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DateDate: 19-10-2018, 06:24

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Over time, almost all household items that surround us in everyday life and at work, will have smart capabilities and smart functions. In this presentation, the author provides the draft of the new smart-device - touch smart-box "Innovator". Its functions can be quite varied and wide but in the description of the moderation platform "Innovator" will provide the basic and give them appropriate characteristics. 
  So, the usual box that we use from time to time, acquires the smart function, by which its users will increase and will become more popular and effective. The dimensions of this smart device can be quite varied, up to the size of the chest or casket. And given the fact that up to this point conventional boxes were used as items of furniture or decor as is practically not mobile accessories, smart-boxes, users will be quite comfortable and functional to take with you on the road or at other events. 
  First, as already an integral requirement of the smart box will have the same name a mobile app that will monitor and adjust all the processes that will occur in this device. At the customer's request, all parties to the smart box can be equipped with touch panels. That is, the color and luminous flux can be changed at will . Also on the touch panel of the smart-box will be able, from a paired gadget, display information of any nature, such as air temperature and humidity in the room to make video calls, etc. Standard is installed a camera, speakers and microphone for reception and transmission of phone calls and the playback of the audio stream. Are available alarm function and partly the function of a table lamp. Pairing the smart-box with the gadget will be tested by standard methods. These are the basic and standard functions of the future smart device.
  Innovative capabilities will be a number of new and specific functions:
  1). The opening of the smart-boxes will be using the user's fingerprint, which automatically will maintain the same fingerprint from the user devices, or you can activate this feature on the device. 
  2). The smart box will be able to move on the surface where to be. The user will establish a hand gesture or a voice command which the smart-box to get closer to him. 
  3). The capacity of the smart-boxes you can view on the gadget, and the touch surface of your smart device, as when the user is in it something to put or to pick up the camera that is inside bude precisely to fix all of these actions, take pictures and make a virtual list mobile apps.
  Now, we have a completely new kind of smart devices, which will definitely make the daily life of the users of the novelty and innovativeness in question use the smart functions. Smart-box "Innovator" will be a worthy gift for any type of people of any age contingent.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 19-10-2018, 06:18

The Chinese Space Science and Technology Corporation has presented a transport unmanned aircraft, which is currently the largest in the world.
For the development of the aircraft, the engineers took as a basis the so-called corncobber Yun-5B, which was improved by new innovative developments and equipped with an unmanned control system.
Unmanned aircraft "Feyhun-98", whose name in Chinese means "Flying Swan" has already made the first flight tests. For the first time the ship flew from the landfill in the city of Baotou.
Engineers designed this drone special for massive cargo. Its maximum take-off weight is 2.5 tons, and directly on board the Flying Swan can transport one and a half tons of cargo.
For take-off and landing, the “Feyhun-98” requires only 150 meters of runway, so the ship will cope with the transportation of goods in almost any terrain.
It is reported that the aircraft is designed to fly at a maximum altitude of 4.5 km. The cruising speed of the aircraft is 180 km / h. At one refueling unmanned transport aircraft can fly 1,200 kilometers.
Earlier we reported that at a conference of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the American company Boeing presented the concept of a future hypersonic passenger aircraft. The airliner will be able to carry passengers at a speed exceeding the speed of sound about five times (5M). The airline noted that such an aircraft would allow getting from New York to Tokyo in about 2:00. The aircraft provided a revolutionary fuselage extremely streamlined shape.
The liner of the future received a nose that looked like a needle. According to experts, such solutions will minimize the acoustic impact arising from the transition of the aircraft to supersonic speed. Specialists of the publication New Atlas note that the design of the liner may indicate the choice of cryogenic hydrogen fuel.
Something similar will appear on the market in about 20-30 years, provided that Boeing is seriously engaged in the development of such a machine. The results obtained in the framework of the research can be applied both in civil and military spheres.