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DateDate: 31-08-2018, 06:11

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In continuing the development of themes unique business model "Innovator", represents another element of the global nature of television crowdfunding channel "Innovator".
 As all TV channels, channel "Innovator" will be broadcast both on cable television and satellite. Of course, it will also be available on the Internet. 
 Very principled and corporate approach channel will consist in the full-time conjunction with the components of the business model of "Innovator". Television crowdfunding channel is an integral part of the entire business model. All processes which is the idea of their presentation and to complete all components of the innovative business model "Innovator", accessible and intelligible will be shown in a television broadcast. As the author of the idea and a basic viewer-innovator, can clearly see the whole process. 
 An innovative component will be the ability to shoot subjects of any innovator with the right to demonstrate them in the air, or live. Of course, the administrative staff of the channel will be to analyze the plots and, if necessary, correct them. The main and only bias will be focused on innovation around the world. No politics, no "yellow" news, no conventional advertising, except for the one that will only innovative element. A new direction which is to be presented, it is a TV social network, which will have identical functions usual social network, only direct TV demonstration. And many other things that the author of the project to voice directly to the investors or the partnership directly or to demonstrate their ideological project, citing the principle of operation of crowdfunding
 Naturally, the air will be filled with all kinds of shows based on the author's presentations of projects and ideas that are tightly linked to the work of all the unique business model of "Innovator".
 So here we have the first crowdfunding innovative TV channel will be its main task is aimed at the development of author's projects and their promotion in the global information space! 
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 31-08-2018, 06:04

The Israeli futurist and author of "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity" believes that the liberal political system is not ready for the technological challenges of the 21st century.
Liberalism is based on the free will of every person. But artificial intelligence and gene editing will end with free will. People's feelings and thoughts can be effectively programmed.
The concept of liberalism played a decisive role in shaping the modern world order, but it is not worth taking it with us to the future, says historian and futurist Yuval Harari. In an interview with the Irish Times, he explained the imperfections of this political ideology.
Liberalism affirms the dominant role of the feelings of the individual, and also puts free will at the heart of the matter. However, supporters of this trend do not understand that in the future, technologies will be able to penetrate into the sphere of personal and emotional and have a direct impact on it.
"AI and bioengineering will allow" hacking "a person, controlling his desires and reprogramming his feelings," the historian notes.
Harari admits that the technologies of "hacking" will be owned by corporations and governments. And if they want to manipulate people, it will be much easier to influence those who consider themselves invulnerable.
"Liberalism is not ready for [new technological challenges]. And in order to survive and prosper in the 21st century, we should go beyond it, "the author of Sapiens concludes.
At the same time, the historian admits that so far he does not have to criticize more than defend the liberal ideology, which "is attacked by nationalists and religious fanatics." Harari explains their motives with nostalgia - the desire to return to the roots and the past in the face of uncertain future.
Supporters of radical nationalist and religious ideas are confident that they are dealing with absolute and eternal truths that will not be affected by the technological and economic revolutions of the 21st century. At the same time, the majority does not understand what challenges it is necessary to deal with, and the fear of uncertainty makes it necessary to seek stability in obsolete "fantasies".
"Nostalgic fantasies about the national idea and religion will not solve the problems of the 21st century," warns Harari. He refers to the main tests for humanity climate change, unemployment due to automation and the enormous potential of genetic engineering.
"You will not find answers to these questions in the Bible, because people who wrote the Bible knew little about global warming, and even less about genetics and computers."
Futurologist stands for cooperation between countries for solving world-level problems, including those caused by new technologies. Disunited actions will only increase uncertainty. If the EU prohibits robot killers and genetic editing of embryos, and the US and China, on the contrary, remove any restrictions, then cooperation will not be built. Moreover, the European Union will have to break its own bans in order not to lag behind other regions of the world.
In these conditions, the manifestation of nationalism and isolationism does not make sense. Brackit, according to Harari, is just a waste of time. "Every minute that Britain and the EU spend on Brakesit is a minus one minute that would go to preventing climate change and regulating AI."

