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DateDate: 21-09-2016, 09:00
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has decided to abandon the 3.5 mm headphone Jack, instead offering users or switch to Lightning headphones, or "move" on wireless solutions. Especially for those who have long been thinking to abandon the wires, the company even released its own wireless headphones AirPods. However, like they are not for everyone.
In the last couple of weeks, the network does not cease debate about the new wireless headphones from Apple. Some people do not like form, others are afraid that they will fall out of your ears, and still others believe that the new product is too expensive.
We decided to find five interesting alternatives AirPods that you can use together with your iPhone.
Jabra Move Wireless
Jabra Move Wireless is relatively inexpensive and fairly lightweight headphones that are very stylish in appearance and possess high-quality bass. Of course, at a price of about $100, they are unlikely to satisfy hardcore audiophiles, but for most users, their capabilities would be sufficient.
The headphones have a built-in battery, which should be enough for 8 hours of music playback, microphone for phone calls and transmitter allowing you to connect the headset to two devices at the same time.
Jaybird Freedom
The manufacturer positions the Jaybird Freedom, as a solution for sports and active users. Probably, for this reason, both halves of the headset are connected by a flexible cable. As for sound quality, particular "miracles" from Jaybird Freedom is not worth waiting. The headphones play loud enough, and a single battery charge should last 4-5 hours listening to music.
Included with the headphones is quite a lot of replacement tips and holders, thanks to which users will be able to "fine-tune" the headset by itself. Are Jaybird Freedom $150.
Plantronics Backbeat Fit
Plantronics Backbeat Fit is another sport earphones. But unlike solutions from Jaybird they are not so expensive. Their price is about $ 120. The headphones themselves are protected from moisture by the standard IP57, and a single charge built-in battery should last about 8 hours.
Another feature of the Plantronics Backbeat Fit is that their design allows you to hear surrounding sounds. On the one hand it can be considered a minus, but when training on the street this feature can protect you from unwanted injuries.
Bose SoundLink
Headphones called Bose SoundLink are significantly more expensive AirPods, but they offer higher sound quality. In addition to this headset from Bose enables users to listen to music, talk on the phone and watch movies for as much as 15 hours. With only 15 minutes of charging is enough for 2 additional hours in offline mode.
Another feature of the Bose SoundLink you can also consider the possibility of connecting headphones to the two sound sources. For example, in the iPad and iPhone. This ensures that users can view movies and make calls from multiple devices using a headset.
Plantronics BackBeat Sense
Plantronics BackBeat Sense – it is stylish, comfortable and not very expensive wireless headphones that can be used in tandem with an iPhone or iPad. One of the main features of this headset is support for Smart Sensors. It allows you to automatically pause and start music playback when inserting/removing headphones.
Also Plantronics BackBeat Sense have long battery life (up to 18 hours) and can be connected to two Bluetooth enabled devices. The headset cost about $200.

DateDate: 21-09-2016, 08:58
The international payment system SWIFT can help its customers to avoid the hassles associated with fraud scams.
This is stated in the press release SWIFT.
The main element of protection will be a daily mailing to clients SWIFT reports reports (Daily Validation Reports).
Customers will be able to identify suspicious messages that may be potential attempts of fraud.
These reports will be sent over dedicated channels that are intended to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access.
As reported by "Apostrophe. Economy," in the beginning of 2016, hackers stole $81 million from the accounts of the Central Bank of Bangladesh, cracking software SWIFT system. The company stepped up security measures, however, the client banks to SWIFT came under further hacking attacks.
The manual payment system has repeatedly warned the client banks on the need to strengthen cyber security measures, however, SWIFT has no leverage to force financial institutions to take real steps in this direction.

