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DateDate: 19-04-2018, 07:32

A representative of the company Stratolaunch Systems informed that this summer experts must lift the world's largest aircraft in the air. This transport was named Scaled Composites Stratolaunch Model 351.
This vehicle has already passed all the tests that were completed successfully. Engineers have made the design of the transport much easier to simplify the lifting into the air. For this, the designers used modern technologies using composite materials. The transport itself consists of two fuselages, six two-circuit turbojet engines. The aircraft, designed by the Americans, is the record holder not only in size, but also in the scope of the wings.
The Scaled Composites Stratolaunch Model 351 was designed to launch rocket and space systems into Earth's orbit, which will happen right in the air. This technique will allow sending about 6.12 tons of equipment and other resources into space.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 19-04-2018, 07:30

Augmented reality, contrary to the views of most people, is not limited to the gaming industry and can be applied in quite serious areas.
For example, Google employees have provided an "intelligent" microscope that, based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology, can conduct a fairly accurate diagnosis of cancer.
The development team is responsible for a team of scientists from Google Brain. The new device, in addition to AR and AI technology, is based on a standard optical light microscope, slightly modified to work with the technologies described above.
To modernize the microscope, Google engineers placed two modules between the eyepiece and the lens. The first uses a semitransparent mirror that reflects part of the light on the photomatrix, while the second project the image and superimpose it on the image of the sample under study.
This means that the technology can be implemented in any more or less equipped medical laboratory. The platform allows for real-time analysis of the image and the results of recognition of the cells with which the study is being conducted. The refresh rate of the image is 10 frames per second, which is quite enough for diagnostics.
The algorithm itself is based on computer vision and machine learning. As Google experts say, a new diagnostic method can be used to detect any oncological pathologies, but at the moment the device determines metastases of breast cancer in the lymph nodes, as well as prostate cancer.

DateDate: 18-04-2018, 07:01

The Astrophysical Observatory of the University of Miami, headed by Niko Kappeluti, through months of observations, has come close to unraveling the source of dark matter in the universe. Cross-observation by four telescopes, astronomers detected radiation from an unknown spectrum of matter, which had never been seen before.
Previously it was assumed that most galaxies of the universe are in a zone of dark matter, the nature of which is known only hypothetically. Attempts to obtain a similar substance through the costly experiment of the andron collider have so far not produced any visible successes.
It is believed that in the zone of dark matter a completely different nature of space, time and motion. Here time loses its continuity and one-pointedness, that is, it is possible to be simultaneously "here" and "now" in an infinite number of time reports. This is not even the usual elevator of the time machine, but the simultaneous presence in the past, present and future of many reference frames.
The same goes for space, which in dark matter can be destroyed and restored at the same time. The dark matter, the source of which was discovered by astrophysicists from Miami, will help determine the time of the origin of the substance and its transformation and decay.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 18-04-2018, 06:59

In the capital of Britain, London, the Bible of 1535 is stored in the library of Lambeth Palace. Scientists have found in this sacred Scripture handwritten notes. In the past, experts noticed under the layer of ink the letters left by the founder of medicine Galen, who lived in Ancient Greece in 129-210 BC.
In the Bible, the researchers found pasted old sheets, which described the transformations that occurred during the Reformation. The scientists are sure that the notes were made in 1600. This is evidenced by the results of the examination. In 1539, the King of Britain Henry VIII ordered religious leaders to pray exclusively in English, before that, Latin was traditionally used. In society, the new rules found their supporters and opponents.
The process of transforming the church is told in the notes found in the Bible. It was possible to detect secret records accidentally. The group of experts studied the Scriptures, but the librarian mistakenly brought another Bible, not the one the researchers asked. It was in it that mysterious notes were found.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 18-04-2018, 06:57

Due to the lack of water, Chinese scientists have started creating a network of chemical devices that can produce rain. The network is capable of producing about 10 billion tons of precipitation.
Due to the lack of water on the Tibetan plateau, Chinese scientists have set up a network of chemical devices that can produce about 10 billion tons of precipitation. Rain clouds will be formed by burning fuel, from which silver iodide is released into the air. This combination of chemical elements can collect water vapor and cause rain at the right time.
Now in Tibet there are hundreds of such installations that collect steam from the Yangtze and Mekong waters, but evaporation from other Chinese and Asian rivers is also used. With the help of a network of chemical burners, Chinese experts are going to provide a permanent watering area of over 1.6 million square meters. Initially, devices for creating rain were going to be used for defensive purposes.
Source: VladTime