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DateDate: 10-09-2016, 11:34
The owners of fine and thin hair my dream is to make them dense, and those who got the luxury hair, trying somehow to cope with it. System Majestic created to help those and others. Complex innovative products from Japanese scientists is a unique comb, shampoo and conditioner — able to increase hair growth, but at the same time make them soft and manageable.
The secret of combs — rounded teeth on different levels. Their number is also important — 568 pieces, which is several times more than ordinary brushes. This allows you to carefully hair comb and clean the pores and improve the blood circulation of the scalp. This massage works wonders — it activates dormant follicles, provides the oxygen flow to them, thereby stimulating hair growth. In addition, Majestic helps get rid of dandruff.
Flexible and durable nylon, made of teeth, does not cling and does not damage the hair while combing, therefore, to comb the Majestic very comfortable — will appreciate both adults and children. The manufacturer recommends to use a comb during shampooing together with shampoo and conditioner Majestic — for a more effective cleansing and deep penetration of nutrients.
The shampoo and conditioner only the best ingredients and a mix of seven botanicals, including extracts of algae, aloe Vera and jojoba. All together ensures comprehensive care and prevents hair loss. Hydrolyzed silk leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny, making them less confusing and easier to comb. He also creates a protective film on the surface of the hair, minimizing the negative impact of the environment. Means Majestic does not contain parabens, sulphates and silicone, they are versatile and suitable for all hair types and also for dry and sensitive scalp.

DateDate: 10-09-2016, 11:28
A good flashlight is an indispensable thing in life. But what does "good" and what distinguishes it from the mediocre? First, bright and uninterrupted light. Second, adequate power consumption. Well, the third requirement is a solid body, because the device can be used both in home and in extreme conditions. Flashlight from Nite Ize fits all these criteria like no other lighting fixture from its price range: it produces luminous flux with a capacity of 250 lumens (with it in two modes: unidirectional and diffuse, which is possible due to unique design and special scattering lens), one set of batteries is sufficient for nearly 19 hours of continuous operation (due to "cheap" LEDs), and the robust aluminium housing protects it from any trouble both at home and outside the city. Think of it all? Not at all! The developers of the lantern decided not to dwell on these figures (even in a flawless performance). Unique device performs the functions of three lights: lamp, luminaire and emergency beacon! This device is not just a good flashlight: it is a guarantee of your safety in the dark. 
The 3 in 1 flashlight from Nite Ize might need at any moment so you should always keep it handy. You can use the flashlight mode light — its power is enough to illuminate a small room (which is especially useful if electricity shut off). Will appreciate the unusual device motorists, and red, the beacon will quickly attract the attention of other drivers. And of course, a flashlight is very useful in the campaign — because in the woods a quality light source is a must: for example, to move away from the tent in the dark or to apply a light signal lost comrades. 
The 3 in 1 flashlight from Nite Ize includes the functions of three lights: the classic lamp bulb-lamp and an emergency beacon. 
The lamp and the lamp placed at the front of the device — they work from the same LEDs, and special design just changes the direction of light. So, in torch mode light is combined in a single beam. In the lamp mode the top of the lantern is hinged a little bit — then at the level of the LEDs in the housing you will see a small translucent ring through which the light is diffused 360°. 
In both formats of the illumination device supports two levels of brightness: the maximum luminous flux of 250 lumens and the minimum is 25 lumens (for comparison, a conventional incandescent lamp of 25 watts is capable of generating a light flux only 220 lumens). The lamp effective lighting distance reaches 200 meters is comparable to the brightness of the high beam of the car and allows you to see the road or separate objects at a distance. That is especially important, even at the maximum power of the illumination of one set of batteries will last for more than three hours of work (and with minimal almost 19). Such performance was achieved due to the use of LEDs instead of traditional light bulbs. The new light source is characterized by minimum power consumption is approximately 10 times less than spending a regular bulb to ensure the same brightness. Among other advantages of LEDs — long service life (30,000 hours), which everything else does not depend on the number of cycles on/off, as well as strength. In addition, led lights virtually no heat during operation and is activated immediately at full capacity — they do not require "warm-up time", as light sources to conventional lamps. Switching device and brightness are produced by pressing the button at the top of the device. 
