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We are building an online platform for the refugees wherefrom they can access services similar to that of their native habitat. The refugee needs to download the app and register their name and other relevant details. Their location will be tracked automatically. It is a highly secured app and their location can be traced only by the government of the country where the refuge has fled to. The Government might share the information to other organizations which offers to extend help to the refugees. We build a platform for easy ration for different zones of the world where the refugees are sheltering and taking into account that the total cost incurred behind meeting out the expenses is constant as the total sum sanctioned by united nations and related organizations are more or less constant at a time, we maintain a counter based program which constantly counts on the resource usage using google navigation and mapping.


Truck system. Online platform. We are providing them truck, tempo, Tata sumo, bolero. Vehicles which can travel more, more mileage. Extreme road conditions. Mountain and terrain, plateau. Rough, uneven road. More than 50 to 100 people at a time. Tata sumo max 10, min 8. Truck, ongoing has food services (minimum), normalized cost. Basic food requirement like egg/protein, banana, bread. Flexible app can be used for training them with the native language or act as a translator. We will arrange for a Mediclaim system for him and his family and a smart insurance system for the backup.


Clean water supply along with transportation and hygiene care unit, sewage (mobile) treatment plant system. We provide clean water for drinking to refugee camps, provide them with internet facility and also drive out problems regarding job. The app will contain details of real estate and the refugee may book it via app. We make an online portal which shows the locations where refugee people can be recruited for jobs which can maintain a channelized resourcing of the mass and address them in a unified manner. We maintain proper online systems which indicate the level of clean water available at a point and online coaching systems to learn the language of the country they are residing presently and also the minimum knowledge regarding the currency of the country and cost conversions. Online supermarket access to places that engages in picking up mass order. Bus facility and urban development portal for enhanced business relations. Special vehicles may be designed with solar cell installed; which may also serve as tents for temporary shelter. App will be inked to their bank account and easy transactions and money exchange. Scheme from Government stating reduction in tax for those who contribute certain amount of their income yearly for the purpose of providing education to the kids and support the refugees. We could connect the database to the information portal of the nearest builder, dealer, constructor, engineer or government employment exchanges, which would indicate the unemployment status in a particular refugee camp and on that basis, they can be offered suitable job and the refugee people can earn good money to serve the family.




It addresses the whole refugee community and provides them an umbrella where they can shelter and get rid of the problems they face pre-relocation and post-relocation, moreover extending the base to a common

portal for global refugee addressing and globalizing the solution patterns such that governments from several countries can exercise the option of uniting with one another helping the most neglected community of the world. It unites the spirit of this community and gives them the feeling of oneness through the multiple opportunities our organization would be providing them.




Today the count or the toll (worldwide) under the refugee community is too huge and due to improper channelization of the mass maximum of them suffer lack of every resources.


We therefore provide the sector which is most ignored by the maximum of this world under the same umbrella and guide them to a better life by comprising their living standard with sufficient facilities.




The whole base of the refugee community derives opportunities that help them lead a better life by the engagement of methods of learning, working, experiencing a life less hazardous and with time gradually shaping life patterns much favorable for their existence. Secondly, the communities, groups or associations who want to help would get better association by joining us and would shape into a firmer organization. Next, the employment sectors that engage people for working as part time workers and as masonry or labor workers can easily drive in people from our database. Lastly the sectors who ship things mainly cloth and food would have an increased sale on joining our base.






We are here with this idea more than to do business but to help change and shape the world that has been continuing for the past few decades with the help of the technological prowess and properly equipped automation systems that can be afforded at minimal costs and help raise the standard of living of the refugee community.


We want to set a landmark to the section that addressed this part of the community with the corner of the eye and make something that involves them as well the “REFUGEE” community.




We have talked with organizations that have shown interest in this project of ours and since this concept is new and undoubtedly sufficient a tool for growth of the neglected sphere in the society, thus we do expect a large expanse of the business model.




