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DateDate: 12-04-2017, 14:41
Modern gadgets make life easier for the mother, for example, the thermometer. Further details about the invention.
The child's immune system is weak, because it only "learns" to fight diseases. The disease the body reacts to the increase in temperature (36.6 degrees). If the thermometer appeared around 37 degrees, it is the most typical manifestation of not only SARS, but also any other infection.
The body temperature rises, because the body itself stimulates and develops wisheswe that will compete with the pathogen. Pediatricians do not recommend to lower the temperature artificially, if it is less than 38°C.
the child is ill
In the modern world of gadgets significantly simplify the lives of parents. So, for example, created the smart thermometer Earmo - led touch thermometer, designed by parents for parents, calculates your baby's temperature through the ear in just one second, and shared a sad or happy smiley on.
And that's not all: you can view the last five readings, the data is also immediately transmitted to the accompanying app via Bluetooth Earmo. This app you can use to look up symptoms and treatment or get an opinion directly from your child's doctor by sharing application data with the automated email or text.
And another thing: no need to Wake the child to measure body temperature. please write to the device at the ear and the result will be 1 second.
The cost of the thermometer Earmo is 49 USD.

DateDate: 12-04-2017, 14:37

The layout of the train Hyperloop
Hyperloop One the company revealed its plans for the testing of high-speed trains and the construction of a network of 11 branches for the new type of transport.
Test track in the Nevada desert called DevLoop and is not a loop, and a straight 500 metre-long tunnel, according to Venture Beat.
It is important to note that this track is big enough to hold the real passengers. The test site is located in the suburbs of Las Vegas on its service employs about 500 employees.
The company Hyperloop One also spoke about the 11 routes that were selected in the contest Hyperloop One Global Challenge and in the future may be within the United States.
The longest continuous tunnel, for example, are planning to build from Denver airport to Colorado springs. The distance of 580 km, the capsule will be able to overcome for 8.5 minutes. The longest route, according to the project, shall become the Houston — Cheyenne length of over 1800 km. List other possible options include routes from new York to Washington, from Portland to Seattle, from Columbus to Pittsburgh and so on.
Hyperloop is a vacuum trains project, proposed by the American billionaire Loom Musk. At the moment it is not implemented, but the prototype development involved three companies: SpaceX, Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.
We will remind, on March 22, 2017 HB reported that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies together with the Spanish company Carbures S. A. started construction of the first passenger capsule for the project Hyperloop transport system.

DateDate: 12-04-2017, 14:35

Bad weather is no longer scary. The inventors of Mexico invented a special device — a kind of generator of clouds from which the rain comes in the form of tequila.
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
The joint product of the tourism Council of Mexico and the advertising Agency Lapiz was presented in a Berlin art galleries last week.
The Mexicans hope that this invention will attract more German tourists to visit their Sunny country. After all, Germany is the second largest consumer of tequila in the world, ahead of Spain, France, Japan and the UK, second only to the United States.
The miracle cloud is programmed to work only in those moments when outside is raining. This ironic reminder to the Germans in Berlin the wettest month in Mexico they are waiting for warm and Sunny weather.
High-tech the system consists of ultrasonic humidifiers who turn tequila into a vapor. After the condensation process it regains its liquid state. "Forget about the winter. Try the taste of Mexico" — the slogan of the campaign. Now visitors to the gallery can collect tequila from under the clouds.

DateDate: 12-04-2017, 14:33

Probably pretty soon we'll be able to say goodbye to the bulky design of window air conditioners, because the other day it became known that Google has filed for registration of the patent for the invention of an entirely new type of window air-handling unit is a small, energy efficient and productive. And its design has nothing in common with the usual forms.+
Window air conditioners are the simplest and often the cheapest option for cooling, since they require less effort compared to installing air-conditioning split system. However, they are less effective, sometimes obscure the view from the window and not give him open.
Ordinary window air conditioning
Ordinary window air conditioning
The principle of operation of a new air conditioner from Google is a completely different. He is in some ways similar to the device of so-called fans of Dyson (they are called Air Multiplier, and was invented by James Dyson in 2014), however, according to the company, their device has a different form, tightly installed in the window, it is more effective and cheap. 
Google engineers have invented a noiseless economical window air conditioning
The window air conditioner from Google
The main innovation of this device is its unusual installation in the frame of the window, very compact dimensions, lack of refrigerant, as well as the use of "smart" thermostat. This device can cool the room using very little power, and given the fact that it has no spinning blades, it is absolutely silent, very energy efficient and safe.
It is known that in his work the innovation unit uses the Peltier element is a thermoelectric Converter, the principle of which is based on the appearance of the temperature difference during the flow of electric current. This technology allows you to do window air conditioners are much smaller in size and also eliminate many problems of conventional window air conditioners. 
Google has invented a noiseless economical window air conditioning
Today the price of Dyson fan range from $ 273 to $ 285, depending on size and type. 
Fans Dyson
Fans Dyson
What will be the price of Google fans is still unknown. But, if indeed this idea would be implemented, and the price of Google release window air conditioners will please buyers, it is likely that soon they will be able to replace outdated technology

DateDate: 12-04-2017, 14:30

The creators of the nonprofit organization Good Food Institute (GFI) believe that humanity's time to go to the vegetable and meat kultivirovanija. The company supports start-UPS and inventors is going to bring synthetic meat products to markets in USA, Brazil and China.
Over the past four years the meat from a test tube fell in 30 000 times, and in the United States and several other countries there are several startups who plan to transfer artificial meat products to the mass market. People's attitude towards lab meat also changes. A recent poll showed that two-thirds of Americans are willing to try meat created in a laboratory, and a third of them are ready to introduce the product in your diet, inform
American organization of Good Food Institute plans to bring synthetic meat products to the next level and even change the current classification of food products. Most of the representatives of the food industry in America refuse to recognize synthesized in the laboratory products. Large companies say that kultivirovanija milk can not be attributed to the category of dairy products, and lab-grown chicken is considered meat.
In the United States are starting to push synthetic meat
In the US NGOs are looking for support from both parties represented in Congress. GFI also hired a group of lawyers in Canada, the UK and Taiwan to promote alternative meat development. In parallel with this organization is directly in contact with restaurants and shops, and promoting plant and cultured meat products. CEO Bruce Friedrich said in an interview with Quartz, the appearance of cultured meat products in the market forced regulators to change the law.
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First of all, GFI is planning to develop markets of Brazil and China — countries in which traditional meat products are of low quality. China has developed suitable conditions for lobbying the Chinese government has urged residents to eat less meat. Frederick admits that his organization will directly to seek support in the government and among influential businessmen.
Despite the curiosity of consumers towards meat from the tube, most are not ready to abandon the familiar meat products. The survey showed Australian scientists, 79% of U.S. residents believe that the lab meat products are no match to real meat in taste and aesthetic appeal. And the better off respondents are, the less attractive they seem to be laboratory products. Despite the lack of extensive research, some companies are already preparing to cover a big market share. So the manufacturer of vegetable cutlets Impossible Foods plans to open a factory in California that will produce 454 tonnes of artificial meat in a month.
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