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DateDate: 9-10-2018, 05:58

The device became the first gadget released under the brand of the company.
Smart screens are designed to make video calls
© Fb newsroom
The company Facebook has introduced a line of "smart" screens Portal, which is mainly intended for making video calls. As reported on the Facebook blog, the devices "will completely change the way you can be connected."
The smart screen Portal is equipped with a 10-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The big model, Portal +, is equipped with a 15-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Both models "are designed to help you get closer to important people and make video calls less like chat and more like being in the same room."
When calling users can use the technology of augmented reality. In order to make a call using the device, just say "Hey, Portal". The gadgets are equipped with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant, so they can be used to learn about the weather, the results of sporting events, and so on.
The devices are already available for order at a price of 199 and 349 dollars.

DateDate: 8-10-2018, 05:58

Los Alamos National Laboratory together with one of the leading US electrical companies Westinghouse Electric will create a new nuclear portable microreactor that can be moved with one truck.
In the US, create a portable nuclear microreactor
The possibilities of using such a reactor are virtually endless - from space programs to use in humanitarian missions to supply people with heat and electricity, informs
Andy Erison, Deputy Director for Global Security at the Los Alamos Laboratory, on Thursday published an article where he spoke about the merits of the designed reactor and revealed details about the principles of its operation.
According to him, the microreactor is safer than conventional nuclear reactors. For example, unlike the reactor at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, it has a better cooling system. Instead of pumps that supply cooling water to the reactor, it uses special heat pipes, which, by evaporation and condensation, effectively remove heat from the reactor.
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To control the reaction in the core, “passive regulation systems” are used instead of graphite rods. At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the rods did not perform well, Erison notes (quotes Sputnuk).
He stated that the microreactor can produce 1 megawatt of power over ten years. This is enough to fully provide electricity from 1,500 to 4,000 consumers.
Arson recalled that currently the most compact reactor is considered to be a heterogeneous energy loop reactor (EGP-6). In total, there were four such reactors in the Soviet Union, and all of them were installed at the Bilibino NPP. A feature of such reactors is the natural circulation of the coolant - saturated steam in the channels of the core with thermal neutrons. The channels of the reactor are placed in a graphite stack.
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The Los Alamos microreactor with EGP-6 has nothing in common. This is a product of the developments of NASA, designed to solve the problem of energy in space. NASA has experience in creating nuclear energy in confined spaces. Thermoelectric generators use the heat generated during the decay reaction to power the Voyager and Galileo apparatuses.
Arson noted that NASA has long been studying the possibility of using uranium-235 to generate electricity from a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction, which can be done with less effort than a conventional reaction in standard reactors. Uranium-235 should become the “heart” of the microreactor. Tests conducted earlier this year showed that a 6-inch piece of uranium-235 can produce 4 kW of power. Passive safety systems are used to control the reaction.
Further, Erison says that the military is very interested in the development of a microreactor in the United States. Aspects of adaptation of the device to the needs of the sun is engaged in Westinghouse. The main parameters of the reactor should be mobility and ease of use. It is expected that the reactor can be installed and run anywhere in the world within 72 hours. According to the plans, the first microreactors will be ready for deployment in the next five years.

DateDate: 7-10-2018, 08:09
  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Moderation and administration of the platform "Innovator" could not decide about publishing the author's ideas, so much is similar with existing mobile assistants, for example, Siri from Apple operating system. And was chosen because the author's information, which had innovative content. Below will be described. 
  Hard enough nowadays to find new and innovative idea for a startup's growth. Especially in the field of virtual mobile applications. In this presentation, the author of his ideas found some little niche, which is the innovative component that allows to develop it with the prospects of the investment interest and increase of promotion. Mobile interactive counselor "Innovator" is a "pocket" companion, which itself chooses the user with the option to ask a question and get an answer, and share dialogue.
 So, we all often feel the need for friendly advice when it's hard for us to make an important decision and there is nobody who can do it. And sometimes even to talk, to understand opinions about a given situation at the interlocutor and to make a certain decision. The author offers to help him to realize the project of a mobile application that can quickly and amicably to answer the question its user.
 A very important new user registration, in which the more the user enters personal data, the more correct and fast answers he will get from his mobile interactive adviser. The functionality of the application will be linked to registration data associated with your operating system. This will allow the app to combine the answers to his user photo and video content from the mobile album his gadget; to link the answers to the area where the user is located and fix the answers with the contacts in the phone book. Consolidation of responses will be quite innovative, this is when an incoming-outgoing call from a particular phone number is on the screen of the gadget shows the information that is bound to it. For example, a subscriber from the phone book, should the user of the mobile interactive adviser some amount of money. The functionality of the application knows about this issue with this subscriber, as the user is already asked him this question about the possibilities and options for the return of your debt. And during a telephone call from the subscriber or coming in his direction on the screen of the gadget, you receive brief information, which is reminiscent of this issue. 
  Dialogue is quite interesting because the user can set the voice and image of your virtual interlocutor. When you switch to a dialogue mode, he's asking questions, will get not only answers, but also comments on them. That is, the answers to the questions will turn into a normal dialogue of a living person, with its interactive friend. 
  That is, having such a mobile interactive counselor in addition to existing similar services, you can receive the necessary advice or answer, talk to a virtual boyfriend. The more that you yourself can choose the profile of your interlocutor with whom you will talk and ask for advice.
  It is available will use this author's idea of existing such services on the terms of the partnership or by full redemption of this idea.

DateDate: 7-10-2018, 08:04

The Chinese amphibian AG600 made the first high-speed test glide through the water.
This is reported by Xinhua News.
It is noted that the world's largest amphibious aircraft is equipped with four turboprop engines and can be in the air for up to 12 hours.
The AG600 made its first flight last December.

DateDate: 6-10-2018, 07:00

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea behind the mobile application "CALL" is to organize a vote in respect of conduct in a particular locality ( district, city, metropolis ), various subjects and in various fields. 
  If more details to uncover the meaning of the application, you could specify that the results of the mobile voting will be, as the title of the call for people who are interested in carrying out certain activities. For example, you can expand the holding of tournaments or competitions on the same territorial unit. For example, the city's average population, where the vote will be in aid of the local authorities and some clue about the priorities of local residents. Another example is the vote on the concert and theatrical, circus and sports tours of different genre who want to see the users. Paid by a registered participant by a proposal of this kind, it is published and submitted for public vote. The voting results are visible in real-time. Proposals that are submitted for consideration in the automatic mode, provide information to those people or organizations who want to see voting participants. That is, if the people of a territorial unit want to them come on a tour or a concert group "a", the members of the group in automatic mode are informed of it, and see the number of votes for their arrival in a particular locality in on-line mode. Accordingly, it adopted decisions on further action based on the results of the vote.
 Independent voting is an innovative application, "CALL", can also occur on the platform and during the various elections. Independent results will be visible also in real-time.
 That is, we have a platform where the voice of the people" will be seen and heard...
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.