 24-01-2018, 07:12

Scientist and designer from Germany André Mocellin created a folding wheel for bicycles, whose diameter is 26 inches (66 centimeters).
Andre Mocellin has found a solution to the problem of many cyclists and disabled people using wheelchairs. In his opinion, the design with a folding frame is inconvenient, in connection with which he developed a folding wheel. With its use, bicycles and wheelchairs will become more practical and convenient for storage and operation.
In its design, the designer placed the spokes so that they can be folded to the center, thus folding the wheel rim, then a design resembling a cactus shape, in this connection, can be used as a decorative element in the house. In terms of its functional properties, the folding wheel is not inferior to the usual one. The designer hopes that his development will be used and in the future will simplify the life not only for cyclists, but also for wheelchair users.

DateDate: 24-01-2018, 07:10

The company Integral Memory prepared for release a microSD memory card, which received a record capacity to date - 512 GB.
The novelty is certified by SDXC UHS-I U1, which indicates a guaranteed minimum data write speed of 10 MB / s. The maximum speed indicators are stated at 80 MB / s.
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Note that the previous record holder in terms of capacity of microSD memory cards from the company SanDisk (400 GB) provided a speed of up to 100 MB / s. The announced device also complies with the V10 standard for video transmission and can be used in cameras for recording video in Full HD resolution.
The new 512 GB MicroSD memory card will go on sale in February, but its price has not been announced yet.

DateDate: 24-01-2018, 07:08

The Xiaomi MIUI software development team held an event dedicated to summing up the results of 2017, and on it Xiaomi co-founder and senior vice president Hong Feng, announced the next version of the MIUI shell for the company's smartphones.
By the way, Hong Feng is the head of the MIUI development department. There are almost no details about it. It is known only. that in Xiaomi they chose the name MIUI 10, not MIUI X. The release dates were also not announced, but we can assume that the final version will be released traditionally by the end of the year.
By the way, last week MIUI 9 reached the list of 3rd wave devices, including 40 smartphone models and a pair of tablets.