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DateDate: 31-01-2019, 06:00

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
Lately a lot is written and said about the development of artificial intelligence. Many large corporations took their manufacturing and research areas to develop this topic. Platform "Innovator" and the author of this idea, the world's first presents the creation of a social network of artificial intelligence. This future global social network will simplify the use of this kind of social communication that will be spelled out below.
 In our understanding, artificial intelligence needs to replace a number of functions that we normally do themselves, whose task will consist in the reconstruction of reasonable arguments and actions aimed at the achievement of the expected or a new result. That is, it will be an everyday virtual assistant that is always there. Social network artificial intelligence "Innovator" will have similar functions, only adapted to the social network communication.
 Now, the social network functionalities of artificial intelligence will require a future user of the most simple registration, or a social account, or personal mobile phone number, or account to any registration other social network. Further the calculation of all necessary data to produce the functionality of this startup. The user has only to observe all these processes and approve them, so for each new action, the system will ask your user. Here, for example, someone who asks friends to the user. Today social networks are just such a happy issue the information to its user without inspection and consent. In the embodiment of the social network of artificial intelligence such information will be initially checked. That is, a query which has the user will see will be checked and real. Also, the AI will initially analyze the request for compatibility of interests with its user. Requests that have not passed the appropriate analysis will be placed in a basket, which always can be viewed by the user, so for the sake of interest. And all the social processes that occurred in a registered user of this social network will be the subject of her analysis. For example, the user has some photos from some night club or art gallery. The network will always advise in advance about new events that will occur in these institutions. Professional employment user in the network analysis, respectively, that will be displayed in the social artificial intelligence with his user. Tasks that will put user in print and voice, will be performed only through dialogue with virtual artificial social intelligence. For example, the user sets the task to finding a partner for going to the cinema or the disco. The system offers a number of options that were originally analyzed. Also in the dialogue mode, the user and the network of artificial intelligence take the final version of such a choice. And much more that will be inherent in the functionality of this startup. 
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 31-01-2019, 05:54

The glue is made of polymer with a shape memory effect.
The authors of the development are a team of scientists from Illinois. Researchers have long worked on such a reusable adhesive, but, by their own admission, the result exceeded expectations. As is known from their scientific report, the uniqueness of reusable glue is the ability to dry for a second, to maintain strength under water even under pressure, it can also withstand loads up to 5 kg
Reusability of the glue provides precisely the shape memory effect, due to which the glue can change. That is, adhesion - the force of adhesion of the adhesive to the surface - can go back from a glassy state to a liquid one without losing the effect at the next sticking. While the glue is not available for purchase, as it passes the final tests required for certification.
Source: VistaNews

DateDate: 30-01-2019, 06:01

  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
  A rather straightforward and catchy title of the author's ideas for innovative social networks enemies "INenemy", which in its basic functionality is quite peaceful sense and not directed at any hostile or warlike motives. Here in the first place, will encounter enemies, and then, with the participation of a third party, which will play a major role in reconciliation, they will need to be at a normal relationship. Below is describe.
  So, this social network will serve as a platform where you will meet enemies or people who had a falling out in different everyday situations. Register a new a couple of enemies or enemy will be able to as they themselves, and outsiders, third parties. Of course, the number of such enemies may be more than two people that will be available at the registration stage. The main objective of this startup will be the reconciliation of these people, or at least attempt reconciliation. As already mentioned, that a third person will be an integral part of this process. It will be right, as in enemy or unfriendly relations significant, and maybe even the main role in the reconciliation intermediaries, or as we called third parties. When does the registration for such a situation by enemies or debaters, they necessarily indicative of contact and personal information of a third party for its consent. Current enemies will even not know that they are registered in the social network of enemies. The third person to register, which will be available and the function is anonymous, describes the situation that caused the dispute or hostile attitude, and laid it all, maybe even without names, with the network. In the course of the public discussion, everyone can Express their point of view about this kind of situation and how to resolve it. Then a third person, which can remain incognito, with the help of network functionality, sends messages to the enemies themselves that their situation is under public discussion. 
  Each third party Board, one of these sides can find arguments that will affect hostile or controversial situation, and the enemies can retreat from their unnecessary ambitions to sit at the negotiating table and find a compromise in their decisions or actions. By the way, when the enemies will see on this platform all of the public opinion of their hostile relations, the functionality will offer them the actions that are associated with more rapid reconciliation. For example, the organization of meetings for participation of third parties. In the future, also this is the same network functionality, Buda, the probability that enemies can become friends or partners. And communication between enemies can go in the fellowship of friends, only already on other social platforms, which again, will offer an innovative network of enemies at the end of the reconciliation process. 
  It is no exaggeration to add that the correct operation of the described startup, a lot of controversial issues will move from the courtroom to the platform. Also, participants may be whole Nations that are at war. You could even say that this is a startup world!!! Although quite the opposite...
Making quick conclusions, it may be added that innovative social network of enemies "INenemy" can work in conjunction with other existing social networks, which will affect the mutual increase range of users. 
  This idea is available for investing, and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 30-01-2019, 05:55

