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DateDate: 11-02-2019, 07:08

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 
 Another of the author's unique idea presented in this presentation. Platform "Innovator" recommends to investors to pay attention, because this startup has enough big chances to promote the growth of a global nature.
 Alcoholic diffuser and humidifier "Innovator" intended for users of legal age are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in the framework of the current legislation of the country concerned. This recommendation is necessary at the beginning of the use of this device, as the effect of the use will be immediately noticeable. Below will describe why.
 Now, we all use or have heard about quite a technically simple devices to humidify the air using dissipation normal water. These devices are used not only at home but also in institutions and public areas. Especially popular this technology in hot climate countries or during hot periods in countries with different temperatures. The author of this idea was come up with a technology combining the benefits of this process with partial pleasure. At home or in public use in the composition of the water or instead of water, add the original alcoholic composition. When spraying, be original fluid, people who are in this room, and just happy to breathe in fresh air, part of which included alcohol component. Accordingly, the effect will not be long in coming, as by airborne droplets the absorption of the concentrated alcoholic liquid is fast. That is why it is necessary to protect minors from being present in the room where there is a sputtering process.
 We have a very simple innovative way of combining the useful with the pleasant in which users of this technology, just breathing in the refreshing cool air, unable to alcoholic intoxication of different degrees, depending on their personal wishes and possibilities.
 But this technology has its marketing prospects in the organization of work of the global network of original facilities or original closed departments in public entertainment establishments, where it will be available alcoholic dispersion and hydration for single or public pastime in a special room. This is somewhat similar institution for the use of the hookah, where this process was elevated to a cult. Our presentation project ideas also has strong chances compares to popularize and increase their fans. Innovative inpatient alcohol humidifiers and diffusers will create new production and marketing niche in its direction, which can be use for the home environment. This technology may be used for medical purposes in appropriate technology.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.

DateDate: 11-02-2019, 07:01

Police departments in various cities in the United States and Great Britain secretly signed contracts with PredPol, the developer of an ambiguous and untested offense prediction program.
This fact was noticed by Motherboard journalists, who analyzed documents received on the basis of archival requests, in particular, contracts, instructions and program presentations, as well as emails discussing the terms of the contract between representatives of PredPol and heads of police departments in at least 15 cities and municipalities of the United States and Great Britain.
PredPol claims that it uses an algorithm to calculate the probability of crime in an urban area measuring 150 × 150 meters.
Predictions are compiled on the basis of statistics on the crimes committed in the same place and at the same time. The forecast can be obtained for the next 3, 7, 14 or 28 days. Based on this information, a police patrol can be sent there in the hope that the system was not mistaken and that it would be necessary to prevent the offense.
“We use data on crimes for 3 - 10 years and run them through our algorithm,” explains the representatives of ProdPol. “Short-term and long-term trends, relapses and environmental factors are all taken into account.”
Prevention also helps potential offenders. “They have another opportunity to avoid conflict with the law enforcement system,” ProdPol says.
Criminologists, however, believe that this approach does not guarantee more effective patrolling of areas. Shahid Buttar, director of the human rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), believes that the predictive technologies are inevitably biased, because such are the data with which they work.
If you catch more police into one area, more crimes will be found there. Then the AI predicts that this is a very criminogenic place.
Andrew Ferguson, a law professor at the University of the District of Columbia, stresses: we don’t know if the algorithm helps reduce crime. Objective scientific data are too few, there are no studies on this topic. “We are talking about the police, and people in the USA die at the hands of the police every day,” he said.
In the autumn, it became known that Kent County police terminated the contract with PredPol, which cost taxpayers $ 128,000 a year. They decided that the algorithm, although predicting crimes, did not help to prevent them very effectively. However, the idea of the police like, not like only the price. So now they have undertaken to independently develop similar software.