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DateDate: 8-11-2018, 06:05

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  Indeed, a unique startup idea, where you can find absolutely unrealistic stories and stories about people and events that happened to them or could happen. Can about yourself learn a lot of new and unusual, will share the latest information. This is a virtual Playground for those who lack communication or company in order to speak or to answer personal and community questions. Mobile app gossip and rumors "Innovator" is the Internet platform, in which you can change yourself and your views, as there will be a direct and open information.
  So, very often people suffer from not true information, which sounds about them behind their backs. Very often it is necessary to prove their case and defend it in debates and discussions. It may not always work due to the lack of people who talk all unnecessary and not true information, or situation that can afford it. Mobile app rumors will give the opportunity to realize themselves as people who stand on the protection of honor and reputation, and the people who all this useless information spread. That is, where there are two opposite human beings with their opposing views. They may not know themselves, as the functionality of the application will be allowed to register without identification. These people or groups of people will be able to communicate, if desired, as in an anonymous status, and to solve their interpersonal relationships in on-line mode. 
 Also quite interesting and innovative service will allow you to spread rumors that were quite popular at all times. Rumors will be attached to the profile page of the person about whom they are at odds, if it would contact details of this person. A new hearing will be accompanied by the signal support. Accordingly the man himself, in the direction of which a rumour was started, maybe to comment on or to refute that will be available also in the functionality of this application. 
  It will be more interesting with gossip, as gossip usually fantasy has no limits! There will be no thematic restrictions and prohibitions that will be quite popular among people of this type. This service is aimed primarily at what would be normal people who suffer and upset from these kinds of situations and people, could in time give adequate resistance and to protect its honor and dignity.
  Now, this is quite an interesting and innovative mobile application has a high degree of growth and promotion due to its new direction in virtual communication such a specific kind. There is still no analogues of mobile applications of this kind, associated with functional work with gossip and rumors. There are prospects to develop this application into a real social network of a specific type and subject matter. Also, it is possible to develop this project as a separate startup, or as a new service in existing social networks and instant messengers. The functionality of this author's ideas are presented not completely, because moderation platform "Innovator" has its own internal corporate requirements related to the volume of text presentation and disclosure of semantic topics ideas.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 8-11-2018, 05:58

The terminal analyzes the actions of the client and may cancel the issuance of money if he behaves suspiciously
The terminal analyzes the actions of the client and may cancel the issuance of money if he behaves suspiciously
In Japan, released the world's first ATM, which is able to recognize and prevent fraud.
Reported by The Mainichi.
It is noted that the system, which uses the technology of artificial intelligence, is equipped with several video cameras. The terminal in case of suspicion may ask the client to interrupt a telephone conversation, remove sunglasses or a mask. If the person does not follow the recommendations, the transaction may be canceled.
The ATM has already been tested in Aichi Prefecture; it is planned to start using it in April 2019.
According to the National Police Agency, despite repeated warnings from authorities, the financial losses associated with such fraud in remittance payments remain high in Japan. Thus, in the first half of 2018, the total amount of losses from fraudsters amounted to about 1.07 billion yen (9.5 million dollars) in the first half of 2018.
“The new function of ATMs is innovative, as the machine itself can help prevent crime. We expect it to be very effective, ”said a senior police officer in the prefecture.