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DateDate: 5-02-2019, 05:54

In the US, there was information about the new product from the South Korean giant with the manufacture of equipment Samsung Group
The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has registered a new Samsung patent. The document describes a “display device” - a strange gadget that received a flexible display.
Registered patent describes only the design of new items, so the technical characteristics are not disclosed. But we can assume that Samsung is developing a hybrid of a smartphone and a portable game console, as reported by 3DNews.
When folded, the device resembles a book, in which a flexible screen is used as a cover, so as not to damage the "insides of the device." In this case, on the side of one of the halves of the body, judging by the schematic drawings, there is a small folding section: on it are the physical controls - the cross and the array of buttons.
Thus, when folded, the gadget can easily fit in your pocket. Opening the device, users will have access to a large screen for launching games, viewing multimedia materials or comfortable working with applications. About when Samsung can provide a working device with the described design, nothing is reported.
Also previously reported that one of the most famous companies in the world for the manufacture of gadgets Samsung Electronics, is preparing for users an unprecedented smartphone.
Samsung Electronics has announced the start of mass production of eUFS 2.1 flash memory with a capacity of 1 TB for smartphones.
The shooting and the explosion in restaurants: many dead, father and son staged hell
The shooting and the explosion in restaurants: many dead, father and son staged hell
in the world
This is the first module in the world of this type and capacity. The size of the module is 11.5 x 13 mm. It offers twice the amount compared with the previous decision Samsung 512 GB. It includes 16 layers of 512-gigabit V-NAND flash memory and a new proprietary controller.
With such a drive, users can store up to 260 ten-minute videos on a smartphone in 4K UHD format (3840 x 2160 pixels). For comparison, when using the most common amount of flash memory in 64 GB on a smartphone, you can store up to 13 similar videos.

DateDate: 4-02-2019, 05:54

Despite the fact that the pasta is a very simple dish to cook, their cooking requires careful control, as the product can be digested in a few minutes, becoming unappetizing. In addition, cooked pasta usually quickly stick together. Adding butter can correct this misunderstanding, but the German company Mühlenchemie has developed an even simpler solution - an enzyme that, when added to flour, prevents the paste from sticking together.
It is reported that the addition of 40 g of an enzyme called Pastazy PD per 100 kg of flour extends the cooking time of pasta for 20 minutes and allows the pasta to retain its shape, without being digested and not sticking. Not only consumers will appreciate the increased resistance of pasta to cooking - experts expect that the new development will help pasta producers to switch to cheaper wheat varieties and significantly reduce the cost of raw materials.
Source: Kedem

DateDate: 3-02-2019, 08:10
A team of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley (USA) presented a 3D printer that prints with light.
 Created a 3D printer for printing using light.
Reports the edition Engadget about it.
It is worth noting that today there are many different 3D printers, but most of them put the material layer by layer, and therefore there are "seams" on the printed item.
At the same time, scientists from the University of California found a solution to the problem by proposing to print the entire object at once.
Their printer was named "Replicator" ("Replicator") - in honor of the fantastic device from the series "Star Trek", printing objects, food, and so on from almost nothing.
"Replicator" works like a CT scanner. So, initially he studies a computer 3D-model and creates two-dimensional photos from all sides. After that, scientists turn on the projector and project light images onto the surface of a rotating flask filled with a synthetic resin called an acrylate.
This resin consists of liquid polymers, dissolved oxygen and light-sensitive molecules. Under the influence of the light emitted by the projector, the resin gradually hardens when it absorbs enough photons to create the final product.
At the moment, "Replicator" can print only small figures. Scientists have already tested the device by typing a tiny version of the “Thinker” figure in just a couple of minutes.
However, researchers believe that in the future, the printer can be used to create medical components to order.

DateDate: 2-02-2019, 06:31

In the near future, retailers will no longer rely on brands, instead relying on artificial intelligence
This opinion is shared by futurologist, doctor of economics Andrei Dligach, reports Politeka. He spoke about how technology will influence the retail process during his speech at the Retail Environment.
Artificial Intelligence
According to the futurologist, by 2025, 50% of retail revenue will come from people who do not focus on brands when buying goods. Duligach is confident that by 2020 people will begin to forget about trademarks and instead will rely on personalized communication with the client, for which artificial intelligence will be used.
The futurologist drew attention to the fact that artificial intelligence already now often knows a person better than he does. Large companies have long used CRM-systems that allow them to analyze customers and find offers that will interest any group and even a person.
Descriptions of products in the largest online stores are also compiled by artificial intelligence, taking into account the target audience and its response to certain combinations of keywords.
Artificial Intelligence
In addition, in the US, many clothing stores have already started using algorithms that can analyze a person’s emotional state. They have cameras installed that photograph a customer at the entrance, find his profile in social networks, analyze his mood and interests, and then offer him exactly what might interest him.
It should be noted that large Ukrainian companies also keep up with the times. They are already collecting information about Ukrainians. Dligach notes that by 2022, the data collected by Kyivstar, PrivatBank, Silpo and Synevo will be enough to create any compromising evidence.
We also reported that another plant will appear in China, where robots will produce products along with people.
The factory will be built by the Swiss company ABB, which produces various equipment ranging from electrical equipment to robots themselves, only industrial ones.
The plant will be located in Shanghai, because China is currently ranked second among the countries that are considered to be the most important ABB markets.

DateDate: 1-02-2019, 05:55

Система может распознавать людей с расстояния до 50 метров, даже если они повернуты спиной или их лицо скрыто.

Китайское правительство приступило к развертыванию системы внешнего наблюдения, способной идентифицировать людей по их походке или по форме тела. Система может распознавать людей с расстояния до 50 метров, даже если они повернуты спиной или их лицо скрыто, пишет Политека.

Новая система уже используется полицейскими в Пекине и Шанхае. По словам ее разработчиков, для идентификации системе достаточно видеть, как идет человек, даже со спины или сбоку. Ее нельзя обмануть сгорбившись, хромая или виляя бедрами, поскольку система анализирует особенности поведения всего тела.


Программное обеспечение извлекает силуэт человека из видео и анализирует его движения для создания модели походки. Пока система не способна распознавать людей в реальном времени. Сейчас пользователи должны загрузить видео в программу, для анализа часового ролика ей требуется примерно 10 минут. Для работы системы не нужны какие-либо специальные камеры — ПО может использовать съемку с обычных камер видеонаблюдения.