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DateDate: 14-04-2018, 07:02

American scientists have created unique robotic divers that are able to cooperate with groups to perform a number of tasks. According to the creators of the company Aquabotix, their invention SwarmDiver can be useful to military and civilians for various purposes.
Robots-divers are unique in that they work not alone, but a real swarm that forms under the water. Such "teams" are able to transmit information from depths of up to 50 meters, and can also record various indicators required by the customer. One battery provides the robot with two and a half hours of operation.
Scientists note that the development will be useful to the military, because with such robots it is possible to calculate the submarines of interest and modes of transport. For ecologists, diving robots can be useful for mapping a specific locality located at a depth that will ensure the most accurate transmission of information without the special costs of human abilities.
Source: VistaNews

DateDate: 13-04-2018, 07:55

Scientists named the most useful types of tea for human health. This drink is recognized as the most popular in the world. Every minute on the planet, two million cups are drunk and experts tried to figure out what its attractiveness is.
In total, five types of tea are distinguished (not including herbal variations). This is black tea, green, white, Puer and Oolong. Leading in the ranking of utility green tea. It contains twice less caffeine than the more popular black, but contains a whole complex of vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamins B, C and P, as well as potassium, zinc, copper, iodine and so on. Experts advise drinking this drink and women in the situation and people suffering from insomnia and heart diseases.
Black tea is the most common type of tea. It is prepared from that de plant, but subjected to more serious processing. Because of this, it loses most of the nutrients, but retains sufficient vitamins A, K, P and B, amino acids, sodium, calcium, iron, fluoride, zinc, iodine and so on.
White tea is most often drunk by gourmets. It contains a lot of useful substances and minimal caffeine content. It is used as an antibacterial agent and is drunk to strengthen immunity.
Puer used for the prevention of digestive diseases. This drink helps reduce cholesterol in the blood and removes toxins, reduces the risk of cancer. And oolong helps in the fight against depression and improves skin condition. At the same time, it contains more than 400 vitamins and trace elements.
In addition, do not forget about herbal teas. The first places in the rating of utility are mint, mate, raspberry, carcade and masal. The first one helps with nervous disorders, the second one helps fast hematoma healing on the body, the third one is ideal for PMS, as well as a cold and cough, the fourth is drunk at high temperature, and the fifth is drunk to cheer up and normalize blood circulation.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 13-04-2018, 07:51

The media told about the technologies from the series, which are increasingly appearing in the modern world. Flexible display, sound waves - all this is in everyday life.
The "Star Trek" mentioned bionic eyes, observing the world in an electromagnetic form. Scientists have created a real project, consisting of electrodes. Argus II makes it possible for the blind to distinguish light lines, to see the silhouettes of objects and people. In 2015, the bionic eye was successfully introduced into humans.
In "Caprica" characters changed data using a network in devices similar to a sheet of paper. For the first time a flexible monitor showed LG in 2010. Later the same object was demonstrated at Chalmers University, the new display is able to transmit pictures in color.
The viewer saw the creation of human skin in the "Wild West World". In reality, Western physicians printed human skin tissues on the bioprinter, which retain their forms and are able to take root in the body. The components are hydrogel and biodegradable plastic. In 2016, the mechanism of creating artificial skin was used in animals.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 13-04-2018, 07:49

In the United States approved the first medical device, which uses artificial intelligence. This device is designed to diagnose diseases without interfering with this process of physicians.
The American Sanitary Office for Drug Control approved a new medical device with AI that diagnoses illnesses. The device is designed to detect symptoms of vision loss in diabetics. The camera takes pictures of the eye, and after a special algorithm for these pictures determines whether the patient has a disease. Note that the US government for the first time approved a device that is used without doctors. This device can be used not only by an ophthalmologist, but also by other specialists. If the device detects symptoms, the patient will be sent to the specialist of the required profession.
Scientists suggest that in the future the market for such devices will actively develop. Such a device will help doctors in time to notice diabetic symptoms of vision loss.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 12-04-2018, 07:44

Periodically, people predisposed to cardiovascular disease try to avoid serious physical exertion in order to feel protected. A new study shows that such a tactic is far from as practical as it may seem. With the help of this experiment, experts have discovered a more reliable method for protecting the heart.
Exercise, as noted by scientists representing Stanford University, can help in the future to avoid heart attack, stroke and other problems of this kind.
In order to prove their case, the scientists used a database, which contains information about 500 thousand Britons. As it turned out, those of them who were physically more active suffered significantly less from cardiovascular diseases, even if they were genetically predisposed to them.
Specialists admit that the method chosen by them does not allow to unequivocally speak about the benefits of physical exercises. They can not be ruled out completely. However, the researchers note that in their work they have made an amendment to the mass of additional factors, among which the body mass index of participants. Age, gender and ethnicity were also taken into account.