DateDate: 21-09-2016, 08:51

Ukrainian entrepreneurs have started to introduce the 3D printing technology in cooking. ЛІГА.net tried to find out whether it is possible to earn.
In Ukraine there are at least two of the cook, which have already started to use technology in their work. This confectioner from Kharkov Dinara KASKO and Andrew Barna, founder of the first Ukrainian 3D printer to print food 3Divoprint.
How to do it? 
Designer-architect by education, Dinara KASKO started to use 3D printing for desserts. He wanted them to be unusual geometric shapes. Maximum precision in their shape allows her to achieve a 3D printer. At first she prepares the layout of the cake in 3ds Max. Then sends it to the firm, which is engaged in 3D printing. There for the cake, make a plastic form. On its basis another master creates another identical shape, but made of silicone. And she KASKO fills it with the necessary ingredients and bakes the cake.
Andrew Barna prepares sweets easier. He created the first in Ukraine 3D printer that prints food. It all started with printing chocolate. Now the device can print figurines of pate and vegetable purees. Print one out chocolate figures 5-12 minutes depending on the complexity of the form. Complicated designs on the printer to recreate the impossible: the material from which the printed figures. But to make a chocolate figure with the company logo for the car with great precision. The printer is FDM technology, building shape layers. 
Costs and plans
Both methods are quite expensive. Only one manufacturer of plastic molds for cake can cost KASKO from 500 to 2 000 UAH. Silicone - from 500 UAH and above, but you can use it many times, explains the chef. The high cost can discourage the sale of two or three cakes. More desserts need to recoup and plastic form.
The cost of each candy weighing about 6 grams, printed on the printer Barney, will be 1-2 UAH. The printer itself will cost €1500. But, as says the Creator to return their investment in six months. Barna organization earns 3D catering for the holidays. But also sells its 3D printers. 
Dinara KASKO selling their desserts now. Earning only the master classes, where tells and shows the technology of cake making. "I get a lot of proposals to present its range of restaurants. I want to start a business but don't know how it correctly to organize. I don't want to sell desserts that are baked in my home oven. I want a nice pastry shop with all the observed sanitary conditions and conveniences," she explains.
World experience
Not only Ukrainians are trying to introduce the technology of 3D printing in food preparation. In other countries open entire restaurants with cuisine whose dishes are created on a 3D printer. For example, in London and Venlo is already the school Food Ink. Feature of the restaurant is that the printer print not only various dishes and appliances, and even furniture. According to BBC, experiments with food and the 3D printer started also in Spain. 
The chef of the restaurant in Barcelona La Enoteca, Paco pérez is developing new dishes using the printer, the Foodini. The device is intended exclusively for cooking. It can process a variety of ingredients - from potatoes-mashed potatoes to chocolate - which lay in a steel capsule reusable. Depending on the ingredients the printer can print products in a few inches in height, including a fairly complex 3D sculpture. The device is compatible with the Internet of things - can cook the recipes loaded on it via the Internet from anywhere in the world. 
The creators of Foodini printer say that their device interest, many chefs of the planet. Such an invention can create a really complex and unusual dishes designed for cooking. But the developers see an even greater consumer market for sale themselves culinary 3D printers. "People get used to such printers in the restaurants and their products, knowing that it is made from fresh, real ingredients. Then and there will be changes in consciousness," say the developers.

DateDate: 21-09-2016, 08:48

Flagship smartphones Galaxy Note 7, which Samsung called absolutely safe, at risk of spontaneous combustion. It is reported Bloomberg.
Samsung representatives began to investigate two more cases of the explosion of a Galaxy Note 7. Both smartphones belong to users from China. Earlier in Seoul claimed that all devices intended for sale in China, safe because they use a rechargeable battery Amperex Technology. The latter also is a major supplier of batteries for iPhone.
The first outburst of Galaxy Note 7 was bought in the day of start of sales of devices in China, 1 September. They purchased it on the website Sunday, September 18, his friend wrote in the social networking message on ignition of the device. The craft is not overloaded during charging, and then exploded in the eyes of its owner. First Galaxy Note 7 has started to heat up and vibrate, and then ignited and it went black smoke.
Ignition of the second Galaxy Note 7 was reported to another account. The user wrote that the South Korean smartphone caught fire while he played.
Samsung has announced the recall of smartphones on 2 September. To be returned to 2.5 million smartphones from 10 countries, China not included. The President of the mobile division to the Dong Jin Ko is explained by the fact that these devices will not explode. They have a battery made for Amperex Technology. Earlier it was reported that only explode smartphones with batteries supplied by Samsung SDI.
According to the statement of Samsung, the official sales of Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea should be resumed on September 28. The new smartphones issued to consumers, the battery indicator will be green instead of white in the original — in order to distinguish from defective models.

DateDate: 21-09-2016, 08:45

Publisher SEGA considering issuing a patch for the stealth-horror game Alien: Isolation, which adds to the game to support virtual reality, and as announced the head of the European branch of the company jürgen Post (Jurgen Post).
If you think, horror with a first person virtual reality glasses could not be better suited to each other, that's really where there are excellent prospects to scare players. It seems that some SEGA executives have the same opinion. "VR-technology has attracted the attention of the whole company, — said Director of SEGA Europe. — In our office a lot of virtual reality devices and developers working with him. We study the possibility of producing such games."
Although SEGA has not yet officially announced such projects, very soon the situation may change. "We are close to this announcement," continues Jurgen Post. About three years ago was released the demo version of Alien: Isolation on the Oculus Rift, which was terribly scary. Now we want to add to the game virtual reality, and because sometimes dreams come true".
In fact, the game has an informal opportunity to play in VR, however, this function has a sufficient amount of errors, so fully tested and optimized development would be welcome. Recall that the project was created by Studio Creative Assembly and released on PC (Windows), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in October 2014, and in the autumn of last year on Linux and macOS.