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DateDate: 22-10-2018, 05:59

It has a touch screen and modular elements.
The craftsmen from the Iameco company (that is, “I Am Eco”) came to the conclusion that there was a lot of plastic waste left behind the laptops, so they collected a wooden laptop.
First, it is strong. The company claims that the iameco D4R laptop is three times more durable than other PCs, that is, its service life is almost ten years. And it can help reduce the amount of waste from such electronics.
Of course, many will say that the world of technology is developing and changing very quickly, so not every computer can be useful for 10 years. However, iameco laptops are made up of modules, that is, you can always replace individual components that have failed or are simply outdated by new, more powerful ones, the company assures.
Another advantage - wooden laptops require significantly less energy.
The materials used to assemble traditional laptops, replaced by maple and beech. At the same time, the manufacturing process requires 75% less water. Up to 70% of the components of each computer company are recyclable.
Iameco D4R has a touch screen, which received an environmental certificate from Eco-Flow. The system bus clock speed is 800 MHz / 1333 MHz, which allows the use of Intel i3, Intel i5 and Intel i7 processors. In addition, Green DDR memory of 30 nm is used, with modest power requirements and high performance.
In addition to the D4R, you can find keyboards and computer mice on the company's website, which are also made of wood.

DateDate: 21-10-2018, 08:27
Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

 Mobile application "BabyIN" will be available for download and use free access. The manufacturer informed opasnyh smart devices, and innovative cots, the smart diaper with sound effect and smart nipples will give code access, after purchase these products in this application for registration and use. 
 As previously discussed in the presentations of the author's ideas on smart products of the series "BabyIN", the entire control and management of these smart products lies on the same mobile app. And because all the functionality will be divided into monitoring and control of each smart product individually, but the end result of this control will be quite simply brought in one front page in this mobile app that simplifies the work with him. Moreover, the presented smart products from the "BabyIN" are not the latest. Next will be very easy to add new smart devices to this app on this same principle.
 Mobile position helps registered users, i.e. young fathers and mothers, to track usage of diapers, milk formulas and all that are required to use parents in the use of smart products and other related products. One of the important functions is direct contact and direct communication through this app with family baby doctor. The application analyzes the information and sends it to the doctor. Next is the doctor with this information, analyzes it and provides, if necessary, advise and consult with the parents of the child. Understand that communication in this case with the use of this application increases significantly!
 Also, the mobile app "BabyIN", you will have a functional experience of young parents in public view on the front page for discussion and tips for the growth and development of their children.  As standard, there will be a chat and the news feed for the children. 
 This author's idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 21-10-2018, 08:21

Everyone who has tried to enter text at least once using a gamepad, choosing the right characters on the on-screen QWERTY keyboard, knows how long and inconvenient it is. Microsoft engineers have tried to solve this problem.
The other day Microsoft patent was published, describing a new text input interface endowed with a radial (or other form), a dynamically updated template and artificial intelligence that automatically substitutes suitable characters and complements words. You can point to the desired character using the controller's joystick, to confirm the choice, use one of its additional buttons.
The company offers to use such an interface in conjunction with the controllers of game consoles, devices of mixed, virtual and augmented reality. It can also be useful for improving the special capabilities of the corresponding software products of the company.
Patented technologies do not always get to the final products, but this interface will probably be embodied in the program code. The required artificial intelligence in the company's arsenal already exists (Swiftkey), Microsoft now devotes as much attention to improving the inclusiveness of Xbox and Windows as never before, and for Mixed Reality Windows this interface could be a good unique feature.

DateDate: 20-10-2018, 06:39

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is that in a cot vstanovleni sensors that respond to a number of characteristics of the child aged till 3 years(or more). 

1. Cot is able to "pump up" of the child at a certain movement during sleep. Young parents will understand, when from the crib you have not to retreat, shaking it if necessary. Or when programming , the crib can swing in any desired period of time. 

2 . Automatic change diapers in the crib, allowing the baby lay without a diaper. 

3. Automatic extension reclining seats to beds , more comfortable maintenance of the child .

4. Automatic movement of the crib at home using pre-programmed home navigation. 

5. Climate system baby cot and baby monitors system. 

6. And of course, the relationship of the crib with a smartphone using the appropriate app.

7. The inner wall beds have the ability to pump air, to reduce injury to the child.
  The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 20-10-2018, 06:30

The city of Chengdu in southwest China may abandon street lamps in favor of an artificial satellite in Earth orbit.
How it works?
The new light source will complement the moon in the night sky and will be eight times brighter than a natural satellite. He will be able to cover the area with a diameter of 10 to 80 kilometers, and the range can be adjusted to an accuracy of tens of meters. The development of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has been tested for several years. The launch of the device will take place at the Sichan Cosmodrome approximately in 2020.
A huge mirror reflecting sunlight will be installed on the satellite. The idea itself is not new - in the framework of the experiment “Banner 2” in 1992, Russian scientists launched a 20-meter solar sail in space. He created an 8-kilometer bright spot swept over Europe at a speed of 8 kilometers per second. Alas, after the unsuccessful launch of the second unit in 1999, funding for the project ceased.
In order for the “artificial moon” to be constantly above the city, CASC will have to find a geosynchronous orbit.
How profitable is it?
According to preliminary estimates, the innovative system will save up to $ 170,000 per year in street lighting. But given the cost of launching rockets (from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars), this will be more likely a demonstration of the achievements of China’s space program than an economically viable solution.