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DateDate: 1-12-2018, 06:21

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  The author's idea of creating a mobile app, which will be described below and to solve practically not a significant problem faced by a large number of people, mostly women, functionally innovative and promising investment direction and global promotion. Mobile app home accounting and its recommended selection of the "Innovator" is the first constituent element in the line mobile app from home accounting.
 So, very often get a situation when in the stowage racks full of clothes, which we sometimes forget, and what to wear can't tell. Very often these situations turn out controversial family moments. And even when we understand and are mindful of their clothes, and sometimes can not combine the outfit for going out with the existing presence of personal clothing. This is about the issues that we will face or already face. The functionality presented to the mobile app quite easy to use, but with a large number of related auxiliary functions. Let's start...
 First and foremost, for full functioning mobile app, when buying new clothes, a new user will need to scan labels or to photograph themselves purchase. This information will be stored in an archive in the app. Also, preferably, you will need to do it with the existing available clothing. Further work is entered by the original functional resource of this startup. For recommendations, what clothes are best to dress now, he takes data about the weather, about the presence of events in the mobile calendar of the user. Can also request of the user, preferences associated with the planned events to date. When the answers received, referring to the internal directory of the existing clothing of the user, the application provides a list of clothing options, which he can now get dressed. This is the directory and manually browse to the user and determine what to wear and not to look on the cabinets that he has in stock from clothing to date. That is, the user simplifies the daily task of forming clothes. For him it's all done mobile application.
  But that's not all. The functionality of the application will be coupled to work with stores that have clothing, the priority for the user. It will be displayed in advance in it that the user could reserve and go buy. Also a priority is the availability of promotional offers at retail outlets, located in the neighborhood, referring to the geolocation data of the user. 
  The author also assumes that this mobile application can get a semblance of a social network of clothing where the recommendations of this kind can give on-line as friends and people with similar functionality but with a more global task.
  Drawing conclusions in this presentation, we can say that mobile app home accounting and its recommended selection of the "Innovator" much easier life as a normal business person and mod. Will now exist interactive homework tailored clothing for all family members.
  This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 1-12-2018, 06:12

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved another Apple patent. The document, called Voice Effects Based on Facial Expressions, talks about animo-ji, supplemented by sound effects.
During the recording phase of a message with a virtual avatar, the software captures facial movements and the sound emanating from the object. According to the patent application, both visual and audio elements are tracked for specific conditions. However, they can be changed during the playback phase to something else. These conditions may include identified facial expressions, such as gloomy, or even trigger words that trigger the effect.
The system creates a variant in accordance with the trigger, and apply it either to the image or to the sound component. An avatar can go through a predefined animation or be changed in a certain way while the emotion is created, while the accompanying speech can be shifted or completely replaced.
Command "voice"
As an example, the portal AppleInsider, which discovered the patent, leads the user with the avatar of a dog. He can say the word "bark", and this will launch the audio file with a bark, and also change the shape of the mouth to the appropriate one. If the user frowns and roars, then the angry and snarling version will replace the cute animo-ji.
Voice recording in some cases can be completely replaced by a synthesized analogue. During this process, the software recognizes individual words, pitch and cadence, which can then be reproduced in the avatar-specific voice.
Obtaining a patent filed by Apple on February 28 does not mean that Apple will ultimately present the technology to the public. But, given that the developers continue to develop it in every way, the appearance of a new item in one of the future updates is quite likely.