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DateDate: 17-10-2018, 05:00

Scientists have proven that there is a link between exercise and the brain
In the magazine "Trends in Neurosciences" published the results of a new study conducted by scientists at the University of Arizona (University of Arizona), USA.
The researchers found that the relationship between exercise and the brain is a product of the evolutionary development of a person, in particular his existence as a hunter-gatherer.
Anthropologist David Raichlen (David Raichlen) and psychologist Gene Alexander (Gene Alexander) - the authors of the new study, suggest explaining the positive impact of exercise on the brain using the following model. According to them, when a person moved to the lifestyle of a hunter-gatherer (about 2 million years ago), he began to perform tasks that were both physically and mentally difficult. So, physical activity and the work of the brain were connected. Researchers suggest that the human psyche has evolved to respond to an increase in the level of physical activity.
The dollar will surprise Ukrainians after the weekend: what happens to the hryvnia
The dollar will surprise Ukrainians after the weekend: what happens to the hryvnia
Exercise has a positive effect on the structure and functioning of the brain. Understanding the basics of this relationship can help scientists in the future to develop more effective exercise patterns and rational intervention for age-related impairment of cognitive abilities and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease.
It is noteworthy that the areas of the brain that work most intensively during complex physical activity (for example, when obtaining food) play a leading role in memory processes and are responsible for management activities (for example, they are involved in problem solving and planning). It is these areas of the brain that benefit during exercise, the authors of the new study say.
The aging process can be considered as part of the natural response to a decrease in physical activity, the scientists said. A sedentary lifestyle can have negative effects on mental abilities.
In the future, scientists plan to consider how different levels of physical activity and different types of exercise affect the brain. For example, a human study of a new environment may be particularly useful in this aspect, say the authors of a new study.

DateDate: 16-10-2018, 06:03

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  A rather unusual version of the mobile application, which offered in its author's ideas, the user platform "Innovator". The main direction in which users will work with mobile application, virtual gifts "Innovator", will enable users to give virtual gifts, the basis of which will be mobile applications, thematic platforms and sites. A rather unusual algorithm allows you to quickly and effectively solve the problem of choosing such a individual and not a standard gift that will be described below.
  So, very often we have before us the task when you need to choose a gift for a person in his the event, based on his interests or occupation. We think that he already has and what not, and based on this produce a choice. The idea offers one stop on the thematic choice of gift, but with different thematic basis. Gift with a virtual component, namely the theme of the website or platform will be quite individual and meet today's living standards. The availability of Internet platforms and websites that can be for sale, will be collected in the database of this startup. 
 The user who is looking for a virtual gift, is included in the mobile app and selects it in several ways. The first is when the search engine Central page of the application shows the date of birth, surname and name of the person you want to congratulate. The functionality of monitoring information about this man online, and if something comes for him, it begins to assess his interests and professional employment. On the basis of an evaluation requested by the user who is looking for a virtual gift, will be provided automatically, a list of valid options, which correspond to the celebrant. 
  It will also be possible to look in a manual mode such gifts and opt for any options. When the choice is made and the payment was made for it, the program application will ask some basic information about the person who designed this gift. It is necessary for official registration of property rights relevant to the Internet resource. You can print the gift certificate, and can simply be sent via email all the necessary documents that speak of the right of ownership and control codes for this online product.
 That is, the person receives a virtual gift in the form of an Internet resource, which will correspond to the maximum of their life and professional interests. Given the fact that sites of different complexity and capacity utilization, respectively, and their cost will be different. Making conclusions, we can say that the startup organizes and establishes work search, registration and promotion of an online product that becomes a gift item.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.


DateDate: 16-10-2018, 05:58

The technology giant Amazon has patented artificial intelligence, which will be able to recognize the user's illness and his mood by his voice. In the future, the technology may be integrated into the Alexa voice assistant, writes Ars Technica.
In a patent approved by the American regulator on October 9, it is noted that the technology will not replace the doctor - the neural network will only be able to determine the user has a cold by hoarseness or coughing and offer him to order medications.
The artificial intelligence will analyze the user's mood based on the voice timbre and the history of his browser. After examining the pages that the person visited, the neural network will determine its state — for example, decide whether the user is feeling bored or sad. In these cases, the voice assistant will ask what the owner wants to do or advise to watch the movie.
The publication suggests that in the future, Amazon may use the technology to determine the mood of the user to diagnose mental disorders. The company declined to comment on the development.

DateDate: 15-10-2018, 06:04

Specialists in the field of robotics from the University of Tokyo have been able to develop an algorithm with which the robot can maintain balance and move on passive wheels. In particular, we are talking about rollers and skateboard. It should be noted that previously no humanoid robot could repeat this.
At the moment, robotics is actively developing, and it is the development of upright robots and the improvement of their ability to move over rough terrain is one of the main directions of development in robotics. Now scientists are actively working to improve the balance of various robots.
The algorithm was tested on a JAXON robot. its height is 188 cm. It can move as on foot at a speed of 0.6 km / h and 1 km / h, as well as move much faster on a skateboard or roller skates.

DateDate: 14-10-2018, 08:38
  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  The author's idea is the mechanism of the conversion of the gadget in any format ( smartphone, tablet ) into a kind of living organism, which can, according to a specific algorithm of their actions, communicate with its user by sound, vibration, light or a color of radiation. That is, the gadget will not let you forget about its existence even when not in use.
 Now, an innovative mobile application ""Mobile Living organism" or "MA" in your main functionality will be in something similar to such a popular game Tamagotchi. The only similarity is that this app will work only when the user uses his gadget. And operation will be, the gadget will be definitely a time when not in use. And it was at this time starting the app to function. Next will be examples of these actions.
 To begin with, what functions a reminder about yourself will be equipped with this gadget. Let's start with the beeps and sounds. For example, when the gadget is low, it is not a standard sound notify, and full size audio message - "... you have a discharged battery," or"..., you have a new text message". And so on. That is what we had previously read, but now we can listen to. But it's not the most basic functions. 
 Very nice to both the user and the gadget, when the same user just Pat your gadget on the screen. The application using the gadget, will be able to thank or even produce sound as a cat purring. Conversely, when the gadget understands that it is treated casually, dropping well, all that style, then app your sound expressions can criticize and recommend to change their attitude to it. Quite nice would work vibration module during operation in this application. Pleasant and synchronous vibrations can transmit, for example, the beating of the heart as a user other paired person in the work of this startup. Or a simple combination of the audio signal when playing videos of any format and semantic content.
 The functionality of "MA" you can combine other existing mobile applications that work in the gadget user. For example, a clock or a business calendar reminder will sound totally different as they will be able to combine the standard sounds and images with lots of themed sounds and images this app.
 That is, summing up this short and not a full presentation, you can say that the usual smartphone or tablet is transformed into a likeness of a living organism with its own character and habits, based on the wishes of the user, which itself can set these options in the beginning of use, or to correct them during the use of this startup. It's just a virtual friend, or a friend who will not miss her:)!
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.