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DateDate: 11-01-2019, 07:28




 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 The idea is that there is no need smokers along with a pack of cigarettes, and carry a lighter or matches. The draft of this cigarette packs is made so that at the end of each cigarette attached miniature incendiary capsule, which in turn (capsule), also has fasteners to the bottom of a cigarette pack. When a smoker pulls out a cigarette, respectively, the capsule while the movement is ignited and ignites the cigarette. About the principle of the ordinary firecrackers, but instead of a festive cotton is a combustion end of a cigarette a time delay of 1-3 seconds. The technology of the capsule need to be refined to such a view, that was the real high probability of ignition and a high degree of security. 
 Get the usability of a cigarette pack with ease of use in windy weather and in the rain, in the cold. Moving away from the use of lighters and matches.
 The idea is open for investments, and partial redemption.

DateDate: 11-01-2019, 07:23
The most large-scale consumer electronics exhibition CES 2019 is held in Las Vegas. NV gathered the most interesting gadgets and devices that were already presented at the event.
On a tangent, we have already touched on the theme of the CES 2019 exhibition. We wrote about the Ukrainian pavilion, which represents 8 domestic startups, the Harley Davidson electric motorcycle, the collapsing LG TV, the IBM commercial quantum computer, and even the Russian robot that was hit by Tesla.
Now it was the turn to collect the most interesting devices at CES 2019, in connection with which we present the top 8 new products from Las Vegas.
Hyundai walking car
The futuristic concept car Hyundai Elevate is designed to transport people in the most inaccessible places. A robotic unmanned vehicle can serve as an SUV, taxi, ambulance or even rescue special equipment.
The machine can overcome the 1.5-meter pits and walls with the same height, and is equipped with a 66-kW battery, which will provide a power reserve of 35 km. Cars can also be used to transport people with limited mobility.
Verizon 5G Smartphone
/ Photo: CNet
Formally, the smartphone is not yet 5G, since its parent company, the telecom provider Verizon, will only soon launch a new generation mobile network. Although, as the first 5G phone, Verizon will officially introduce the Motorola Moto Z3.
The exact release date of the smartphone is still unknown, although company representatives say they will show it earlier than competitors from AT & T and Sprint in the new Samsung S10.
Hypervsn Holograms
/ Photo: CNet
Using moving blades, Hypervsn creates a clear color hologram measuring 56 or 75 cm.
The company presents a variety of visual content that can be reproduced in this way. With the help of a special 3D-studio, users can even create their own holograms.
Asus morthership gz700
Laptop as seen at CES 2019
If there are monsters in the world of gaming laptops - then this is definitely one of them. This Asus model is equipped with a Core i9-8950HK processor with 32 GB DDR4 RAM and a 11 GB GeForce RTX2080 graphics card.
Despite the relatively small diagonal of 17.3 inches, the computer is so heavy that it needs an extra stand in the case to hold the screen.
BMW unmanned motorcycle
/ Photo: BMW
The Bavarian manufacturer has created an autonomous model based on the BMW R 1200 GS cruise motorcycle. A heavy motorcycle can independently accelerate, maneuver and brake.
But, unfortunately, BMW is not going to sell such motorcycles, so that they can carry bikers on their own. The development is necessary for the further development of two-wheeled vehicle safety systems.
Immortal smart watches PowerWatch 2
/ Photo: Matrix
Two years ago, Matrix introduced the first generation of PowerWatch, which was recharged from the heat energy of the human body. Now, users can charge their smart watches and using the built-in solar battery.
Included with the 1.85-inch screen is the original software that connects with iOS and Android. The gadget has moisture protection and with it you can dive to a depth of 200 meters.
Bell Nexus Flying Taxi
/ Photo: Bell Nexus
Another concept of flying transport is an electric hybrid helicopter for the vertical take-off and landing of the Bell Nexus. The device uses six screws for lifting and acceleration, and it is planned that it will hold up to 5 people.
It is noteworthy that this model may become one of those on which the Uber taxi service will carry out commercial passenger transport in the coming years.
Osé robotic sex toy
/ Photo: Lora DiCarlo
And the last, rather comic participant of the top - Osé intimate massager. According to Buzzfeednews, this device is “developed in collaboration with an engineering professor from the University of Oregon and uses“ biometric mimicry ”to stimulate the vagina and clitoris without the help of hands.
Sex toy company Lora DiCarlo is interesting because the organizers of CES 2019 withdrew the invitation to participate in the exhibition due to obscenity. The founder of the startup, Laura Haddock, accused the contest organizers of being biased, since such devices had previously appeared at the exhibition.