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DateDate: 20-05-2018, 08:22

Your smartphone should make life easier for you. Below I will tell you how you can improve the convenience by automating some ways of using it. With these six automatic functions, you can spend less time on your device and more time on things that really matter.
1. Get reminders in certain places
Temporary reminders can be convenient, but they do often come in at the wrong time and place. Because your phone knows your location, it can encourage you to buy milk when you are near a grocery store.
Here's how to set up this type of reminder on iOS and Android devices.
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On the iPhone, launch the Reminders application, tap the Plus icon and enter the text you want to see later. Click the (i) icon to the right of the new reminder and enable the "Remind me in place" switch. Now you can select any of the saved (fixed) places, choose your current position or use the search box at the top to find another address.
On Android, open the Google app and press the Menu button (three horizontal lines) in the lower right corner. Select "Reminders", click the "Plus" button and enter the text for the reminder. Finally, click the "Place" button and then "Location", and you can choose where the reminder will be activated.
That's all you need. When you reach the specified point, your phone will automatically remind you of what you need to do.
2. Automate silent mode
As your day passes, you will hold some meetings, visit quiet places, such as libraries, theater performances, movies and other events, when you want your phone to be silent. Constant activation and deactivation of silent mode can quickly get bored. Fortunately, your mobile phone can do this job automatically.
On the iPhone, open the "Settings", tap "Do not disturb" and enable the "Scheduled" radio button. Now tap the timings below, and you can set the time windows when your phone is in silent mode. For example, turn it off while you are in the office or asleep.
On your Android device, open Settings, select Sound & Notifications → Do Not Disturb. The following screen allows you to set certain rules when the mode is activated. In each case, you can choose which days it will operate, as well as the start and end time. You can also choose to enable this mode during events that are scheduled in your Google Calendar.
During silent mode, notifications and warnings will continue to arrive, but they will not create any noises and vibrations.
3. Open the applications in the right place
When you open the application, it displays a specific screen by default. For example, clicking the Facebook icon will take you to the news feed. However, on iOS devices you can change this.
With 3D-Touch (a longer, harder tap on the screen) when you click on the application icon, you can open its menu and select the desired action. For example, when you click on the "Messages" icon, you can choose whom you want to write to, and on "Instagram" start the camera right away or make a new publication. But the application called Launch Center Pro ($ 5 from the App Store) further extends this function: allows you to go to a specific action inside any application.
As an example of how to configure this, look at using Launch Center Pro with Safari. Open the application, click the "Pencil" icon in the upper right corner, select "Bookmarks", and you can add links to your favorite sites. Thus, you can quickly download directly one of these web pages, and not any other that you opened the last time you used the browser.
You can also use it with applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps and others, and also work with system settings.
4. Do not worry about backing up your photos
Few things on your phone are as valuable as your photos and videos. Therefore, eliminate the need to manually copy them to a laptop or cloud storage service, automatically redirecting them to the cloud.
Google Photos (for Android and iOS) is one of the best automated backup applications. It will store everything for free, if you do not mind that your images are reduced to 16 megapixels, and video to a maximum resolution of 1080p. If you want to keep the original permissions, you will have to pay $ 2 per month for 100 GB.
To enable automatic backup, open the application, press the button