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DateDate: 5-11-2018, 06:03

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  In the description of the author's ideas of the innovative wearable smart devices - smart braces "Innovator", will be a sufficient number of functions that will combine them with other devices and thereby simplify the use of these gadgets. Moderation and Analytics platforms, using their experience, are confident in the prospects for growth marketing and promotion of this product. Nobody even imagined that any ordinary Trouser braces that people use from time to time, can accommodate a number of functions. Now the use cases of the smart facelifts to increase significantly.
  So, the functionality of the smart braces "Innovator" we will divide into two parts - mechanical and smart. As a standard condition for the functioning of the wearable smart device is the fact that all processes of management and control will deal with the eponymous mobile app.
  The smart capabilities of this innovative wearable devices can be very broad content. Let's start with the fact that the front plane smart suspenders will have partially or fully, touch based. That is, using the technology of flexible touch screens, touch facial plane smart suspenders you can withdraw information any filling from the gadget user. Also using this function will change the color and luminous flux of the front part of this device that will also be installed and adjusted with a mobile application. In the upper part of the smart braces will be installed speaker and microphone that will allow you to use them as a transfer and acceptance phone calls. Or listen to a music stream in the valid technical opportunities. All kinds of sensors that can be installed in the smart suspenders, additionally can be equipped at the consumer's request. For example, the sensors for measuring heart rate or body temperature, the alcohol sensor of the user state. Vibrator will allow you to execute your specifications, following the example of his work in the normal gadget.
  Mechanical limits in the first place, will include a massage function. The width of the bands, which will perform conventional and one of the main functions of the suspenders will be increased. It is necessary to increase adjacent to the body of the user, which will significantly impact on the quality of the massage function. Of massage functioning will be available in the menu of the mobile application. Also smart braces can be inflated with a special miniature integrated camera to an acceptable aesthetic dimensions that affect the usability, as they will be useful when you kick to the body. Separately can be equipped with heating function. Innovative new feature will be able to produce an automatic tightening of rubber bands these smart suspenders.
  Flexible battery pack may be placed in the back, that would not impact his availability on the specific characteristics of this smart product. Charging will occur in a standard way, or using the new wireless technology. Be combined with the user devices will also be existing standard methods. 
  This is not all functions that can be used in smart suspenders. They will all be available on the terms of the partnership or investment relationship. Or by full redemption of this idea.

DateDate: 5-11-2018, 05:57

Scientists at the US Naval Academy believe that GPS is unstable and that people who depend on it need an effective alternative. In the center of the new system is an artificial diamond with a rare anomaly.
GPS positioning is not as reliable as it is thought, reminds edition Wired. For example, a truck driver in the United States was fined $ 32,000 for using a device that interferes with GPS. It happened when a trucker accidentally interfered with the navigation system of the airport in New Jersey. In another case, the researchers managed to gain control over the navigation module of the yacht, which was located in the Mediterranean.
Therefore, scientists were looking for an invulnerable alternative to the global positioning system - and received help from the US Naval Academy.
The military needed an independent alternative - and it was found in the old system, based on an artificial diamond with a rare defect.
62e9de03-5340-4270-9489-03a54f2ce3b3.jpeg (93 KB)
Together with his team, engineer Michael DiMario last five years working on a prototype. The device is a cylinder of 30 by 15 centimeters. In the center of the installation is an artificial diamond cube, which is barely larger than a salt crystal. Diamond contains a defect known as a nitrogen-substituted vacancy in a diamond or NV-center.
The presence of these defects turns a diamond into an ideal and super-precise magnetic detector. It happens like this. When a diamond is illuminated with a green laser, a vacancy emits a red light. According to the provisions of quantum mechanics, depending on the magnetic field in which the diamond is located, the intensity of red light fluctuates. By measuring this, you can record the smallest signs of a magnetic field. Such high-precision instruments are also called SQUID magnetometers.
High precision determination of the magnetic field and is used for navigation. DiMario says that their magnetometer is able to record and determine the directions of the fields formed by all known magnetic anomalies.
Since the coordinates of these anomalies are fixed long and accurately, the device simply determines its own position relative to them. Such a quantum navigator will not be able to crack.