At the other end of the device is the emergency beacon, which is controlled by the second button — it is placed in the bottom of the hull. First pressing mode is permanently lit red light, the second display mode, a third mode SOS signal (the device will "blink", by sending a signal in Morse code). The fourth press will turn off the emergency beacon. To signal does not turn on when accidentally pressed the button (for example, stumbling on the solid thing in the backpack), provides mechanical protection. To enable it, you just need to turn the lower part of the device clockwise to remove the block to make a turn in the opposite direction.
Red light is useful when you need to indicate the danger — for example, during a crash and the flashing red will tell other people about the incident. You can also use the flashlight as a signal stick with a flashing red light — it can help to inform drivers that should change the trajectory of motion. The third mode is useful to apply the SOS signal to rescuers, if you need professional help. Three way alarm is more than to offer the majority of separate signal devices, and for multifunctional gadget is really a unique case.
Lamp housing is made from a solid aluminum billet, machined mechanically, so the gadget is not afraid of bumps and falls (from a height of 1 meter). Impact resistance is confirmed by test ANSI/NEMA FL. Moreover, the housing is protected against moisture IPX4 standard — he is not afraid of rain and spray (although fully submerge it under water is not recommended). 
The lantern runs on three AA batteries ("mizinchikov") — starter kit included in the package. For more convenient carrying in the back of the lantern there is a special loop for the lace — you can connect the gadget to a backpack, belt or carabiner. 
Length: 230 mm
Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 257 g
Effective lighting range: 200 m
While working in the strong mode: 3 hours and 15 minutes
While working in the weak mode: 18 hours and 45 minutes
Standard water resistance: IPX4
Led 3 in 1 flashlight from Nite Ize
3 AA batteries

DateDate: 10-09-2016, 11:25
It is very difficult to get out of the house light is nearly automatic grab a bottle of water, external battery, new headphones, flashlight, and many other useful things. As a result, the bag weighs (and looks) like it was filled with bricks, and with all this wealth will have to go all day! The important thing is that you can't place — so we have the morning to carry gravity, and in the evening dreaming about a relaxing massage of the shoulders. If such a scenario does not appeal to you, you should pay attention to multifunctional devices — especially "smart" bottle HYDRA. 
Smart bottle HYDRA broke all possible records for the number of functions among the gadgets-multitool. Of course, it has a capacity for drinking water, and Power Bank, a Bluetooth speaker (with integrated MIC), radio, flashlight, lamp and even a strobe light. Multi-function gadget will prove useful in everyday life and especially during Cycling, when the place for accommodation of the devices is limited by the characteristics of venoconstriction. 
Smart bottle HYDRA has a team structure of three blocks: the lower battery, Central with a water container and top with a Bluetooth speaker. They can be used together or separately, but in the second case, the functionality of the device will be slightly wider. The battery pack is connected to the Central part via the thread, the upper two latches. 
In the lower block of the smart bottle has built-in battery capacity of 4000 mAh. Power Bank is equipped with a standard USB interface (USB 2.1) to connect mobile devices and a micro-USB connector for charging the internal battery. For security purposes, both ports are closed with a rubber plug. Has an led battery indication four green LEDs display the remaining amount of power. In the same block placed led lights — it is powered by internal battery and is able to Shine in three modes: classical white light in color RGB mode (the lamp will shimmer with different colors, you can choose one of them) and the mode of flashing red. In the latter mode the lamp performs the function of a stroboscope, that is, makes a person visible in the dark. This feature is designed to ensure the safety of cyclists on the road, but also come in handy in the mountains or in an urban setting in low light. The light is activated by a button on the body with the image of the lamp, pressing again switches the modes. 
The middle block is a transparent plastic water container with a volume of 600 ml. portion of the smart bottle is manufactured without the use of bisphenol — this curing agent included in the composition of most plastic products harmful to human health. To avoid flow of the bottle and getting water on the electronics, the container is sealed special sealed cover: it mounted a retractable "nose" for drinking. The plastic part of the gadget can be washed in the dishwasher. A nice bonus: the side of the tank has a special mount for the rifle with a bottle you can attach to a backpack. By the way, the carbine has an unusual ledge, so that it can be used as a bottle opener. 
