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DateDate: 28-04-2018, 07:05
Singapore became the world center of entrepreneurship, ahead of the Silicon Valley. What is it that attracts young businessmen so much? Sumit Agarwal, a professor at the Business School of the National University of Singapore, together with colleagues from the Hong Kong Baptist University, conducted a study of the Singapore entrepreneurial community and tried to answer this question. Research published by the magazine Forbes.
Agarwal and his colleagues concluded that the situation in the country changed after the adoption in 2001 of the program "home office", which allowed potential entrepreneurs to create and manage certain types of business from home.
Home Office
According to the research, the program had a positive impact on entrepreneurship: the number of businesses within this reform increased by 23%. Basically it was a small business.
The main advantage is that entrepreneurs no longer need to spend money on renting office space and moving. In other words, this project allows people with limited means to make the first steps in business. Indeed, according to the research, the program was most useful for people with low incomes.
Flexibility is more important than money
Not all the benefits of the new "home office" program are related to finance. Work remotely gives entrepreneurs more freedom and flexibility. They can build business and do other things.
In addition, thanks to this project, entrepreneurs had more chances to hide their failure or failure. In East Asia it is very important that others think about you. Therefore, fear of failure and subsequent shame becomes a serious barrier to innovation and business.
There is also a question: did this reform improve the quality of entrepreneurship or just attracted mediocre businessmen? The Government of Singapore believes that it is necessary to encourage start-ups, as small businesses revive the economy and create new jobs. Nevertheless, there is a popular opinion that typical start-ups are not innovative, create a small number of jobs and bring in small profits.
The chances of survival
Agarval found that the likelihood of companies leaving the market falling under the "home office" program is the same as that of companies outside this program. In addition, such enterprises demonstrate a higher level of survival in the long term and select industries with higher productivity and less risk.
The study also showed that the program encourages entrepreneurs to open other, larger companies. This indicates that a healthy and sustainable business ecosystem is developing in the country.
Ultimately, the researchers analyzed the impact of this scheme on the economy as a whole. To do this, they studied the impact on housing prices, as the program is aimed at relocating residential property to start a new business. It turned out that this scheme positively affects the economy, raising prices to 6.5%, at least in the short term.
In general, it seems that a policy that stimulates the flexibility of the working schedule, promotes entrepreneurship and nurtures a healthy business ecosystem. Perhaps other countries should take the example from Singapore?
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DateDate: 27-04-2018, 04:14

Scientists from the University of Southern California reported that a smartphone camera can replace a tonometer. As the leading researcher Niem Pakhlevan says, the new method will be more convenient and cheaper. The results of the research were published in the scientific online journal Scientific Reports.
To date, the pressure is measured with a tonometer. Sometimes, for a more accurate indication, the results of an electrocardiogram are necessary. The method, which was developed by scientists from the University of Southern California, is designed to facilitate this task. Its principle of operation is the "internal frequency algorithm".
To test the efficiency of this method, the team of experts checked the blood pressure level in 5012 patients. The results showed that the data obtained with the help of the smartphone camera turned out to be more accurate than the indicators of the tonometer.
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DateDate: 26-04-2018, 06:39

The line will connect the airport with World Expo 2020 objects
In 2020, the first rapid transit corridor Hypeloop in the United Arab Emirates should start. This is reported by
The first line will connect Al Maktoum Airport with World Expo 2020 objects. Already a deal has been signed with the leading real estate developer in Abu Dhabi.
The line will be 10 km long. It will be the first stage in the development of the transport system between the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
The Hyperloop XO Innovation Center and Visitor Center will also be built.
Hyperloop will move people and goods with unprecedented speed (up to 1200 km / h) in capsules flying through vacuum tubes.
In 2013, Mask allowed to use the innovative development of Hyperloop of any company in the world that will promote the project and develop technologies for its creation. HyperloopTT was the first company created for the practical implementation of innovation.
HyperloopTT has already started construction of the first full-scale passenger and cargo prototype system in Toulouse, France. It will begin work this year.

DateDate: 25-04-2018, 06:40

Scientists are still arguing about the properties of wine. For a long time it was believed that a glass of dry wine per day is not capable of harming a person's health, and red wine improves the work of the heart and blood vessels.
Specialists from the University of Cambridge and the British Heart Foundation carried out scientific research, which revealed that life will be reduced by two years, if you drink six glasses of dry wine per week.
Opinions of experts about alcoholic drinks are contradictory. Nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg argues that alcohol is a cellular poison. According to Ginzburg, alcohol in any quantity, even minimal, negatively affects the human body. American scientists from the University of Rochester claim the usefulness of alcohol. In their opinion, the use of a small dose of such drinks (0.5 g per 1 kg of body weight per day) reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 25-04-2018, 06:38

Specialists of the Chinese Space Center presented an innovative space suit, which is intended for intensive training of astronauts. The new model of the spacesuit is used in training underwater, which allows you to simulate conditions of total weightlessness.
Soon, several Chinese specialists will go to the Chinese space station as part of the mission. In order to prepare cosmonauts for all the difficulties that they can face in outer space and aboard a space station, the Chinese Space Center uses methods of underwater training with the help of special spacesuits. The suit almost completely repeats all the functions and features of the model in which the cosmonaut will be clothed during his mission to the orbital station.
In the framework of this type of training, astronauts are put under water in a spacesuit, not allowing it to sink below the established mark, and also to float to the surface, which creates zero-floating conditions, making it possible to feel similar conditions under zero gravity in space.
Source: VladTime