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DateDate: 3-10-2018, 05:59

The modified device is also equipped with an elastic solar panel that is capable of autonomously generating energy.
The effectiveness of the development of the researchers tested in laboratory animals and in humans. The new sensor patients will use to monitor heart rate.
Scientists have improved the sensor by creating for it a new power source based on an organic photovoltaic plate on a polymer substrate. Experts said that with the help of an innovative sensor, you can not only monitor your heart rate, but also change it. This function became possible after an organic electrochemical transistor was attached to the plate.
Recently it became known that scientists managed to create a microchip that will help determine the cause of infertility. The microscopic sensor is attached to the underwear and captures the change in temperature and acidity of the environment.

DateDate: 2-10-2018, 06:05

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In continuing the development of the idea of the applications games scan "Innovator", the author of the original idea and the platform "Innovator" is a regular startup "DIskan".
 To decrypt the application name, the author took as the basis of digital scanning, or English - digital scanning. It turns out DIskan in Russian, or in English DIscan. 
 Given that this startup is a series of gaming applications scan, and the functionality is similar. Game scan includes the mandatory use of the gadget with the camera. The free app "DIskan", you can download and use to achieve good results. 
 Now, the user using your gadget for a time period ( day, week, month, year) in any place at any time of the day, if the camera of the gadget, it opens the app and takes pictures of any visualization of numbers and numerical values, ranging from phone numbers on billboards, house numbers and everything else where there is visually visible in the figures, in addition to automotive rooms. The program clearly will recognize the photographed figures and digital values, to sum them to generate the final rating for the time period. Accordingly, the more the user in the total value of "lumped" numbers and numerical values, the more he will get points. The rating will determine the first user who will have the title of winners and get the prize awards. Yes, there is a little similarity and the game "Pokemon GO", but here users take pictures and collect real visualization, specifically, numbers. Very good for development of visual memory, even in childhood. 
 You can imagine the amount of employment of users who can be real participants in this application. This app sounds an exaggeration, can really be applied on the level of education of the school in the form of homework, which will include collecting as much as possible the number of digits that ends in total value.
 Considers the investment component of the development of app games scan "DIskan" or a ransom. 

DateDate: 2-10-2018, 05:58

Traditional animal husbandry in the near future will not be able to cope with the needs of the rapidly growing population of the Earth. To help him come the "meat from the tube."
FACT. The growing number of vegetarians, as well as people concerned about the "health" of the planet, has a great influence on the development of the sphere of artificial food. Several startups are working to reduce the cost of artificial meat and make it accessible to the consumer. According to forecasts, by 2020, synthesized food can enter the diet of millions of people.
HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Artificial meat is grown in laboratories. The original cells are taken from animals, but this procedure is carried out only once. “Test tube meat” is grown in the form of minced meat, but in the future it is planned to create a full-fledged muscle tissue. Today, about 10 companies, including three Israeli, are engaged in the production of synthesized meat in bioreactors.
PRICE. Five years ago, the cost of artificial meat was too high: 1 kilogram cost 10 thousand dollars. Now, thanks to Israeli technology, the price has dropped significantly and a kilogram of meat costs producers $ 800. According to forecasts by Professor Yaakov Nakhmias from the meat-growing company Future Meat Technologies, by 2020 it will be possible to reduce the price of products to 5-10 dollars per kilogram.
PROSPECTS. As it became known, the largest American supplier of meat, which provides raw materials for McDonald’s and BurgerKing, has already invested several million dollars in the development of an Israeli startup. This is not surprising, because artificial meat will significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. The Chinese also invested in the company, who are forced to buy large quantities of meat every year.
One of the main advantages of the Israeli company is the taste of the products they produce: synthesized meat has a natural taste and aroma.
HOW WILL IT WORK? If the startup manages to reduce the cost of production, then the cultivation of meat will occur as follows. The company will supply equipment for growing tissue, animal cells and essential nutrients to farmers. Farmers will be engaged in growing fabrics, which will take about two weeks. After that, the fabrics will be sent to factories, where they will be turned into meat.
WHAT ARE THE NATURAL MEAT? Despite the prospects of this trend, experts note that traditional livestock as an industry will not disappear. There will be a high demand for natural products on the planet, but the rapid growth of population and consumption requires new solutions from humanity.
Test-tube meat will appear on the shelves of supermarkets very soon. However, the researchers are ready to go even further by creating mini-devices that will allow growing meat at home.

DateDate: 1-10-2018, 06:05

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
The idea is that the usual sleeve, which we used in the childhood at lessons of work and drawing, and in later life in a variety of situations on its functional application, with the help of modern technology turns into a smart app.
 Smart sleeve "Innovator", whose length is from wrist to the elbow, in its structure has a sufficiently large number of functionalities and configurations that is applicable in everyday life, during leisure time, playing sports, and even medical purposes.
 In the simplest configuration it has pockets that can accommodate mobile and music devices, hygiene products, flashlight, stationery etc. Also in this configuration it has a moisture-proof and shock-proof watch, with the possibility of their replacement as desired. Necessarily, given its basic smart functions, it has the possibility of interfacing with the mobile device via a special app You use. It will be necessary, for example, to work in programs GPS navigation or to talk Handsfree. Naturally, the smart sleeve will be embedded speaker. Further development of the optional equipment, it can be embedded protection, video cameras, blood pressure monitors, heart rate and body temperature, the data is transferred to Your gadget for continuous monitoring of these data, ambient temperature, humidity and more. Very convenient for the athletes, for example cyclists or racers, also for medical purposes, for constant monitoring by doctors to their patients. Flexible screens, which are rapidly entering our lives, can be built here to display the necessary information. That is, configuration have an almost unlimited number of options. 
Application is possible in all weather conditions, and even in the manufacture of special materials for use under water. Mounts on hand with the help of Velcro or fasteners, and fastening clothing. Different colors and sizes are available. 
 In consequence of all above stated, we have a simple to use and quite functional device, which can enter a person's life, and become a permanent attribute in all his actions.
The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 1-10-2018, 05:59

Artificial intelligence will be able to predict which book will become a bestseller on Amazon just 15 days after its publication. The work of scientists is published on
The development of a neural network analyzing the behavior of readers on the Goodreads platform was carried out by scientists from Northwestern University, engineers from the Microsoft research unit in India and the Indian Institute of Technology in Haragpur.
The developers analyzed the collective behavior of users of the reader platform Goodreads, and then studied the features of books that have become bestsellers. It turned out that the ratings and forecasts of experts almost do not predict unexpected hits of sales - only some obvious bestsellers.
After collecting data on bestsellers, the neural network was able to predict future hits by 88.72% - this is more by 16.4% than traditional methods.