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DateDate: 15-12-2018, 06:32

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
With this presentation, the author's idea of creating a new wearable smart device in early to conclude that the range of such devices added another position that will combine smart product features iconic and historic use. Smart beads "Innovator" after they are output to the distribution network, will be of interest to a wider circle than is now in ordinary use. This conclusion was made by the author of this idea. It is important to say that the smart beads "Innovator" will be quite difficult to manufacture, as will be revenge of the chip in each item, from which they are the occasion for in-depth study in their further application and implementation of this project.
 So, going through the usual rosary in their hands, the user in the first place, soothes your nervous system, focus, considers the number of read religious prayers. Also for some, it means the use of the organization of the thinking process, some demonstration of their status etc Smart beads will not change their destination, but rather will enhance and increase its scope. 
 First and foremost, at the base of the filament smart beads is fastened a miniature unit which will be equipped with a battery and processor node. It will not change the aesthetic appearance of the beads themselves, which is important for this type of product. That is, you do the smart beads will be able to produce a standard charging process, and processor node will produce control over the functionality of this smart device. Management is already standard, monitored and adjusted the eponymous mobile app.
 The main structural and functional element will be the thread smart beads that will look like structurally as a flexible tape with bumps in the form of beads that is very similar to the standard rosary. Small surface knots-beads will have touch a plane that will give the opportunity to implement their basic functionality. In practice, this will happen - the user produces a standard pair with your gadget or personal computer. After pairing, using the touch surface of the smart beads, it can control all processes in the gadget or PC. For example, the smart beads to use as a normal computer mouse. Or smartphone to remotely use all the function menu. A set of sensors, which may be equipped with smart beads, can remove some diagnostic indications of the user state, starting with body temperature or pulse, as the beads, during their use, will always be in his hand.
 Bude is also available backlight smart rosary, equipment vibration element to control the incoming calls, their water resistance, impact resistance and color selection, size and material from which they can be made.
 In terms of the presentation of the author's ideas on the platform "Innovator", we can't go beyond the number of printed characters in one such presentation. Very often the author's ideas give a much voluminous texts of their presentations, that is, in this case. We have tried to present the main points of this idea. For a more in-depth study, we offer interested persons contact us at the contact information indicated on the cover page of the platform "Innovator".
This idea is available for investing, and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 15-12-2018, 06:27

In Japan, houses have been created that can rise several centimeters above the ground in the event of an earthquake and remain in this position until the end of the aftershocks.
This technology was developed in the past decade - however, they paid attention to it in the land of the rising sun only after the devastating earthquake of 2011.
The system, developed by the designers of Air Danshin Systems Inc., assumes the presence of a powerful airbag, allowing the house to hover above the ground at the right time, if necessary. A sensitive sensor can detect the onset of seismic activity in advance. It gives a signal that activates the air compressor. The latter takes seconds to fill the air with a special pillow between the house itself and its foundation. The thickness of such a pillow is only a few centimeters, but this is quite enough to reduce the damage from an earthquake many times.
After the end of the pushes, the house sits on a special frame around the basement perimeter. According to the new technology, about a hundred houses have already been built in Japan. Some of them are not very large buildings, destroyed by an earthquake seven years ago and then restored according to a new technology, without a rigid coupling with the foundation.