DateDate: 30-08-2018, 06:03

At the forthcoming IFA 2018 electronics exhibition in Berlin, LG Electronics (LG) will present smart columns of the XBoom AI ThinQ series
Devices are created in partnership with specialists from Meridian. It is a question of high quality of a sound with the balanced low frequencies.
The smart assistant Google Assistant is involved. Users will be able to use voice commands to request this or that information, to control the process of music playback, as well as to control "smart" household appliances in the house.
XBoom AI ThinQ
Initially, the family XBoom AI ThinQ will include the WK7 model shown in the images. This smart speaker is made in a casing of a cylindrical shape. There are wireless adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The claimed power is 30 watts.
At the top of the device controls are provided. Dimensions are 135 × 210.7 × 135 mm, weight - about 1.9 kg.
Later in this series the speaker WK9 will be presented. Feature of the novelty is the presence of an interactive display measuring 8 inches diagonally. XBoom AI ThinQ
Until the end of the year in the line of smart speakers Google Home will be a new model equipped with a display. At the beginning of the year, the partners of the search giant showed the first "smart" displays with the built-in assistant Google Assistant. On these devices, you can watch videos from YouTube and make video calls through Google Duo.
The column shows the weather forecast, agenda, as well as the album cover and track name when listening to music in streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music / YouTube Music. This gadget is also useful in the kitchen - recipes for cooking dishes with voice instructions and displaying the sequence of actions on the screen are supported.

DateDate: 29-08-2018, 06:09

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The structure of the platform "Innovator" continues to evolve, and in this regard, the decision to move to the side and media space. The author's idea of the most innovative network investment and ideas in the creation of media-block "Innovator" will include previously described, the project of TV channel "Innovator" and the new idea of crowdfunding a smart radio "Innovator", which will be discussed in this presentation.
 Now, an innovative media product in the form presented crowdfunding smart radio "Innovator" will work in not the usual broadcasting form. Provide broadcast material in the media product will be formed in the majority of the listeners. Of course, all of this material will pass the appropriate filter for the presence of correct statements and error, and then, to go on the air. Time parameters will be observed only in broadcast news, presentations and corporate projects in the framework of the unique business model of "Innovator". Everything else-time will be granted regular interested users, the main topics which will be voice presentations of their projects and ideas. Leading crowdfunding smart radio "Innovator" will lead a dialogue in real time and to help such users to present their ideas. Will also be organized direct radio-dialogues with potential investors, who will have the opportunity to interact with these innovators, and in the case of mutual interest, to exchange contact data for the appropriate development of the presented project or idea. Of course, music units will also be present, but they will also be forming online users with their offers and contact the crowdfunding smart radio "Innovator". 
 But the main innovative aspect of crowdfunding the smart radio will consist in a joint broadcast with the other radio. Why called smart radio. It will happen - pre-administration of the smart radio will be offered to other radio stations in the conduct of such innovative business dialogues that will increase the promotion of both broadcast radio stations because the theme of innovation of innovations is gaining more and more momentum and has a global growth. A new concept of radio-crowdfunding will work on the principle of voice the presentation of the project, but work on the principle of crowdfunding will only end on the online platforms of credendino, as in this process there is the financial component. Also, in one of the first stations will begin implementing artificial intelligence technology that will radically change conventional broadcast radio content.
 At the end of this presentation, you can add that crowdfunding smart radio "Innovator" has an innovative organizational approach to the implementation of the main directions in the framework of the unique business model of "Innovator". The same conditions of work is the entire media unit, "Innovator", which will be described in another author's presentation. Of course, the radio broadcast will be available on mobile and on FM frequency. This is sort of free advertising for aspiring and current innovators and inventors, and an excellent radio platform for investors and crowdfunding. 
 This idea is only open for joint investment.

DateDate: 29-08-2018, 06:00

Scientists from the University of California at Davis have developed an algorithm that can check rumors on the Internet.
The preprint of the article is available on the ArXiv website, the "Indicator" is written about the development.
The algorithm looks for similar messages on different sites and languages, while paying attention to photos and videos. As a result, each information guide is represented in the program as a 300-dimensional vector. It indicates which platforms, when and how this or that message appeared.
The authors trained a program of 453,000 news pairs in English and Chinese. For this, messages like what recently spread on Twitter were used: in Arkansas, a fish-pig was caught.
In the future, the program can not only filter out fakes, but also explain why one message or another can not be trusted.