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DateDate: 26-10-2018, 07:23

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  The author of this original idea applied to the platform "Innovator", as it believes that it is innovative and one of a kind. Moderation supports and represents the project in the form of presentation, the description of which will be spelled out below.
  So, this mobile application automatically write books and autobiographies "Innovator" will have two modes - writing autobiography, or personal memoir, and writing a book that will have your core functionality has a number of innovative features that are aimed primarily at the assessment of life of its user with the further coverage of it in their virtual records, that in the end will lead to a written autobiography, or maybe even personal memoirs. In the second place, the user will be able not looking up from everyday life, using your voice, to cityat the text of his forthcoming book, which, respectively, will lead to a book written in voice mode.
  Writing his memoirs, probably, dreams of many people. But realize your objective is not always because of lack of time, and then desire. The possibilities of this mobile application will be both voice and printed the possibility of casual and controlled, the functionality of this application, descriptions of all situations. The control will consist in the fact that the app will remind the user about the necessity of following a text or voice of the essay. After receiving the text information, the functionality of the application it checks, formats, and ties up in the main text folder. So text from one essay to another and there will be a full autobiography, and maybe even personal or family memoirs. That is, they will be formed for a long time, continuously and monotonically, and not to divert their controlled users from their main occupations. 
  Writing will also occur in any the comfort for its users without distracting them from your business. In this problem for this mobile application the task of helping to write the book is more complex. Since the beginning of the writing and formation of books, the functionality not only controls the frequency of readings or writing essays, and all the time will lead prompts its user. Upon completion of writing, the application will generate and format a future book will pick up for her the cover, and, at the request of his user, will present its available Internet resources. That is, there will be a book written with the voice, automatically formatted with the possibility of presentation.
  Also, the app will itself play the role of the new Internet site, where will be placed the books of the new format ( in electronic form ) and with the possibility to buy and read ( also in electronic form ). Autobiography or personal memoir can be passed on as family heirloom from generation to generation where future generation will be able to learn more about their ancestors with the help of this online resource.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 26-10-2018, 07:18
Scientists from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology, in Australia, promise to speed up the Internet at least 100 times with the help of a swirling light effect. The results of the study, during which the possibilities of fiber-optic networks were studied.
It is reported by Nature Communications.
Scientists said that in the course of the study, they were able to solve the problem of speed limits in fiber optic networks. Moreover, they have already created a special nanophotonic chip that will function in devices of the new generation. As the experts explained, broadband fiber-optic communication is used to transmit information by transferring light, but since the data is processed on one and encoded on the other end, the speed is significantly limited.
In the course of using a nanophotonic chip, the principle of action of which is based on a flying “screw” swirling light, it was possible to process more information. Scientists assure that in the next 2-3 years they will be able to increase the speed in fiber-optic networks by about 100 times. Experts believe that their development will be used to create quantum models of computers and quantum Internet.

DateDate: 25-10-2018, 04:29
The American company North presented its "smart" glasses Focals, which can be controlled using a special joystick in the form of a ring.
It is reported by a specialized blog about technology Engadget.
The image in the glasses is formed using a special mini-projector, which is embedded inside the handle. The projected image is reflected from the glass in the iris of the human eye, creating a hologram effect
Focals points can, in particular, show incoming messages, time, navigation, and weather. You can control them with the joystick ring, which will be bundled.
In the North company note that points are intended for daily use.
One pair of glasses, complete with a joystick ring, will cost about $ 1,000.

DateDate: 24-10-2018, 06:37

In the universe there are large concentrations of galaxies, which consist of thousands of analogues of the Milky Way. They were formed after the Big Bang.
The researchers questioned the previously existing cosmological theory, they put their thoughts in a scientific article that was published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. Specialists from the National Astrophysical Institute in Bologna (Italy) reported that for the first time they were able to detect such a large cluster, which is located at a considerable distance from our planet.
Recall that such objects that were previously known to mankind are located in the modern part of the Universe, in which they have enough time to build up their mass and evolve. It is established that the first such galaxies arose as a result of the gravitational collapse of huge clouds of gas, which were formed as a result of a cluster of minor irregularities in the distribution of matter.
Italian scientists have discovered yet another confirmation that the current understanding of the evolution of the early Universe does not correspond to reality, observing approximately ten thousand ancient galaxies comparable in size to the Milky Way and existed in the first two billion years after the Big Bang.
The detected galaxies are concentrated in a compact segment of the Sextant constellation. By calculating the distances and analyzing the manner of their movement, astrophysicists realized that they all merged into a giant cluster, which scientists temporarily called “Hyperion”.
It is established that the total mass of such clusters is approximately 270 trillion solar masses, which is comparable to the largest giant clusters of galaxies located near the Earth. At the same time, despite the similar mass and size, "Hyperion" is significantly different in its appearance from modern clusters. As a result, scientists have found the largest and heaviest object of the universe.
Source: VistaNews

DateDate: 23-10-2018, 06:22

However, while its use is associated with some inconveniences. For this purpose, special electrodes stimulating the olfactory nerve are used.
Scientists have developed a device that allows you to transmit virtual odors. A current was applied through the electrodes, which had a different frequency and intensity. The participants in the experiment could really feel the smell of pathetic meat, wood and fruit.
Now scientists have set themselves the task of creating a device that can transmit virtual smells to people without giving up inconvenience. It may be useful to paralyzed people. With the help of this device they will be able to smell smells that are inaccessible to them in reality, and they cannot even distinguish some of them.
Some are joking about this. Application can be found in catering. For example, eat ordinary boiled potatoes, and the smell convinces that it is roasted meat. In addition, it will be an additional stimulation for the secretion of gastric juice, which, in principle, is positive. The stomach somehow does not react to the usual potato.