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DateDate: 17-09-2016, 18:01
An inventor from Japan has created an unusual water cannon, which can even be used as a weapon.
With the invention it is possible, if not to deprive a person of life, at least seriously injure.A few days ago YouTube channel called the Asp posted a video demonstrating an unusual device. It would seem that what might impress a little remarkable "water gun"?
It turns out there is! His destructive power. During the video, the author demonstrates that the gun can easily penetrate even a thick sheet of plexiglass, so if jetting from the jet into a human can cause him serious injury.
In addition, the inventor showed drawings of the device and briefly explained how it works: compressed air in the device housing creates a very high pressure, which ejects a stream of water with great speed.
Unlike other similar inventions that were created previously presented water jet uses significantly less water, so it rarely requires a "recharge".
Many is not quite clear why to create it all, but for "crazy" in a good way the Japanese ask such questions is pointless. You just need to relax and have fun.

DateDate: 17-09-2016, 17:55
7 simple steps to improve Internet speed at home. Nothing is as annoying as the low speed of home Wi-Fi network. The film is not download, YouTube videos to watch, online games to play. But what if we say that there are several ways to improve signal quality and connection speed of the Internet? And for their implementation you need only a few minutes.
1. Choose the right place for the router router_place_1 fact from the "Captain Obvious" – if you have a five-room apartment, and the router is at the door, do not be surprised that the signal to the fifth room will be weak. Try to position the wifi router at the center of the living area in open space. To any room was about the same distance. Don't forget that the higher the router the better. Radio waves propagate better down and to the side.
2. Don't put the router in the kitchen router_place_2 Remember, microwave ovens use the same frequency as your wifi router (2.4 GHz). In addition, it is better to remove it away from baby Cams, wireless phones and halogen lamps, they can also create interference with the reception of radio signals.
3. Turn the antenna the router up router_place_3 most routers have a physical antenna whose location can be adjusted. Many users put the router on the cabinets, and tilt the antenna horizontally, thereby deteriorating the signal. To ensure maximum signal strength, position the antenna vertically, pointing straight up. When the router's two antennas, they should be directed in the same direction, or to get better performance will not work.
4. Get router from metal surfaces router_place_4 Remember that all metal surfaces reflect Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, do not place the router next to large metal items such as metal racks or safes.
5. Choose the best frequency channel router_place_5 If you open a list of all Wi-Fi hotspots in your residential house, you will be surprised the number of them. In fact, in every other apartment is a router, and they all interfere with each other and clog the frequency channels. For example, in my home Macbook sees from 18 (!) the various networks. Try to find out exactly where the neighbor's router, and, if possible, move your away. But the best thing you can do is to switch to another Wi-Fi channel. To find the desired setting on the settings page of the router. In order to select a suitable channel download special apps that will show the most "missed" Wi-Fi channel. Unfortunately, the Apple App Store cleaned from such programs. But do not worth it, for Mac there are alternatives such as Wifiscanner. The program will show the network in the district and occupied frequency channels.
6. Put the router on the 5GHz band router_place_6 Expensive wireless routers are able to work in the 5GHz range (802.11 a). If your router so you can safely translate it to this range, as it should be almost completely free. No "garbage" frequency interference from access points of neighbors.
7. Turn off the "leeches" router_place_7 Also with special applications (e.g. Fing) you can test your Wi-Fi network to "illegally" connected devices. There is always a chance encounter with a quirky neighbor who is like a leech was able to connect to your network and sits shakes torrent everything. You can reset the router to make the list of allowed MAC addresses of the devices. All of these simple but effective steps will help to improve the speed of home Internet and save the nerve cells. Taken from

DateDate: 17-09-2016, 17:53

In Brazil, the turtle, was injured during the fire, printed a new shell on a 3D printer! Had done this miracle doctors-innovators from the Animal Avengers".
When a turtle named Freddie was found in one of the burning bushes in the fire in Brazil that his chances of survival were small. But thanks to a group of medical innovators known as "The Animal Avengers", Freddie has not only survived what has been an ordeal - he also became the proud owner of the world's first shell, and printed on a 3D printer!
The turtle, nicknamed Freddie was very lucky when he survived after severe burns resulting from fire.
His armor was badly damaged. In this state, Freddie unlikely'd last long. But fortunately, a group of resourceful doctors made him a new shell, printed on a 3D printer!
A group of doctors call themselves "The Animal Avengers", and as you can see, their skills are superhuman.
The new armour created for Freddie looks great, but he lacked a bit of color. Team members and this plan was! They are hand-painted shell to make it look as naturally as possible.
Now it looks as good as a real shell! And Freddie certainly would have taken a team of ninja turtles!

DateDate: 17-09-2016, 17:46

More efforts to combat torrents and filesharing sites. In July, the victim of this struggle fell KickassTorrents, and now another popular portal.
Visitors to the Pirate Bay might have issues with his visit using the Google Chrome browser which blocks it due to the content of "malicious apps". While visiting the home page is as usual, but when entering the page torrents displays a red screen.
A surprise is waiting for visitors not only in Chrome, but Firefox displays a warning about the content on the website for objectionable content and blocking access based on user settings. These two browsers are the program participants Google Safe Browsing, which is designed to keep users away from insecure websites.
When you try to break the website in Chrome appear endless loading screens and the error is Connection timed. To work around this problem by clicking on the button "Details" and selecting "go to site". On Firefox you can also ignore the warning. However, it should be borne in mind that a website like the Pirate Bay and others like him may actually contain dangerous content.

DateDate: 17-09-2016, 17:44

Superyacht Dilbar, owned by Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov, has received the prestigious award at the World Yachts Trophies in the category "yachts in size from 250 feet." 
This was reported on the page of the manufacturer of the vessel Lürssen in Facebook, writes
Dilbar yacht with a displacement 15917 tons is currently the most spacious private yacht in the world. Delivered to the customer earlier this year, Dilbar equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system allowing the ship to move at a cruising speed of 22.5 per node (about 42 km/h). Total indoor area — 3800 sq. m. it is Noted that only the length used in ship wiring exceed 1,100 km, said
Alisher Usmanov is a Russian businessman, one of three of the richest Russians according to Forbes magazine. Dilbar in addition, he also owns a 110-meter superyacht Ona.
Lurssen Werft is a German shipbuilding company, located in Bremen. Founded in 1875, specializiruetsya on the construction of the superyacht, military ships and vessels for special purposes.