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DateDate: 9-10-2018, 05:58

The device became the first gadget released under the brand of the company.
Smart screens are designed to make video calls
© Fb newsroom
The company Facebook has introduced a line of "smart" screens Portal, which is mainly intended for making video calls. As reported on the Facebook blog, the devices "will completely change the way you can be connected."
The smart screen Portal is equipped with a 10-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The big model, Portal +, is equipped with a 15-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Both models "are designed to help you get closer to important people and make video calls less like chat and more like being in the same room."
When calling users can use the technology of augmented reality. In order to make a call using the device, just say "Hey, Portal". The gadgets are equipped with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant, so they can be used to learn about the weather, the results of sporting events, and so on.
The devices are already available for order at a price of 199 and 349 dollars.

DateDate: 8-10-2018, 05:58

Los Alamos National Laboratory together with one of the leading US electrical companies Westinghouse Electric will create a new nuclear portable microreactor that can be moved with one truck.
In the US, create a portable nuclear microreactor
The possibilities of using such a reactor are virtually endless - from space programs to use in humanitarian missions to supply people with heat and electricity, informs
Andy Erison, Deputy Director for Global Security at the Los Alamos Laboratory, on Thursday published an article where he spoke about the merits of the designed reactor and revealed details about the principles of its operation.
According to him, the microreactor is safer than conventional nuclear reactors. For example, unlike the reactor at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, it has a better cooling system. Instead of pumps that supply cooling water to the reactor, it uses special heat pipes, which, by evaporation and condensation, effectively remove heat from the reactor.
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To control the reaction in the core, “passive regulation systems” are used instead of graphite rods. At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the rods did not perform well, Erison notes (quotes Sputnuk).
He stated that the microreactor can produce 1 megawatt of power over ten years. This is enough to fully provide electricity from 1,500 to 4,000 consumers.
Arson recalled that currently the most compact reactor is considered to be a heterogeneous energy loop reactor (EGP-6). In total, there were four such reactors in the Soviet Union, and all of them were installed at the Bilibino NPP. A feature of such reactors is the natural circulation of the coolant - saturated steam in the channels of the core with thermal neutrons. The channels of the reactor are placed in a graphite stack.
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The Los Alamos microreactor with EGP-6 has nothing in common. This is a product of the developments of NASA, designed to solve the problem of energy in space. NASA has experience in creating nuclear energy in confined spaces. Thermoelectric generators use the heat generated during the decay reaction to power the Voyager and Galileo apparatuses.
Arson noted that NASA has long been studying the possibility of using uranium-235 to generate electricity from a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction, which can be done with less effort than a conventional reaction in standard reactors. Uranium-235 should become the “heart” of the microreactor. Tests conducted earlier this year showed that a 6-inch piece of uranium-235 can produce 4 kW of power. Passive safety systems are used to control the reaction.
Further, Erison says that the military is very interested in the development of a microreactor in the United States. Aspects of adaptation of the device to the needs of the sun is engaged in Westinghouse. The main parameters of the reactor should be mobility and ease of use. It is expected that the reactor can be installed and run anywhere in the world within 72 hours. According to the plans, the first microreactors will be ready for deployment in the next five years.

DateDate: 7-10-2018, 08:04

The Chinese amphibian AG600 made the first high-speed test glide through the water.
This is reported by Xinhua News.
It is noted that the world's largest amphibious aircraft is equipped with four turboprop engines and can be in the air for up to 12 hours.
The AG600 made its first flight last December.

DateDate: 6-10-2018, 06:52

The manufacturer claims that there is no frost in the jacket
The Chinese brand Xiaomi announced an innovative jacket that is not afraid of either heat or fierce cold.
As reported on the company's website, it is made from specially treated paper fibers.
The new material does not pass moisture and is extremely resistant to physical impact. It is planned to be used in medicine and aerospace industry. The fabric is completely impossible to stain, even if you try to rub it into any pollutant. Dirt is simply repelled by the surface. Thus, it is enough to wipe the jacket with a damp cloth and it will be like new.
In addition, clothing made from such material is extremely durable and lightweight. At the same time, as well as other products from cotton, well passes air.
Even when used in extremely cold conditions, the fabric is able to maintain a comfortable temperature. The stated range of use of products is from -73 ° C to 100 ° C. Goose down is used as a filler in the jacket.
Outwardly, it is more like a windbreaker. However, it can be worn at any time of the year.
Announced black and white colors in five sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. An opinion appeared in the network that the size of XXL is too large for the Chinese, and this may mean that the brand also orients clothing for export.
The sale of clothes in China starts on November 11th. The cost of an innovative jacket - 459 yuan (about $ 66).
This is not the first experiments with clothes Xiaomi. Previously, the company introduced a jacket with support for temperature control functions. It can be heated by an external battery.
The maximum heating of clothes from an external Powerbank is about 50 ° C - the technology can maintain this temperature for up to eight hours. In this case, the Heatex system is activated by just pressing one button on the sleeve.
Xiaomi introduced the "vampire" watch: "live" due to the energy of its owner
Xiaomi introduced the "vampire" watch: "live" due to the energy of its owner
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The jacket has a goose down lining and an outer layer that is not afraid of water droplets and is IPX7 protected. In addition, smart clothes are equipped with heating elements on the lower back and neck. This will help the body to keep warm and not to freeze even at the lowest temperatures.
It may seem to some that this will be a bulky jacket, but the product page describes it as light clothing. It can be easily stored and worn while traveling. Elastic buckle has a hole for mounting headphones.

DateDate: 5-10-2018, 05:58
The company Target Arm has developed a system for stopping and starting multikopter and aircraft-type drones, which can be installed on cars, as well as military equipment. It consists of an array of tubes that clamp and fix the aircraft without damaging it.
Reports about it on Aviation Week.
One of the main applications of drone - observation from the air. For example, a drone mounted on a combat vehicle can be used for reconnaissance of a terrain without a threat to the fighters and the vehicle itself. One of the main obstacles facing such use is the difficulty of launching the aircraft and especially its capture after the completion of the flight.
Engineers from the American startup Target Arm have developed a fairly simple system that can be used to launch and land various types of aircraft while driving without having to stop. The system consists of a frame that is installed in such a way that the air flow arising during fast driving passes through it. On the upper and lower inner surfaces of the frame there are holes from which metal tubes slide out towards each other. Each of the tubes exerts a slight pressure, but due to the large number they are enough to hold the device. Engineers have demonstrated the safety of the tubes using chicken eggs.
The system can operate both in landing mode, clamping the device during the span between the tubes, and in takeoff mode. To do this, the machine on which the system is installed must gain enough speed. Due to the resulting flow of air when the tubes are released, the device does not immediately fall down, but remains in the air and begins to fly independently.
Engineers say they plan to demonstrate technology to the US Department of Defense and are already developing several system variants adapted for installation on the M1 Abrams tank, the M1126 Stryker armored combat vehicle and the HMMWV armored vehicle.
It is worth noting that the demonstration video with the tests shows that the engineers have equipped the quadcopter with a sufficiently large protective frame that can significantly affect the payload lifted by the drone and its flight qualities.