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DateDate: 30-06-2018, 05:57

Many users have encountered a problem when a smartphone is wearing a protective case, but when it falls, the device is still damaged.
German student Philip Frenzel has developed an unusual cover, which visually does not differ from standard cases, but offers active protection.
The accessory has special sensors that detect when the smartphone goes into a free fall state. At this moment, from the corners of the lightning springs springing legs that extinguish energy during the fall. After this, the user can return the legs to the place so that they do not interfere.
Now the creator of the cover named AD Case, is preparing to obtain a Master's degree and is going to organize a fundraising for the issue of AD Case on the site of Kickstarter.
Source: pre-view-online

DateDate: 29-06-2018, 06:54

Xiaomi can not stop and releases new gadgets every few days. As everyone already knows, Xiaomi has several subsidiaries that produce different products. And these brands produce very interesting products. So not long ago under the brand Mijia came out a very interesting gadget called Mi Smart Mouse Pad. This is how many people understand the mouse pad. But this is quite an unusual rug. I knowingly called this product a gadget. Dimensions of the gadget 420 to 260 mm. This mat has a backlight around the perimeter and its color can be changed with a twist on the corner.
The rug looks pretty cute and the most important thing is not usually. The company Xiaomi can really surprise with its not usual approach to design. But the appearance and highlighting is not the most important thing in this gadget. In addition to all this in the rug is built-in wireless charging.
The charging power reaches 7.5W. With this rug during work or play at the computer, you can still charge the smartphone, unless of course the smartphone supports this technology. This miracle can be purchased only at Mijia Mall for $ 40 But I think soon this rug will appear on many other popular venues, such as Alliexpress or Gear best.

DateDate: 28-06-2018, 07:10
Drones not only look like real doves, but they can fly in a pack. New devices have already started work and monitor 30 state institutions in 5 provinces.
Most of the pigeon drones are patrolling the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the west of the country, near the border with Russia, India and Afghanistan. In this region, the largest number of separatists, who can shake the state system.
Drones mimic the movements of the bird's wing, perfectly maneuver, almost noiseless, barely visible to human eyes and invisible to military radar. Each GPS drone has a GPS sensor, a satellite network module and a camera.
The program, which uses drones, was called "Dove". More than 2000 successful flights have already been carried out. The number of created drones is unknown.

DateDate: 27-06-2018, 06:59

The sections allow you to change the form in two seconds.
American democracy can get to the most remote corners of the planet - the agency DARPA has presented a wheel that is not quite a wheel.
This is written by Chronicle.Info with reference to AVTORAMBLER.
DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), part of the US Department of Defense, demonstrated a unique development created by engineers from the Carnegie Mellon University's robotics center. In appearance it is a wheel that seems to have been watched in Ridley Scott's films, but even the legendary father of "Alien" envies the originality of the idea.
Expanding sections allow for two seconds to change the shape - from round to triangular. For movement on a solid surface, an ordinary wheel will fit, and to overcome offroud, a propeller, which looks like a so-called "goslyanku".
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Here it is, the dream of a jeep! After all, the "gussy" is put on the same "Niva" instead of the regular "rollers", while the American system allows to unite all in one mechanism. But it is designed for military purposes and adaptation for civilian needs is fraught with a number of obvious difficulties.

DateDate: 26-06-2018, 06:08

As you know, the company will present three new smartphones this fall, differing from each other in overall dimensions and stuffing.
Judging by rumors, the most interesting and most affordable model will be a 6.1-inch iPhone 9 with an IPS-panel. The image of this device was published on the Web.
The device in the picture is "dressed" in the protective case of Ghostek. As you can see, the main camera of the iPhone 9 is single and has a larger sensor than its predecessor.
Its design resembles the iPhone X, but only the bottom and side frames were much thicker and have the same thickness.
Analysts predict the success of this particular smartphone, arguing that up to 50% of all Apple sales for the year after the announcement will have to be on the cheapest of the new iPhone.