The top unit of the smart bottle is a Bluetooth speaker with a power of 5 watts. The column can be used to play music from your phone, as well as radio and loudspeaker (thanks to the built-in speaker can be done with it conversations on speakerphone). Speaker can be activated when the smart bottle is fully assembled, and apart from the entire design — in the second case the sound will be louder. In order to maximize the potential of sound to draw from the design of the retractable "legs" (simply pulling any of them) and put the column on a flat surface. This contributes to lower distortion and loss of sound related to the transmission of vibrations to surrounding objects, and also improves the sound quality of high frequencies and bass power. 
Bluetooth speaker is used in conjunction with a smartphone, and when enabled, automatically begins to search for the device, which was already working "in tandem." Upon successful connection the speaker will inform a short audio message. Speaker is controlled via the buttons located on the front panel of the unit. Is the power button, two keys for regulating the sound volume and switch tracks (or frequency in radio mode), and one to activate the radio mode (also allows you to answer calls in hands-free mode). At the side of the unit has two connectors: mini-Jack for wired connection to audio and micro-USB for charging speaker.
Connecting the battery pack with the average, smart bottle can be used as a lamp — just pour into a container with a little water and turn on the lantern in a classic white, or color mode. And if you use a proprietary app HYDRA SmartBottle, from "smart" bottles can make the perfect night light — color the glow will be complemented by nature sounds from the built-in music library. The app is compatible with iOS 1.6 (and above) and Android 4 (and above). 
Material: high quality plastic without using bisphenol A (BPA)
Bottle capacity: 600 ml
Battery capacity: 4000 mAh
Speaker power: 5 watts
Country of origin: China
Smart bottle HYDRA
USB charging cable 
Spare bottom block

DateDate: 10-09-2016, 11:20
Various robotic assistants is not uncommon for modern smart kitchen. However, for robotic engineers, the company Desin has set itself a very unusual and noble purpose. They created the device Obi — is raboroko that allows paralyzed people to eat independently.
The nurse or health care provider is enough to divide the food between the four cups of the robot, after which the whole process is controlled by only two buttons. One of them moves his hand between the cups, and the second allows you to pick up food and move it to the mouth of the patient. However, the interface can adapt to the needs of that individual. People with partially preserved mobility can use the "big button" on the table or pedals on the floor. People with more severe diseases may use tiny sensors, which is sufficient to blow.
Obi remembers where the patient's mouth, thanks to the "learning Mode" in which the hand is placed in a specifically desired location. After that, the robot remembers the position and puts a spoon with food to her. Protective system Obi stops raboroko, if in its way there is an obstacle. This allows patients to safely self feed, leaving the need for only minimal remote supervision.
Containers and spoons Obi can be washed in the dishwasher and use in freezer or microwave oven. A single charge roborate enough for 2-4 hours of feeding. The price of the new robot is US $4500.

DateDate: 10-09-2016, 11:17
Tired "confused"— in the TV remotes, air conditioner and audio systems? The new Logitech Harmony 950 will definitely be of your liking. It is a universal remote that is able to monitor nearly 300 thousand of different devices— from game consoles to Apple TV.
Harmony 950 is equipped with a 2.4-inch color touchscreen display. In addition, it looks no different from ordinary remote control, but can simultaneously control up to 15 different devices and supports gestures to change channels, you can swipe across the panel. Gestures can also enable accelerated playback and adjust the volume. This is especially useful when watching movies in the dark: no need to break away from the screen to find the right buttons.
The novelty supports more than 270 thousand devices— including Apple TV, Roku, TiVo's top of the line gaming console. If your device is not among them will be, you can always configure the controls yourself: keys, Harmony 950 programmable.
The keys and screen sensitive to the dark: with the help of special sensors the remote will understand what you are looking for, and activates the backlight. In addition, Harmony 950 is equipped with a timer: even if you fall asleep watching the news, all the connected devices will be switched off after a specified period of time. The battery 20% more than previous devices of this line, but the charger was more convenient vertical stand (previously used horizontal), which will occupy a minimum of space in your living room.