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DateDate: 30-04-2017, 08:23

Chinese seaplane AG600, the world's largest, ground testing was successful.
It is reported that a successful ground tests evidence base readiness flight machine to implement the first flight. 
Information about this shared portal Sina, citing Chinese aviation Corporation (AVIC).
In may AG600 to go to his first flight over land, and in the second half of the year he tested above the water.
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The mission of the amphibious aircraft will be to fight forest fires and conduct rescue operations.

DateDate: 29-04-2017, 06:11

Canadian scientists have created the technology Lyrebird for the synthesis of speech, the reproduction of which is made by the computer on the basis of the spoken human words.
This is reported by foreign media.
The idea and implementation specialists from the Montreal Institute for learning algorithms (MILA). According to them, executed by a computer of the proposal is very similar to the human voice.
The playback speed of human speech is high: several thousand phrases in a fraction of a second. This speed was possible thanks to GPU accelerators.
The developers consider that attackers can use this technology to copy other people's voices and blackmail with this record.
To reduce the chance of such situations, the algorithms posted in the open web access on the developers website to anyone able to check whether an audio recording of a genuine source of information.
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DateDate: 29-04-2017, 06:08

Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer HTC has released a teaser of the first smartphone, the functions of which can be controlled by squeezing or stroking the metal case.
Model HTC U different from any other phone on the market — in his body has pressure sensors and the user can control several functions by pressing on the lateral side of the device or swiping across them with your fingers, according to the report of the publication VentureBeat.
If the details a bit. The smartphone is powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835, which is in the North American version of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the front camera promise to 12 megapixels and basic 16. Photos and other data can be stored in the internal memory — 64 or 128 GB or microSD card.
It is expected that HTC U will be available before the end of April, and a global release will take place, according to the company, on may 16.
Responds to touch the body of the smartphone allows you to take a new look on seemingly fantastic concept, developed for Thompson French designer, by Mesdames Olivier. In his vision of the phone of the future will be curved to the shape of the palm, and its inner part is made from pliable jelly-like substance. No buttons yet — the device can only be controlled by touch and voice.

DateDate: 29-04-2017, 06:05

Group sex with coworkers will now become easily accessible thanks to a special application Unfortunately. So, now it contains a new feature that helps you find lovers among their colleagues.
It is noted that, thanks to a new feature, you can now search for colleagues who could become potential partners in the sexual life of the employee, as well as the possible fulfillment of perverted fantasies. Thus, to obtain access to the functions required to install application Slack for chat office that integrates together with the Feeld. You can then mention the names of colleagues with whom you sympathize.
In that case, if colleagues will not answer you in return, the app will save your sympathy in secret. However, if you mark a user on reciprocity, you come to notice this.
According to the Creator of the app, its innovation will help to improve the atmosphere in the team and to find like-minded people.
Source: VladTime

DateDate: 28-04-2017, 15:00

Google announced a number of changes to the search engine
They must reduce the number of cases appearing in the results of fake news and other unsuitable content, according to "3Dnews".
Improved system of ranking queries, feedback and other aspects.
To limit the spread offensive or inaccurate search results, Google has updated the recommendations for the quality assessment. Rely on them by those who manually filters out the results. In the list there are more clear examples of low-quality results, including "misleading information, insulting the unexpected results, hoaxes and unsupported conspiracy theories". Also, the company changed its algorithms so that priority was given to results from reputable sources.
In recent months, Google especially has often been criticized for the fact that the appear is extremely inaccurate and offensive results. In December, the most popular result to the query "was there a Holocaust?" was the link to the website of supporters of white supremacy. Now, according to Vice President for development Google Ben Gomes, the results will appear much less frequently.
The company introduced a new mechanism of feedback, which allows you to report inaccurate recommendations for the autocomplete and text fragments that appear at the top of the page. These cards often include information about various conspiracy theories. Users are now able to complain about it.
Google wants people to better understand the principles of work of search. Information about the removal of content and the rules of the autocomplete became available in the help section.
Photo: "3Dnews"