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DateDate: 13-09-2016, 21:57

Over the last two years, Blizzard Entertainment has left many of its key employees. This month, the famous group of developers headed by one of the creators of Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft, Rob Pardo (Rob Pardo) opened a Studio Bonfire, and then about his retirement announced another legendary game designer, Chris Metzen (Chris Metzen).
At the time of his retirement, 42-year-old Metzen the senior Vice President of story content and franchise development. In his farewell message in the forum he said that before joining the company lacked the necessary experience. The desire to create worlds, characters and stories came from his background, Hobbies, D&D. "I was barely twenty when I started working at Blizzard, — he remembered. It was so long ago that in a past life. [...] Then I did not understand what you do. Didn't know how to make entertainment products in General and games in particular."
Metzen worked on illustrations and documentation for the Warcraft: Orcs and Humans 1994. In the development of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness he played a more important role: he was allowed to participate in the creation of missions and scenarios. The next big step was the work on the original Diablo, the universe of which Metzen came up with Allen Adham (Bill Roper). In 1998 he became the lead designer of StarCraft, the story and the script for which was created with the participation of James Finney (James Phinney). He later acted as creative Director Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and helped in writing the script and drawing illustrations for World of Warcraft. He was also one of the Directors on the development of Overwatch.
The designer is also actively involved in voicing the characters and Blizzard games. His voice saying the skeleton King of the first Diablo, thrall and vol'jin from Warcraft, as well as the marine and the battlecruiser from StarCraft. In addition to this, he was one of the screenwriters of the film Duncan Johnson (Duncan Jones) based on Warcraft.
"About twenty-three years I had the great honor to create worlds and games with the brightest creative minds in the entertainment industry — wrote Metzen. — I was in the same row with the giants stood on the shoulders of giants. In short, I was having a good time. I had the best job you could wish for, but the truth is that at times it was hard. [...] Achieving consensus on design issues, episodes, and selection of the art direction requires patience and developed communication skills. [...] Sometimes it was not so good. But the interaction with a partner in spite of all the difficulties that are created because of this creative tension — that's real magic".
Unlike his famous colleagues, Metzen has no plans to open his own Studio. Moreover, he is not going to work in the gaming industry. "I use the word "care" because I don't intend to take a position at another company, to undertake any new projects or to do something like that, " he explained and with irony, he continued: — It was a long amazing years. You need to slow down. Relax. Lying on the couch and become fat. Well, or a little thicker than now. According to the designer, he wants to devote all his time to his family, which he called "the core of my life and a source of profound joy and inspiration.

DateDate: 13-09-2016, 21:43

In 2017 Apple is planning to completely revise the design of the iPhone, said on Tuesday The New York Times.
In the near future the iPhone will get a display "edge to edge" button and biometric identification embedded directly in the device's screen. iphone-2017-1 Instead of the aluminum enclosure, the iPhone will receive a new shell of glass Gorilla Glass 5 and the OLED display. Screen Apple phone next generation will be able to perform the functions of the buttons Touch ID.
According to the source, the future iPhone will be one big display panel with no margins on sides.
"Step in the iPhone 7 might the right decision, although it is in a sense an intermediate step. Apple will continue to release the iPhone without a headphone Jack in the next iPhone will offer full-screen display panel with a virtual button that is built directly into the screen. This is on the condition of anonymity said two sources in the company. Apple refused to comment on the design of the next iPhone," writes The New York Times.
iPhone-7-and-iPhone-7-Edge-concept-1 it is Worth noting that earlier this year Apple was granted a patent for technology integration scanner Touch ID in the display. One of them involves the use of ultrasound technology that will allow you to place dactyloscopy under the display panel and to improve the accuracy and speed compared to capacitive sensors like Touch ID.
The New York Times is not the first who have reported about the massive redesign of the iPhone on the 10th anniversary of "Apple" smartphone. In April, KGI analyst Ming Chi Kuo said that Apple agreed to revise the appearance of corporate communicators, completely changing the form factor.
According to him, users will find a "completely new design with thinner frame around the screen and more comfortable grip". In may influential blogger John Gruber reported that in 2017, the iPhone will be one big display panel with no padding around the edges and holes for camera and speaker. Taken from

DateDate: 13-09-2016, 21:40

One of the problems with virtual reality to date is an insufficient number of available content. This is due to the fact that in the market there are many 360-degree cameras, but not everyone can afford to purchase such a device. To solve this problem, Google in December last year, released the Android app Cardboard Camera, which can shoot 360-degree photos for later viewing using virtual-reality headset, for example, Cardboard. Now start creating VR content can the owners of iOS-devices.
Version app Cardboard Camera for iOS is a little different than the one available to Android users. The iPhone and iPad users can take 360-degree panoramas, and even record the sound, to the subsequent you can discover what is happening.

DateDate: 13-09-2016, 21:36

In Facebook, the "experts in conflict," block users unnecessarily, said the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Mikhail Degtyarev.
Russians permanently "ban", he said.
"Blocked by the accounts of those people who speak negatively about the events in Ukraine and about the Ukrainian "government". These accounts Abuse Team on Facebook received massive complaints from the Ukrainian "bots" (programs that automatically perform any actions as normal user network) —the Tape.<url> message Degtyarev.

DateDate: 13-09-2016, 21:20

The concept of the so-called "secure" smartphone is starting to regain its former popularity, and bulky body, more like a tread tractor tires, are incomparable with respect of the hunting, fishing and Hiking. Enough to pick up any device that will satisfy your needs and views about the right price. These scored as many as five.
 Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

In his place was supposed to be the Galaxy S7 Active, however, flaws in design, discovered by colleagues from Consumer Reports, will not allow you to wear the proud title of protected flagship. Despite the fact that “six” was presented over a year ago, she still is able to give odds to new generation of devices. On hand smartphone plays a significant battery life, great picture, powerful hardware and a good camera. Simply the Galaxy S6 Active will allow it to withstand a drop on a tiled floor from a height of two meters and protection standard IP68 prevent the ingress of moisture and dust. The only drawback S6 Active is the unavailability outside the United States.
LG V10 
A very unusual smartphone, which was certified by MIL-STD-810, and being protected against shock, vibration and drops, and is vulnerable to water. LG V10 provides users with a really big 5.7-inch display with a resolution QuadHD, additional screen for incoming messages, the fingerprint scanner, 4GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM, expandable. There is support for wireless charging standard Quick Charge 3.0, as well as the ability to shoot photos in RAW format. The cost of the V10 in the USA starts from $ 600. 
Cat S60 
This truly unique smartphone, which has become the hero of our collections, able to withstand numerous drops and bumps even on a concrete floor, and spend up to one hour under water at a depth of 5 meters without any loss. A distinctive feature of Cat S60 has a built-in thermal protection from temperature extremes. A real must-have for travelers and avid hunters. Users S60 Cat will certainly have to taste the battery capacity of 3800 mAh and stable for three days of Autonomous operation with an average load.