This actually belongs to the humanitarian aid section but we commercialize the base for our end users and wherein the end users are the helpless and striving refugees and we keep contacting, communicating and associating helping associations to this common base making it broadest. This initiative unlike other enterprises, associations and startups are not just for the profit of the developer but to meet the both ends of the purpose that are to engage profit for the developer as well ensureprofits for the end users, employment for the refugees, making better life patterns and reducing health risks. It fits the marketplace in two ways. Firstly, for the associations who are hiring people as laborers and for masonry works can easily get a chunk of people in a lot and employ them using our employment radar and population and scope index. Secondly, since we engage the smart technology and involve the web to popularize concepts of truck and heavy vehicle booking, ordering in bulk of fruits, vegetables and consumer durable and medicine along with water, there would be a sector which would find new customers in parts of the world which had always been irresponsible for any genre of growth and therefore a trend to better those places with technological manifestation would increase.


The market size is large as the number of refugees increases at an exponential rate these days as the international peace is highly endangered and pretty much everywhere people always face high risks regarding life, feel insecure and relocate to save themselves and family.


Therefore, helping aid provided to them if initially started with a fast pace would be widely accepted as they would feel the change we are able to incorporate in them. This would increase the target market as they would say and refer their peers regarding our service and the mode of operation we would profess to provide an absolute helping hand to the endangered community on the planet. We would initially pitch the model into the purpose for the people suffering in the borders of our nation and then gradually tap international relationships and suitably pitch this idea into a model in offshore as well. There we would engage communities and volunteers who would be available at any point for the humanitarian service making our plan a huge success. On the other hand, this would engage more of the industrialists to look into this scope of engaging people into work and we would drive in profit from that point as well.






Marketing chain starts with the government helping us with aids and suitable organizations providing suitable relief funds to us for the cause. We then use this money for the correspondence and app development and propagation of the app environment among different countries, different languages and also involve real time investors, builders and influencers as our plan suggests.


We then chalk out which would be best for starting off with the plan: a sector or a country.


For example, if we take a country into consideration, countries like the Caribbean nations that are highly undernourished and underdeveloped host a lot of refugee community and so do the nations sidelining Syria. In that case our movement would be global in the country.


In another fashion, if we approach sector wise we can cope up with the same problem but at a local level much like there are Bangladeshi refugees that stay in Indian borders or in the suburbs of the nation in small huts and collapsed environment. We will separate the two sectors and divide the sum in proportion with the total amount spent for restoration of services.




This chart briefs how we maintain the business by equating the resources within 3 months of inception, then within a period of 6 months and then after a duration of a year (12 months).

This therefore represents the marketing policy.


And as far as the sales are concerned, we expect a mass scale sale as the development of a unit solely for the unified establishment of better ways for the refugee camps were never taken into care. Thus, when we establish and get into notice we will be summoned by leaders and organizations who guide these people towards a better future.






We do not have the competition to manage over here since we are an innovation plus a startup and thus very new in this field. Not much of the associations that deeply dealt with the betterment and struggle of the refugees as we have planned of involving our work and devotion into.


Thus, we expect a better picture of the life scenarios of this sector as a whole within two years of our inception.


We would involve Refugee and evacuee management which includes many cultural, economic, political and religious factors. A crisis may be acute (natural or national disasters), chronic (housing shortage, mental ill-health or unemployment) or forever (large construction projects or government programs).


Since we face no direct competition we can gradually increase the scope of our growth with calculated risks into the purpose of evolution.




We do not have the competition to manage over here since we are an innovation plus a startup and thus very new in this field. Not much of the associations that that deeply dealt with the betterment and struggle of the refugees as we have planned of involving our work and devotion into.


Thus, we expect a better picture of the life scenarios of this sector as a whole within two years of our inception. Since we have no direct competitor into service and we have certain non-direct competitors whom we can pursue for joining hands with us and adopt our technological interface and smart solution, we could together unite to build a stronger network for the humanitarian aid we have planned to provide the refugee sector.

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