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DateDate: 18-03-2018, 08:28

In February, Sony introduced the Xperia XZ2 smartphone with 6 GB of RAM at WMC-2018. Now the device is available for pre-order, lit up in the benchmark TENAA.
Sony Xperia XZ2 with a screen of 5.7 inches (2160 x 1080 pixels), oriented to the European market, will receive a reduced to 4 GB memory, although the smartphone will enter the market of China with 6 GB. The model operates on the basis of the 2.8-hectarez octane-nuclear chipset. The set includes cameras at 5 and 19 megapixels, 64 GB memory, 3060 mAh battery with wireless charging function, fingerprint scanner, Android 8.0 Oreo OS.
The smartphone is offered to consumers in four colors: Dust, Dark Green, Light Silver, Clear Black. The cost of the novelty, which is already sold in Hong Kong, is 600 euros.
Source: AN

DateDate: 17-03-2018, 06:08

Toyota developed a robot basketball player using artificial intelligence technology to train the ball game machine. The very construction of the anthropomorphic mechanism does not look complicated. For movement, the robot uses wheels, and its movements do not involve great variability.
The creators of the robot basketball player organized competitions with two athletes who are members of the Japanese club Alvark Tokyo. They stressed that the car was much more accurate than people during the making of shots.
It is worth noting that the use of artificial intelligence continues to expand. In particular, the hall of the fast food restaurant Caliburger on the territory of the American Pasadena uses a robot to make burgers. Developers from Boston Dynamics have trained a humanlike mechanism to jump and perform a backflip, while Toyota in January showed a prototype of unmanned vehicles for business.
Source: AN

DateDate: 16-03-2018, 06:53

Specialists at the University of Leicester found the most effective diet. They drew attention to the fact that the "diet for the poor" does not include any harmful substances, such as chemical additives, and while helping to lose weight without any damage to the body. Scientists note that such a set of natural products saturates the body with various useful elements. Competition "diet for the poor" can only make up the Mediterranean, because it also excludes the use of refined carbohydrates.
It should be noted that the "diet for the poor" has its own history. It was started by the poor Irish, who ate mainly potatoes, oatmeal, dairy products, fish and meat in small quantities.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 16-03-2018, 06:51

Xiaomi Company announced the launch of a tiny camera with AI Xiaomo AI Camera. The cost of the novelty was $ 55.
The Xiaomo AI Camera comes with a 13-megapixel Samsung sensor with a phase auto focus, a 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 (1.35 GHz) processor. The main feature of the camera was that it does not track every movement of the user, but removes it exclusively on command (with a button or gesture in the form of a hand squeezed into a fist).
The gadget has the function of operative recognition of faces in the frame and subsequent alignment of the tone, while hiding the skin imperfections. Saving photos is done on a micro SD memory card, and there is also a wireless Wi-Fi module with the function of sending footage to the smartphone.
The developers also thought about installing the device on a variety of surfaces. So, inside it there are special magnets, attracted to metal objects. If there are not any nearby, you can remove the back panel and use it as a stand, attaching it to a glass, concrete wall or a wooden surface. The adhesive plate should be periodically rinsed with water for long-term use.
The stand allows you to set the angle of the camera. The capacity of the battery is determined at 910 mAh. Full charge is enough for 2000 shots. Deliveries of products will start already in April.
Source: AN

DateDate: 16-03-2018, 06:49

The movements of the facial muscles during a smile were often able to tell whether a man or a woman is a smiling person. A group of British researchers led by Hassan Ugail from Bradford University developed an artificial intelligence capable of determining a person's sex by a smile with a high degree of accuracy.
Specialists note that to date, algorithms that determine the gender of a person on the image, most often use single photos, rather than a sequence of frames that allows you to see the face in motion. In this case, scientists decided to go a little different way. They marked 49 points on the face, the location of which can be traced movements of the mouth, eyebrows and eyes. Then, with the help of the technology of machine learning, the algorithm found and "remembered" the characteristic features of male and female smiles, and then tried to apply the acquired knowledge to new video recordings. As it turned out, smiling women opened their mouths wider and in general their facial expressions were more active.
Artificial intelligence correctly determined the sex of the participant in the study in more than 85 percent of cases. According to experts, this result allows us to assert that men and women do smile in different ways. However, scientists acknowledge that to better understand these differences it will be necessary to answer many additional questions - in particular, how such an algorithm would take the smile of a person who associates himself with the sex opposite to "biological", and how the results can be affected by the plastic surgery.
One way or another, experts note that the results they obtained can be useful in developing better systems for recognizing people - for example, during a smile, it is much more difficult to "fake" than its static position, and they are unique for each person.
The study was published in the journal Visual Computer: International Journal of Computer Graphics.
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