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DateDate: 2-04-2018, 07:19

The company T-Mobile has decided to introduce unusual smart sneakers. Developers are confident that innovation can replace the use of other modern devices. The communications operator presented the capabilities of smart shoes in the video on the YouTube channel.
The novelty looks like the most common sneakers. But they have a secret. Thanks to the size of the shoes, the creators were able to insert the powerful speakers into one of the sneakers, and on the sole of the other - to place a display that can not be scratched or mechanically damaged.
In addition, on the soles of the fitness tracker, to calculate the steps. The device is protected against dust, dirt and water. NFC technology allows you to exchange contacts.
Moreover, revolutionary shoes can also boast of having a voice assistant named John Leger. John is based on AI. In order to activate the voice assistant you need to say "Hey Sidekicks". AI, for example, can warn the bearer of miracle shoes about "contact" with animal's excrement.
Laces in smart crosses are also unusual: they can be used as headphones. It is known that Sidekicks will be implemented together with the tariff plan T-Mobile ONE. When it will be possible to get "smart" sneakers do not report.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 2-04-2018, 07:16

Twitter introduced the function Timestamps, which allows you to share the key point of live broadcast. Viewers no longer need to scroll to the part of the video you want to discuss.
Previously, on Twitter, you could only publish a full recording of the broadcast. If you wanted to emphasize a particular section of the video, then you had to write up to what point the audience needs to squander the video. It is especially painful when a person publishes a long record.
The Timestamps function greatly simplifies the process. Now that you decide to share the broadcast or its recording, you can squander before the segment that you want to show to your subscribers. Then you will have to add a text comment and publish a tweet.
Viewers, including the video, will begin viewing it from the moment you indicated when publishing. If the broadcast is still running, the user will be able to click on the Live icon and view the desired segment.
The innovation is perfectly combined with the broadcasts of Twitter sports events. It, for example, allows you to share the goals of your favorite teams, which can increase the number of viewers of the video and reveal its advertising potential. However, while Twitter does not allow to place advertising in such segments.
Also Timestamps can be useful to those who want to share their favorite song from the concert, and reporters will be able to emphasize the most important at press conferences. The feature will soon become available to all users of the web version of Twitter and applications for iOS and Android, as well as Periscope.
Source: 3DNews

DateDate: 2-04-2018, 07:13

In the US, residents are concerned about the night flashes of light in the sky. Scientists are discouraged by abnormal phenomena of celestial radiance.
Eyewitnesses compare phenomena in the sky at night and at the hour of sunsets with waves passing through light reflections in the celestial twilight. Residents of the US are sure that this is not the northern lights, but something else. But what kind of phenomenon is it, neither the residents themselves nor the scientists can explain.
Reports of such phenomena have been reported from many states in America, in particular from Pennsylvania and Georgia. And the shine is not short-lived. It can last from 40 minutes to an hour. None of the observers have seen anything like this before.
Earlier, in the sky above the States, a black unidentified flying object was captured in the video. At the same time, most users are sure that this is just a flock of birds.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 2-04-2018, 07:11

This is one of those stories, the truth of which is hard to believe. A group of schoolchildren, while cleaning the beach in Taiwan, discovered an object covered with seaweed and seashells. With a detailed study it turned out that this is a digital camera Canon PowerShot G12. The most surprising thing is that the device not only remained fully working, but also returned to the rightful owner.
The camera was in a waterproof case, so even a long stay in the sea did not hurt her. The gadget remained fully operational, and the battery retained a little charge. The teacher, who led a group of schoolchildren, turned on the camera and looked through the photos, trying to find out who she could belong to. Then they shared their discovery on Facebook in an attempt to find the owner.
After less than 48 hours, one of the users of the social network found out in the photos his friend, who owned the camera. It turned out to be a certain Serina Tsubakikhara, a student of the 3rd year of Sofia University in Tokyo. She said that she dropped the camera in the sea about two years ago. The students honestly sent the gadget to the rightful owner.
Source: 4PDA

DateDate: 2-04-2018, 07:07

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tablet from the South Korean brand will be able to recognize users by their breath. This is stated by insiders, although the announcement of the device will not take place soon.
In 2017, Samsung issued a patent for a portable gas analyzer, which is able to determine the degree of alcoholic intoxication of a person only by his breathing. Some insiders are convinced that this kind of "alkotester" should appear already at Galaxy Note 9. In particular, thanks to this function, access to the gadget will be closed if its owner is drunk. However, there are also rumors that the brand is going to develop this technology and use it as a "security key", when it will be possible to recognize the user with the help of breathing.
Meanwhile, although the data is not officially confirmed by the developer, the presence of such a feature will indeed make Samsung Galaxy Note 9 more secure. In addition, some experts argue that the fax will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner.
Source: AN