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DateDate: 30-04-2018, 06:43

Researchers from the University of Carnegie Mellon (USA) presented the first of its kind "smart" watches, which turn the user's hand into a touch screen.
This is reported by The Verge.
In the prototype LumiWatch prototype developed by the scientists there is no customary screen: instead of it on the side of the gadget is installed a small projector, as well as infrared sensors.
The clock projects the interactive surface onto the person's hand, allowing him to control the virtual display. Combining the readings of the sensors, the device can accurately determine the position of the finger on the hand.
In the video, demonstrating the work of the clock, you can see how the user drags his finger on the left hand to unlock the device, and then displays the time and available applications.
The clock can project an image of 40 square centimeters. As noted by the developers, this is almost five times the interface of ordinary "smart" hours.
Photo: The Verge
The new device consists of a motherboard, a battery, a projector, a depth sensor and a metal case. The projector uses the radiation of three lasers (red, blue and green).
LumiWatch also has a finger tracking feature.
In addition, the watch is equipped with a central quad-core Qualcomm processor, 768 megabytes of RAM, 4 GB of flash memory, and a 740 mAh lithium-ion battery. The device is running Android 5.1.
As the researchers note, with constant projection, the clock worked on one charge for more than an hour.
At the same time, developers recognize the presence of problems: in particular, projecting an interactive surface onto the hand is a difficult task, since the hand is not flat. Because of this, the operation of such a "display" may cause interruptions.
The developers believe that in the case of the sale of the clock would cost about 600 dollars.

DateDate: 30-04-2018, 06:40
Developers Disney, in conjunction with experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Carnegie Mellon created a concept jacket for virtual reality.
This is reported by The Verge.
Jacket called Force Jacket ("power vest"), allows you to experience a number of tactile effects in virtual reality. On its inner surface, 26 small "air cushions" are evenly placed. They are deflated and inflated by pneumatic devices, which allows the jacket owner to feel the forces and vibrations directed to certain parts of the body.
The performance parameters of each such "cushion", such as speed and inflation force, are controlled by special software. The researchers learned how to simulate a certain number of different interactions using a jacket, and also created virtual reality test applications using these effects.
For example, developers can make a person feel hugs, blows, creeping insects or snakes, drops of rain, vibration from riding a motorcycle and so on.
Photo: The Verge
In one of the developed applications, the user needs to throw snowballs with the help of the controller, as well as avoiding the snowballs of the opponent. When "snow" hits, "air cushions" are sharply inflated and imitate a collision.
Another application allows the user to feel how the snake wraps around the body.
Another application allows you to feel how the virtual character grows muscles, because of what hands squeezed clothes.
The developers note that the Force Jacket prototype is still quite heavy and limits the free movement of the user, but in the long term it can be made more convenient.
In Disney, it is assumed that the jacket will be used with VR-headsets for more acute impressions.

DateDate: 29-04-2018, 08:27

British scientists from Exeter University conducted a unique scientific experiment, changing the properties of concrete by adding graphene to it. As a result, the strength of the most common artificial material in the world has grown by one and a half times.
Demand for concrete in construction constantly forces scientists to experiment on its composition. Significant success in the last study was made by experts from Exeter University, who decided to mix concrete with graphene. As a result, the strength of the most widely spread artificial material in the world increased by 146%. The fusion of building materials was also reflected in the heat capacity of the final mixture, which increased by 88%.
Also the result of the connection of concrete and graphene has a high water resistance. All the advantages of the unique mixture discovered will make it extremely demanded in the building materials market, British scientists believe.
Source: VistaNews

DateDate: 28-04-2018, 07:10

The richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of Amazon, made a fortune of 12 billion after the publication of his company's financial report. According to the publication Fortune (translation -, he surpassed all expectations of Wall Street analysts.
The publication reports that the company's shares rose by 6.3 percent - that is, to $ 1,614 per security.
In general, the state of the businessman was estimated by Bloomberg at 134 billion dollars.
According to the report, according to the results of the first quarter of this year, the profit of Bezos increased 2.25-fold year-on-year to 1.62 billion.
Earlier it was reported that Amazon's profit had more than doubled. This is reported in the company's financial report.

DateDate: 28-04-2018, 07:08

The founder of the company SpaceX and Tesla Ilon Mask reported in his Twitter that he is working on creating a dragon-cyborg. He believes that the market for manufacturing dragon-cyborgs is not yet occupied, and therefore now is the time to take advantage of this.
"Craze" The mask of dragons-cyborgs began with his tweet that he listened to the tracks of Go Flex and Psycho artist Post Malone from the playlist of the Canadian singer Grimes. The singer answered him, saying: "I'm glad that you are finally listening to cyberpunk." Mask noted that it sounds great if you ride on a dragon-cyborg.
Unexpectedly, the idea of Ilon to make a dragon-cyborg was answered by the official account of the series "The Game of Thrones", writing: "Bend your knees in front of the Targarienov's house, Ilon." To this Mask said that "do not force him to use space lasers."
According to journalists Inverse, it is a space cargo rocket Dragon, which can be redesigned into capsular and endowed with artificial intelligence with the interface of the human brain from the startup Mask Neuralink.