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DateDate: 8-01-2019, 08:11

On atomic clocks that provide high-precision countdown, repeatedly told on the pages of the site And, of course, many readers have repeatedly wondered how the values of the characteristics of these watches were obtained, because in order to measure something with a certain accuracy, a measuring tool with at least an order of magnitude higher accuracy is required. We do not know how other organizations have atomic clocks at their disposal, and the European Space Agency uses to synchronize its clocks the signals of distant rotating neutron stars, pulsars, the signals emitted by which have sufficiently high stability and accuracy.
The project, called PulChron, is a development of scientists from the University of Manchester, the British National Physical Laboratory, and the privately held company GMV. The system created in the course of this project is already partially used to synchronize the atomic clocks, which ensure the operation of the European satellite navigation system "Galileo". Moreover, long-term measurements of pulsar signals, combined with measurements of vibrations of vibrating atoms in hours, make it possible to obtain an even more accurate time reading than is possible with each of the components of the system separately.
Physicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Jocelyn Bell Burnell) first discovered the pulsar in 1967, when she noticed a radio signal coming from the depths of space and having a period of 1.34 seconds. Note that this signal was received by the antennas of the Interplanetary Scintillation Array telescope at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory radio observatory. At present, it is already known that pulsars are neutron stars, small and very dense remnants of explosions of massive stars, which sometimes rotate with great speed and emit a directional radiation beam, which periodically goes towards the Earth.
Now pulsars, or rather their signals, are used not only to synchronize the atomic clocks. They also provide tools for searching and measuring gravitational waves, dark matter and studying other phenomena of cosmological scales.
Let us return to the PulChron system. Its equipment receives data from five radio telescopes, including the European Pulsar Timing Array, which monitor 18 pulsars simultaneously. Atomic clocks also generate their own frequency, one period of which is one tick of the clock. But relatively simple atomic clocks based on hydrogen atoms excited by a microwave laser can drift (change their frequency) for long periods of time. And in this case, for the correction, another system with higher stability is required, for example, the Galileo watches require a synchronization and correction procedure every few hours.
Note that the PulChron system is not the first "pulsar" chronometric system, moreover, it still exists in its first, one might say, demo version. But after this system begins to work in its final form, it will be used not only to ensure the operation of the satellite navigation system, but also to count the exact time value of the Greenwich Meridian (Coordinated Universal Time, UTC).

DateDate: 7-01-2019, 07:58

One of the problems with voice assistants is that many are embarrassed to use them in public. The new Microsoft patent contains a module that will allow “smart” assistants to recognize commands pronounced by their owner imperceptibly to others, writes Windows Central.
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The patent application describes a “silent” input method when the assistant recognizes a voice command by the airflow created when it is pronounced. The module can be integrated into various devices: smart watches or rings, telephones, headphone microphones, or even TV remote controls.
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If you bring the microphone close enough to your mouth, leaving only a small distance, the device will be able to pick up a stable signal in the process of pronouncing the command with minimal “voice leakage”.
While voice input in public places (and even at home) is rarely used, mainly because it can disturb others. Microsoft technology not only solves this problem, but also a question of the security of information of users, reducing the likelihood that they will be overheard by someone else.

DateDate: 6-01-2019, 08:15


   Инновационные  шины "ИНноватор".


  Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
  The idea is that the composition of the rubber mixture in the production of tires, added a number of components that impact, primarily, on traffic safety.
  This idea should be divided into two stages - the innovation in the manufacturing process of the tire itself and the new equipment that will be used for the application of innovative tire "Innovator"
Innovation in the manufacture of tires "Innovator" is that in the rubber compound added special inks that respond to ultraviolet radiation and time of day (day and night). Day tyres have a standard color and in the night, according to the principle of phosphorus, akapusi certain light elements emit a glow throughout the space. That is, the tire Shine that has a positive effect on traffic safety and Parking safety, primarily in poorly lit areas. And on country roads and motorways this technology show himself to be, as ever, on the positive side.
  Also, in the process of production of tires, rubber compound together with phosphorus component is added and the dye which changes its color under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Basically, you need the work of the component in the red and blue colors. Below we describe why this is necessary.
  When braking (pressing the brake pedal), ultraviolet emitters, which stand near each wheel, begin to work on radiation. The color of the bus is changing from blue to red. This will increase traffic safety, mainly in the dark, as all the drivers that are moving next to the car, very clearly see the braking maneuver of the vehicle. The color of the tires will change to red when speeding or aggressive driving (drive Hughes, riding with "slippage"). The possibilities of this technology has forced the inclusion of ultraviolet radiation, which may show that the car is moving with breakage, etc.
  I repeat in something- have to increase the safety of driving. Also, to some extent, a trend in the automotive world.
  The idea is open for investment, and for its full redemption.

DateDate: 6-01-2019, 08:10

Famous Korean corporation Samsung is developing new horizons. According to the official website of the company, employees have already begun to engage in the creation of processors for cars. Note that Samsung has surprised with new developments, since few such manufacturers are engaged in the creation of processors. The first chip has already been presented, as well as voiced the name - Samsung Exynos Auto V9.
It is noted that during the manufacture of the chip used single-chip system. The processor has eight cores at once and operates at a frequency of 2.1 GHz. It also has an integrated graphics module, an audio processor, and a separate, isolated core that supports the innovative security standard. Additionally, a memory controller is integrated into the chip.
The novelty allows you to simultaneously connect up to six screens and 12 cameras for different subsystems. At the same time, the graphics module is capable of servicing several peripheral devices at once. In addition, the processor has a module designed for neural computing. With it, you can recognize gestures, faces and voices. During the trip, this development organizes the safety of both the driver and passengers.
The first company that decided to purchase such processors was Audi. However, cars with similar technologies should not be expected soon, since the first prototypes will appear only in 2021. At the moment, it is not known what other corporations will buy such chips, but they have great potential, so it is likely that other manufacturers will soon be interested in them.

DateDate: 5-01-2019, 07:38

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 In the opinion of the author of the idea, his startup is unique and has an impressive global growth prospects. The administration platform "Innovator" supports the developer of this startup and puts on the consideration to the investors or buyers of the innovation project personal photo positioning "Innovator".
 According to statistics, every day is laid out in a network of billions of photos of different types and all sorts of angles. We use selfie-sticks, mirrors, different programs that handle our photos in our own way. Personal photo positioning "Innovator" can solve all these problems in one mobile app.
 Briefly reveal the main point of the work of this startup. The user to see any and any true business perspective, the background or the scenery, photographing it and then the program automatically selects and inserts to it a photo the same user. Then, the same program offers other options, picture positioning, which accepts or rejects the user. Further, in the automatic mode processing occurs already formed pictures, on the example of photoshop, with accounting background and perspective. Accordingly, the more in the gallery of Your personal photos, the more options personal positioning program will be able to offer You.
 Easier, for example, show how it works - You go out and see the beginning of a beautiful sunset ( photo ). Just photograph it and program automatically, instantly inserts Your personal photo, earlier You photographed on the background of sunset. Then offers You a few more options. You choose the option or options, confirm and save. Can activate a feature that immediately puts this new photo on Your pages in social networks. And on the same principle, possible to use a personal photo positioning in all permissible locations and angles.
The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.