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DateDate: 10-08-2018, 07:50


 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In the new presentation of the author's ideas platform "Innovator" shows an innovative method of using social networks and mobile applications in the context of individual and interactive approach of each of future registered users. 
 The principle of seasonality will be available as a separate app, which is now presented, and in the form of individual services in existing social networks and relevant existing mobile applications. This principle is that the registered user can clearly and in advance to determine in the mobile app seasonal access when and how long he will be absent in on-line mode. That is, in the form of example, some variants are an active user of social networks and applications is excluded from the interactive process during the period of the flight on the plane. It installs in seasonal application season flight. This season of flight in automatic mode the functionality of the application carries, including appropriate notification to all registered social networks, apps and instant messengers. That is, all of his friends and colleagues will see in the pages of this user season of flight. All the questions fly to that user will not occur, as will be seen the information about its seasonal status. 
 Also, accordingly, the list of topics of seasonality will be unlimited that will allow users of that application in more detail, with the help of this method, explain the reason for their absence in the on-line mode. As mentioned earlier, the principle of seasonality can be installed as a separate service on your existing social platforms. All this can be done in the settings menu of the mobile application seasonal access, pre-installing the applications where it will operate the functionality of this startup.
 That is, setting in the same application season, a time when one or the other user will be missing something different good reasons, we are one interactive action explain to others the reason for our absence. Experts platform "Innovator", examining in more detail all the available material, concluded that this startup is already quite promising and will be in demand, even due to the fact that the exact analogues do not exist. Especially in the work, in a test version, the app shows itself very convenient and easy to use, providing its user with a tangible service, which at first glance is not noticeable, and unnecessary.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption. 

DateDate: 10-08-2018, 07:41

With less than 60 symbols, Ilon Mask earned $ 1.3 billion this week. The eccentric billionaire neglects traditional warnings from investors and analysts about corporate plans: Mask on Twitter wrote about the increase in the price of Tesla shares to 420 dollars, which led to an increase in the company's price by 13%.
This is not the first time that spontaneous statements bring chaos to the business world. The Telegraph made a list of some of the most expensive tweets.
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Kylie Jenner provoked a drop in the value of Snap
Kylie Jenner this year provoked a drop in the value of Snapchat by writing a tweet of only 18 words. "Does anyone else open Snapchat? Or is it just me ... How sad it is," a 22-year-old model reported on her Twitter with 24.5 million subscribers. Shortly thereafter, Snapchat's cost fell sharply by $ 1.3 billion.
Analysts questioned whether Snapchat's price decline was due to Jenner's tweet, or the redesign of the application and the warning of experts was the reason. In any case, Kylie's tweet is likely to be read more times than Citi's memo.
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Fake twill about the bomb in the White House collapsed the US stock market for $ 136.5 billion
After breaking the Associated Press account on Twitter, hackers published the news allegedly about two exploding bombs that wounded Barack Obama. This crashed the US stock market by $ 136.5 billion.
The losses were corrected, but it took several minutes to confirm the falsity of the tweet. At that time, the United States was on high alert because of the terrorist attack on the marathon in Boston.
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Tweet Donald Trump about the F-35 lowered the cost of Lockheed Martin by $ 4 billion
The aerospace and defense company lost $ 4 billion within two hours after Trump criticized the company for the "out-of-control" F-25 fighter program.
The project, which is expected to cost 1.5 trillion US dollars for a 50-year service life, including in the service sector, fell under fire due to excessive prices.
4.png (64 KB)
Twit Ilona Mask broke the price of Samsung SDI for $ 580 million
In June 2016 there were rumors about possible deliveries of Samsung for Tesla solar batteries for electric vehicles. However, Ilon Mask on Twitter clarified the situation, which cost the South Korean manufacturer dearly.
"I would like to clarify that Tesla works exclusively with Panasonic for Model 3. News, which state otherwise, is false," wrote the founder of Tesla.
The market capitalization of Samsung SDI after the statement of the Mask fell by 8.5%, which is equivalent to approximately $ 580 million.
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Tweeting a little-known startup cost Twitter at $ 8 billion
Tweeting a little-known technological startup Selerity cost Twitter $ 8 billion. Selerity announced its bad results an hour before the official announcement.
Tweet frightened investors, mainly because of the surprise factor. Typically, the ads are made after the markets are closed, to enable them to avoid buying or selling.
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Tweet Nasdaq provoked a drop in the value of JP Morgan by 3.6%
In October 2014, the value of JPMorgan decreased by 3.6% after the Nasdaq report on Twitter, in which the profit and loss figures were without analysts' estimates. Published data three hours earlier before the official statement caused the sale of shares.
Passenger video cost American Airlines $ 1 billion
A video on Twitter that the passenger was forced to leave the United Airlines flight cost the company $ 1 billion. 69-year-old doctor David Dao was dragged out of the plane when he refused to give up his seat on a rescheduled flight (sold more tickets than there are places) to the partner airline partner.