In the market of charging devices traditional wire models are still in the lead, but manufacturers are already taking the first steps towards abandoning “cable slavery”. However, even the most advanced wireless solutions still need to be connected to the household power grid, and the freedom of movement of the gadget is limited by the surface of the base station. But this restriction may soon become history - American inventors managed to get a power source that does not tie the user to the outlet.
Scientists have created the original wireless charging technology.
A team of engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has introduced a new type of antenna that can convert electromagnetic energy into direct current. As a source of electricity, the device uses, among other things, ubiquitous Wi-Fi radiation, receiving power for the device paired with it literally from the air.
Scientists have created the original wireless charging technology.
The flexibility of rectenna allows you to place a novelty on any squares - from the walls of the premises to the buildings of miniature gadgets. Radiation falling on the working surface is converted to direct current with a power of about 40 microwatts. This is not enough for “gluttonous” smartphones, but already today there are many devices with low power consumption - for example, microchips and LEDs of IoT devices, as well as medical sensors or implants. In the latter case, the risk to the patient is significantly reduced compared with the use of lithium-ion batteries.
Scientists have created the original wireless charging technology.
The very idea of converting Wi-Fi energy into electricity is not new, but the inventors have managed to significantly improve the previously known developments. The key difference in rectenna from analogs was the material for the rectifier - a device that converts alternating current into direct current. Instead of expensive and sufficiently hard gallium, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) with a thickness of only three atoms was used for the first time — for large production scales, this will significantly reduce the cost of finished devices. Also, the novelty is able to capture higher frequencies (including Bluetooth and LTE) compared to similar solutions.
Currently, the inventors are working to develop larger antennas and increase the effectiveness of existing prototypes. Terms of commercial launch development are not called.
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DateDate: 29-01-2019, 06:00

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 To the will a lot and well we started to use all sorts of types and variants of mobile messengers. Definitely, they are convenient and promising in the matter of investments. And today is not a small number, but we use those more comfortable and perfect in the requirements of modern life.
 Today, we present the startup of innovative messenger "BALLS", which is based on the graphic image of the balls that when using the messenger help the user quickly and conveniently, and most importantly - innovative, to send SMS and all kinds of attachments. Innovative component, can be repeated, in ease of use and entirely new graphics and content of the main working page. 
 A little reveal the functional work of the messenger "BALLS" - the most important thing is that the balls are a new alternative to smileys!; the motto of this startup is "FREEDOM of YOUR EGO; SMS comes to your mobile device in the form of a ball that breaks and shows the text and all attachments in it; the color of the main and the working pages depends on Your emotional state, which is determined by the number of heart beats per minute; working a field in the messenger have the form of transparent balls, in which the user puts the necessary information, and they move randomly on the crane, that there is novelty in the use of such startups. The chaotic movement of the balls only simplifies use, as they "fly" across the screen in a logical and integrated directions that are associated with immediate user actions is quite simple, bright and exciting check like any "advanced" user of such services; "arrival" to You balls that are colored means, what mood it was written this SMS, etc. 
 In fact, the author of this idea did not fully disclose all of the functionality of this startup. Potential investors and buyers can discover the entire internal "picture" of innovative messenger "BALLS".