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DateDate: 23-04-2019, 06:33

It is possible to extract enormous benefits from industrial waste if it is properly recycled.
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Asphalt from car tires, paving slabs from computer keyboards and aircraft parts from aluminum cans. In Europe, earn on garbage, recycling it. While Ukraine is overwhelmed with waste. "Today" have learned where to put garbage and you can get a profit from it. It's not just about household waste.
Used paper cups for coffee or tea can, or replenish mountains of garbage, or, if you hand them over for recycling, will become, for example, pages from a notebook.
Used paper utensils in stock are compressed, and then sent to a processing plant, where paper is made of all this. And from it - notebooks, notebooks, school diaries.
The case is profitable, because the products from recycled materials are cheaper. In Germany, more than eighty percent of waste is given a second life. The country saves up to 12 billion euros annually, making products from recycled materials. In Ukraine, about five percent of all domestic garbage is recycled. The rest remains at the landfills, most of which have long been crowded.
Moreover, according to the current law on wastes, landfill wastes are banned from January 1, 2018. But in most cases there is no other alternative.
Ukrainian processing plants often lack secondary raw materials. People sort out little trash. The Ukrainian government plans to solve the problem of recycling and disposal of waste until 2030. Take a course on the circular economy. This is an economy that involves the fullest use of all resources, including reuse, if possible.
Ukrainian enterprises also supported the course of the circular economy and began to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.
“The main directions now in the circular economy for us are ash and slag. So that by the year 30 at least 1.5 million tons we use anew. Or in the construction of roads or building materials,” says Tomas Niinemäe Operations Director of DTEK Energy.
There are already hundreds of millions of tons of ash and slag at Ukrainian TPPs. These are remnants of burned coal. In Europe, they have long been used in road construction. So cheaper and more reliable. In order for Ukraine to have the same roads, we need changes in national construction standards, as well as a political decision on the use of industrial waste instead of natural materials at the state level.

DateDate: 22-04-2019, 06:41

A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by Antonio Torralba, developed a deformation simulation algorithm that allows robots to effectively deform objects from different materials, even if initially they only know their shape, reports the Cornell University Press Center.
The principle of the algorithm is to build a graph in which the vertices are particles of the material, and the edges are the interactions between them. During deformation, the vertices of the graph move relative to each other, and the initial impulse propagates through the material through its edges.
This approach has several difficulties in implementation. Firstly, the behavior of such a graph is different for materials of different types, and secondly, to build it, we need data about the object.
During the experiments, the robot received the desired shape, for example, he needed to turn a lump of deformable porous material into the letter T.

DateDate: 21-04-2019, 07:50

Sony's smart backpacks will control humanity in the future.
A huge corporation is looking for new ways of technical development and ways to make a profit. At this time, the population of the planet will see not a new PlayStation, but a backpack with a display, writes with reference to
Sony has patented a new development - bending screen. Today we are not talking about a similar technology, like the recently released Samsung Fold, but about a completely new one. Experts compare the new Sony screens with some "electronic paper".
New technology is planned to be used to create "smart backpacks".
Backpacks with screens, sensors, accelerometer and portable batteries. It remains to add only a little memory and the processor and the backpack-computer is ready.
It is doubtful that a company with such technical and financial capabilities will stop at this. Humanity stands on the border of a new understanding of the word computer. Earlier it was said about the production of the first biocomputer.
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It is possible that in the not too distant future, backpacks will be powered not from batteries, but from human energy. And having access to a programmable organism, a corporation will no longer allow a person to program their devices, but on the contrary, the device will program a person. How it will look and what goals will be pursued at the same time - a mystery covered in darkness.

DateDate: 20-04-2019, 06:36
Scientists from Switzerland used the CRISPR tools to create a biocomputer.
Scientists got a dual-core computer in a living cell
Scientists believe that a living cell is a ready-made computer that can process data from the outside. Then it is fair to assume that the whole human body is one big supercomputer with extremely low power consumption.
The key goal of synthetic biology is to study and use natural metabolic processes to create logical circuits. Scientists from Zurich used a modified version of CRISPR to create a new type of Cas9 enzyme. It can work as an elementary processor — read information from RNA molecules, and also activate certain genes that will trigger the synthesis of proteins that are easy to detect.
It works as the main logic element, on the basis of which all the schemes of processing binary code are developed. Scientists managed to place two such processing elements in a single cell and obtained a functioning computational module. If you enter information in the form of biomarkers, it will calculate and present the answer - yes or no. Either one substance, for the analysis of which it is programmed, or another.
However, for the analysis of more complex biomarkers of a single computing element will not be enough, but if you combine many modules into a single structure, we will achieve the solution of the problem that half a century ago was solved on printed circuit boards. Now scientists can repeat the same success, but with the use of living cells and learn how to literally “grow” supercomputers with enormous productivity, which require a couple of spoonfuls of sugar to work.

DateDate: 19-04-2019, 06:00
Scientists were able to figure out how to fill a tattoo without needles. Make a picture on the body will help a special laser, it will not need to re-visit the salon.
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Scientists said that tattooing can be done in a more painless way than putting a special ink under the skin with a needle. They claim that the image can be applied to the body with a laser. Experts said that the liquid inside the device heats up and gets under the skin of a person through the so-called jet. The new method of tattooing will help customers protect themselves from various diseases and damage to the skin. Scientists also noted that this method does not require repeated visits to the salon, because the image will be of high quality from the first time.
Researchers have warned, in order to make a picture on the body with a laser, you first need to consult a doctor for advice. Also, the specialist will give all the necessary advice on caring for a tattoo.
Meanwhile, previously forbidden places on the body for tattooing were named.