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DateDate: 31-10-2018, 06:01


 Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
 In the continuation of the development of the idea of cream-bread "Innovator", the author provided a new innovative and revolutionary continuation of the development of this topic called spray-bread "Innovator".
 Having the same recipe of manufacture and composition, as well as cream-bread, this food product, namely the spray-bread "Innovator", the author put under pressure in a conventional aerosol can of various volumes. At the exit from such a container, we get an aerosol product of a foamy composition, which is not distinguished by its composition and taste characteristics from ordinary bread. Only the consumption of such an innovative product will have, without exaggeration, a global and mass character. It is very convenient in all situations, from home to the outlets on nature, using such a product on trips. The process of use is as comfortable and hygienic as possible. And the capacity of the spray-bread in the aerosol container is quite significant. Accordingly, all kinds and tastes of bakery products that exist in our use can also be applied in this technology.
  That is, we have the preservation of the taste qualities of bread and an increase in the comfortable conditions for its use, as it is not strange it sounds.
  The idea is open for investment.

DateDate: 31-10-2018, 05:55

The company Swagtron, known for working on electric scooters, electric bicycles and hoverboards, announced it has entered the market of protective equipment, creating a smart helmet for skiers and snowboarders. The novelty is equipped with many interesting and useful functions, for example, she herself can call for help.
Snowtide (snow wave) - this name was given to the helmet - received a built-in Bluetooth adapter that allows you to transfer music from your phone, receive and make calls. In addition, the development is supplemented by the option push-to-talk, that is, in fact, is a walkie-talkie with unlimited range.
Using applications for iOS and Android, owners of Snowtide will be able to unite in groups, and then send each other voice messages by simply pressing one of the buttons on the helmet.
In addition, Swagtron has added an intelligent SOS system to its outfit, which automatically responds to a sharp drop and impact. As a result, an alarm is activated in the helmet. If the owner does not turn off the system within 60 seconds, she will send text messages and emails warning of the incident. In the application, you can specify several "emergency" contacts.
But that's not all - Snowtide can track the speed, duration, distance, angle of the trip, keeping statistics in the app.
The helmet is equipped with guides for glasses and induction channels to prevent condensation on the lenses. The rigid external case ensures reliable protection of the athlete's head, and the built-in ventilation system itself determines the air temperature and ensures the preservation of the ideal microclimate inside the equipment.
The starting price of the Swagtron Snowtide is $ 149, reports Digital Trends.

DateDate: 30-10-2018, 06:06

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
At the time, when invented and put into production a new food product in the form of chocolate cream, the excitement was incredible, which brought its creators , and now brings big money. Just combine the butter and chocolate. And everything!!! All ingenious is simple...!
 In connection with the increasing interest in the line of spray products, the author of the idea and the platform "Innovator" is a continuation of this project - Choco-spray "Innovator". And it is, in fact, a revolutionary food product, where the combined chocolate, butter, with the possible addition of milk, and put the composition in the spray can. A similar product already exists, but only as an edible decoration in the confectionery industry. 
 Choco-spray is much easier to use, even at the level of children consuming the food product. Its use will be simplified ease-of-use in an aerosol effect.Spraying can be in the form of foam, and aerosol form. Just press the spray button with the necessary force, and to the output nozzle of the food product. Comfortable enough to use outside of the household - a picnic, a camping trip, visiting the occasion. Also simplifies the production of sweet and delicious sandwiches that will love both parents and their children. Of course, various additives in the composition are possible, such as milk, finely crushed nuts, vanilla, etc. From which it will get all kinds of tastes.
It is not strange, for this technology can be used for cosmetic purposes, when apply the cream-mask. Indeed, it is very easy!
Administering platform "Innovator" quite appreciated the idea. The idea is really innovative and very promising financial!
The author's idea, and the whole line of spray products that is open for investment and to complete their redemption.

DateDate: 30-10-2018, 05:58
The company Volocopter, which produces silent electric airplanes, which take off and land vertically, plans to launch test air taxis in Singapore in the second half of 2019.
This is reported on the official website of Volocopter.
During flight tests, they seek to confirm the ability to move vehicles in an urban environment. In addition, the company plans to set up a design and development firm in Singapore to support these taxis.
The company has already gained the support of local authorities. Tests approved by the Ministry of Transport of the country, the Office of Civil Aviation of Singapore and the Economic Development Board.
“It is possible for air taxis to change mobility and logistics in urban places. Volocopter is at the forefront of such innovative technologies in the aviation industry. CAAS is pleased to work with Volocopter to explore technical capabilities and develop appropriate operational guidelines to facilitate testing in Singapore, ”said the head of CAAS.
Also, we previously reported that the taxi service Uber signed a contract with NASA, in which the space agency will develop software to manage flying taxis.

DateDate: 29-10-2018, 06:20

 Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
 In the continuation of the development of the global theme of innovation in the production of new food products, the author of the idea presented the author's project of spray drinks, namely alcoholic beverages, which, with the help of the original technology, turned from liquid to foamy.
  In order not to paint this original idea for a long time, we will give an example of its use. Aerosol can, in which a consistency is placed under pressure, which includes an alcoholic component, squeezes the alcoholic composition on the surface of any product. This composition can be placed, for example, on a shish kebab, or on bread, or on another possible product. There is no liquid state of the alcohol-spray "Innovator", which allows its use, in the form of an aerosol nutritional foam, in any places where it would be difficult with ordinary liquid alcohol. The percentage of alcohol in alko-sprays can be placed any, depending on demand and destination, starting from the usual composition of alcohol in beer-spray and ending with a pure composition of alcohol-spray. A pleasant foamy composition of the alcoholic consistency will taste at any event, from formal events to parties of different themes.
  That is, we have a global idea that will reverse the use of alcoholic beverages, as they say "upside down", will bring a new ordinary and fashionable trend in this matter.
  The idea is open for both investment and full redemption.