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DateDate: 29-01-2019, 05:54

Startup Swagtron introduced a new useful device for lovers of extreme sports.
So, in case of blows or injury of its owner, the helmet will automatically send a signal about the need for medical care and indicate its location. This writes "politeka".
In their development, the creators of the device were guided by fans of alpine skiing and snowboarding. It has the construction of a conventional helmet for winter sports, however, sensors and sensors are hidden inside the device. The main function is to alert relatives and emergency services in the event that the owner of Swagtron is seriously injured.
It is reported that the technology of the helmet is similar to the smart watch Apple Watch 4. If the device feels a blow to the surface, it will offer to call an ambulance and call yourself to the nearest hospital. However, the user will have 60 seconds to cancel the operation.
Moreover, through the device you can listen to music, radio and talk on the phone. The cost of smart protective equipment will be $ 165.

DateDate: 28-01-2019, 06:03

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Rather ambitious of the author's idea of creating an innovative product that will combine the usual properties of the scales with shoes. Naturally, all these processes will be monitored and adjusted with a mobile application. And more details is below.
 So, now with the help of a mobile application that standard would be available to anyone, you can track your weight in the process of using this innovative Shoe. Each pair of shoes, the sole is a special weight sensors. Using the standard pairing a mobile app and shoes-libras "Innovator", all these indications of a person's weight will be synchronized, and the resulting weights to form one overall result. The mobile app will analyze all the data obtained from pairs of such shoes in output in the form of digital indicators with the interim values, or in the form of a diagram. It will be shown when any action the user of this device was actively losing weight. That is, the user of this complex active weight measurement can monitor your weight in regular sport or work time. This mobile service will allow people who need to constantly be aware of their weight indicators, control it and take the necessary measures or actions. 
  In a separate function applies to manual and automatic modes. They differ in that the activation of the measuring process can be carried out by situational coercive measure, or by continuous automatic measurement. The user can program the parameters of your desired weight, and accordingly, software mobile apps shoes-libra "Innovator" will prompt the user about the amount of time and action, required to achieve a given result.
 Functionality that will be incorporated into this mobile application is not limited to the above-described tasks. Here the functions of the micro air conditioning and heating, lights, and vibration function of incoming calls. Anyway, in this model, the smart shoes will be the battery. The charging process will be as standard in wearable devices, and with the help of new wireless technology. Care and cleaning will take more time and effort, as added to the service battery and the measuring themselves shoe sensors.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 28-01-2019, 05:55

If you have several dogs and / or cats, then you probably have a problem when one animal “steals” food from the bowl of your mustache. The Italian company Volta finally decided to end this “chaos” with the help of a “smart” bowl.
Mookkie - is a bowl with a magnetic mount and wide-angle camera, as well as face recognition (or muzzle?). Each bowl has its own owner, whose image is stored in the system. If it is not nearby, the transparent polycarbonate lid blocks access to food. When an animal approaches a bowl, the embedded microprocessor uses a deep neural network to identify it. If the “face” is confirmed, the cap automatically moves away.
In fact, such a mechanism is already working on smartphones that have the function of unlocking using a face.
But Mookkie offers other options. Through a special application, a pet owner can receive alerts (including videos) that their furry friends have eaten, as well as a message that the bowl is empty. In addition, Mookkie has a night light to help animals find their bowl in the dark.
The cost of one such bowl is $ 189. The start of sales is scheduled for September 2019.

DateDate: 27-01-2019, 08:02

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 This idea was controversial whether to publish it among our moderators... But decided to publish it!
 The idea is to improve the difficult and so the work of the police, perhaps fire, perhaps even doctors or , say, employees of service of gas. The sense of the device, not afraid to call exactly this idea that has a built-in miniature flashing beacons, emergency work in pairs with the same flashing car beacons. Only in the mind of the employee of special and emergency services the data light signal lamps will be more visible and available to all others, as they will differ in their mobility. Lighting will harmonize with the shape and size of the headdress and will be sewn into the very "tip". Activated through a special button, using the synchronization with the automotive device of this kind, by means of synchronization with a corresponding dispatching service. In headdress "Innovator" will also be inserted and multiple cameras for pie video and audio recording, which in the on-line reports what is happening all around with the reverse function audio connection.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.

DateDate: 27-01-2019, 07:46

The American company Radetec at the SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas presented a smart version of the Austrian Glock pistol.
According to TFB, the weapon is equipped with a specially developed for it shutter with an OLED display and a pusher of cartridges in a store with a position sensor.
Thanks to such modifications, the gun is able to show whether the cartridge is in the chamber, if the magazine is inserted and how many cartridges are in the shop, N + 1 writes.
The counters have almost no practical value, since many types of small arms have a bolt delay pointing to an empty magazine. In addition, during a shootout or in the shooting range, the fighters usually focus on the accuracy of firing, rather than the remaining ammunition in the store. However, weapons companies are developing counter. Today there are two types of cartridge counters: mechanical and electronic. The mechanical ones - through the pushing spring in the store, act on the ammunition indicator, and the electronic ones count the rest of the cartridges by the sound of shots or by recoil.
The Smart Slide shutter is equipped with a controller, a cartridge sensor in the chamber, a Bluetooth module and an OLED screen. It is able to connect wirelessly to a pusher that determines its position in the store. Thanks to this solution, the controller is able to accurately determine the number of cartridges in the store, despite the fact that it was initially fully or partially equipped, was removed from the pistol or not. In addition, Smart Slide can transfer data to a special smartphone app. In this case, the shooter can get data on the total consumption of cartridges by day.
In January 2017, the American company Cobalt Kinetics introduced the electronic ammunition counter for the AR-15 self-loading rifle. This device, unlike other counters, accurately determines the number of cartridges remaining in the store and displays it on the display. The counter is a remote display mounted on the side of the rifle and a special store. Between the display and the store can be wired or via Bluetooth. The balance of cartridges in the store is determined by the position of the pusher.